Essential Oils for Dark Circles: Do They Really Work?

– Essential Oils for Dark Circles –

Do Essential Oils work for Dark Circles? Dark circles are typically triggered by a lack of sleep, age, stress, and a lifestyle that is unhealthy. The darkness is seen because here the veins are far closer to the surface of the skin which makes it appear darker. Essential oils for dark circles are really helpful.

Essential Oils for Dark Circles: Do They Really Work?

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular, both on their own and as ingredients in cosmeceutical. They are also recommended as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes.

Can Essential Oils Treat Dark Circles?

It’s possible that some essential oils can treat dark circles, however, their efficacy has not been studied and their proponents often make unfounded claims.

On the other hand, their historic and traditional use is an indication of their potential usefulness.

There are two basic mechanisms by which essential oils purport to treat dark circles. They may either improve skin quality to increase skin thickness and reduce visible veins or lighten hyperpigmentation resulting from sun damage.

Best Essential Oils For Dark Circles

1. Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender Oil is one of the best oil for under eye circles. It has incredible properties that are highly suitable for skin. It is abundant with anti-oxidant features and is the most popular oil in the world.

When Lavender Oil is applied to the eyes regularly it relaxes the eyes and induces sleep. Add one drop of Lavender oil to a ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil and mix well. Massage this oil under your eyes before you go to sleep.

2. Chamomile

Essential Oils for Dark Circles: Do They Really Work?

Chamomile oil is an anti-inflammatory essential oil that is used for dark circles. It tends to soothe the skin. It also has antidepressant and antibiotic properties.

Add one drop of the chamomile to 15 ml of apricot kernel oil which is the carrier oil. Lightly tap the oil mixture under the eyes. Avoid the application of oil on your eyelids and do not get too close to the eyes.

3. Frankincense Oil

Essential Oils for Dark Circles: Do They Really Work?

This is one of the best essential oil for dark circles as it has the characteristic of fading out the darkness of the skin. It instigates a feeling of satisfaction, relaxation, and mental peace. It lowers anxiety, stress, and anger.

To around 15 ml of any carrier oil, add 1 ml of Frankincense oil. This mixture should be applied below the eyes carefully. Close the eyes while applying. Leave it on.

4. Clove oil 

Essential Oils for Dark Circles: Do They Really Work?

Clove oil mixed with Frankincense oil is very good for dark circles. This helps to improve blood circulation and is also a good natural anti-inflammatory.

Take 2 drops of clove oil, 7 drops of frankincense oil, 7 drops of lemon juice, and a little Vitamin E oil. Mix all the ingredients well and store them in a bottle. Apply this mixture every night to the dark circles to reduce them.

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5. Fennel Essential Oil

Essential Oils for Dark Circles: Do They Really Work?

Another good Essential oil to reduce puffiness and dark circles is Fennel Oil. It is found to be fruitful in smoothing wrinkles and toning the skin.

Mix one drop of fennel oil with ½ teaspoon of coconut oil and apply to the affected area below the eyes. Do not apply on the eyelids or too close to the eyes.

Carrier Oils

Essential oils are too concentrated to apply directly to the skin; to use them, it is necessary to add the carrier oil.

A carrier oil dilutes the oil and helps “carry” the oil into the skin. Use only a few drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

As a bonus, some carrier oils may have their own beneficial properties, such as rosehip oil, which is high in vitamin C.

Common carrier oils are:

  • Argan
  • Jojoba
  • Avocado
  • Olive
  • Rosehip seed
  • Coconut

Side Effects 

Keep in mind that these are some home remedies that may or may not work. All of these oils can have possible side effects on you and your skin so please use with caution.

If you start experiencing any side effects or symptoms such as an allergic reaction, irritation or rash, and/or vision loss seek medical attention immediately. You may experience additional symptoms having dark eye circles in connection with acute or chronic sinus infections.

If you are having recurrent acute or chronic sinus infections that are interfering with your quality of life, you should consider consulting a doctor.

It’s difficult to determine whether essential oils can actually treat dark circles. If you do choose to use them, understand the reasons behind the dark circles before applying an extract.

Different essential oils should address specific root causes, although some extracts can be used to treat various causes.

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