Easter Sunday Messages 2023: 65 Best Messages & Greetings for Easter

 Easter Sunday is one of the world’s most festive Christian activities. According to the Christian Bible New Testament, we celebrate Easter as the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday Messages

Easter completes the “Passion of Christ,” which starts with a duration of 40 days of fasting and ends with the Holy Week.

Making Easter bunnies chocolate and painting Easter eggs raises the spirits of everyone during Easter.

Below are 65 texts and greetings that you can use to wish your family and friends a Happy Easter:


Easter Sunday Messages

1. Sending you joyful hugs this Easter. May all of your dreams and wishes come true. Happy Easter to you

2. An empty tomb can fill the world with grace.

3. A bunny is a great mascot for a holiday about reproduction.

4. The greatest act of power follows the greatest act of love in history.

5. Easter is as good an excuse as any to have candy on a Sunday.

6. Here’s to hoping this Easter holiday brings your family health, happiness, and lots of love. Avery happy Easter to you

7. May this year’s Easter bring your hope and joy. Happy Easter.

8. May you experience a renewal of life on this holiday which celebrates vitality. ( Easter Sunday Messages ).

9. It’s that special holiday when Reese’s resurrects the delicious peanut butter and chocolate eggs.

10. Easter was the beginning of hope for all! That hope continues today and in the future.

Inspiring Easter Sunday Messages

1. Easter is a time of reflection and joy. When we emerge from our cocoon of doubt to fly freely on the wings of faith. I wish you and your family a pleased Easter

2. Easter teaches us the meaning of faith and what it is to feel the Lord’s blessing in our lives. Have a joyful Easter with your family.

3. Rejoice for there is life beyond the soil of this earth! Happy Easter Holidays.

4. All of nature seems to acknowledge the renewal of life symbolically during this holiday.

5. Today is the day to see hope fulfilled by power over death.

6. Easter is the time to spread the joy and happiness that Christ has brought about into our lives, to everyone we meet. Wishing you and your loved ones a Meaningful Easter

7. Seeing everyone dressed up once a year is a good enough reason for the season.

8. During this hopeful time of year, I wish you and yours the best this Easter. Happy Easter to you

9. Easter is the best day in April to celebrate the best day in history.

10. Wishing you and your family the happiest Easter of all. God bless you now and always.

11. Springtime is a great time to look for colorful round plastic containers in the grass.

12. The ultimate Easter surprise happened two thousand years ago when the tomb was found empty.

13. It takes faith to believe in the empty tomb just as a child might believe in the bunny.

14. Good Friday would be Bad Friday if it wasn’t for Easter’s miracle. ( Easter Sunday Messages ).

15. Of all the miracles he did, resurrection is the most powerful.

16. May the Lord bless your home with happiness and unwavering faith this Easter. May health and prosperity come your way for now and forever. Happy Easter to you

17. Life without Easter would be life without hope.

18. Jesus is the reason to celebrate, and chocolate is a great way to celebrate.

19. Easter wouldn’t be the same without friends like you to celebrate with.

20. Easter is the reason for the hope in our hope.


Amazing Easter Sunday Messages

Amazing Easter Sunday Messages

1. Easter is a time to have fun and be happy for Christ died so that today we may be happy. Happy Easter.

2. I hope your Easter is as blessed as the day we become friends.

3. Candy isn’t the sweetest gift we’ve been given on Easter.

4. Even as you make merry and celebrate with friends and family, remember the true meaning of Easter and say thank you to the One above.

5. Friendship can’t be placed inside an egg. I’ll have to find some other way to give you what I want to give you.

6. Wishing you nothing but smiles, sunshine, and lots of sweet treats this Easter day. Celebrate this Easter with your family and friends

7. The best way to appreciate the Love of Christ this season is to turn to Him with all our needs. Have a blessed Easter!

8. The best-hidden eggs have the best surprises! ( Easter Sunday Messages ).

9. Wishing you all the love and happiness that only Easter can bring. Have a joyous celebration with your family. Happy Easter to you

10. Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness. Wishing you a joyful Easter

11. Happy Easter! I hope you’re surrounded by sunshine, flowers, chocolate, and family on this happy day.

12. Today is proof that life will always overcome death. Where there is life, there is hope.

13. Easter is more than just eggs and candy. It is also about peace, love, and family. Have a joyful Easter with you and your family

14. Life is the common theme between eggs, green grass, bunnies, and the empty tomb. ( Easter Sunday Messages ).

15. My wishes for you this Easter. Good health, Good fortune, And a fulfilling life. Happy Easter!

16. This is perhaps one of the most lovely times of the year. It is the perfect time to celebrate new life for all.

17. Easter brings us God’s favor and blessings to remind us that His love endures forever. Happy Easter!

18. May the miracle of Easter bring you love, joy, and happiness to last a lifetime.

19. Easter brings fun, Easter brings Happiness, Easter brings God’s endless blessings, Easter brings love, and the freshness of spring.

20. Happy Easter to you and your family!


More Easter Sunday Messages

More Easter Sunday Messages

1. You are one of the reasons I feel blessed during holidays or any time of the year.

2. I hope you have a blessed Easter.

3. Easter symbolizes the renewal of life. I wish you and your family the renewal of life, love, and happiness. Happy Easter to you

4. Friends are like Easter eggs. You’re surprised at what you find inside them once you crack open their shells.

5. May God keep you away from misfortunes, devious people, and evil tongues. Have a blessed Easter.

6. May you feel the bright, joyful blessings God has to offer you during this Easter holiday. Wishing you a very happy Easter

7. I hope this Easter holiday fills your home with peace, joy, and plenty of colorful Easter eggs. Happy Easter to you

8. Easter is the silliest and most serious holiday. ( Easter Sunday Messages ).

9. I’m feeling blessed because it’s Easter and because I have you as my friend.

10. Two words come to mind at Easter: Yum and Yeah!

11. The best thing about Easter is that Reese resurrects the peanut butter eggs.

12. We all have received the greatest Easter gift possible, everlasting life.

13. Here’s hoping the Easter Bunny brings you something extra delicious this year.

14. Happy Easter to you and your family.

15. Easter is an excellent time to enjoy all of your many meaningful blessings: family, friends, Jesus, and of course, chocolate molded into tasty bunnies. Happy Easter to you

16. Christmas was the birth of our savior, but Easter was the demonstration of his power.

17. This is the time to appreciate the sacrifice of Christ, the Lord of Lords.

18. May this season fill your home with good cheer!

19. There’s plenty that makes it a great holiday besides candy.

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