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14+ Zoom Icebreakers for your Next Work Meeting

This article discusses Icebreakers for Zoom meetings. A never-ending Zoom meeting is one of every employee’s worst nightmares. Particularly on Mondays and Fridays. They are so gloomy, especially when the boss gives them a truckload of orders and targets to meet for the week with little or no room for participation.

zoom icebreakers

What are Zoom Icebreakers?

Zoom icebreakers are games or activities that are intended to welcome attendees and build rapport.

They are any virtual exercise or topic that assists virtual coworkers in feeling at ease and connecting with one another during Zoom virtual meetings.

Zoom Icebreakers help to reduce tension in the room.

It’s common knowledge that no one enjoys wasting time in an already lengthy meeting, so here are our suggestions for icebreakers.

They should quickly perk up your audience.


Zoom Icebreakers for Work Meetings

If we’re being honest, it’s not just Zoom meetings that make you want to scream.

All teleconferencing streams, including Google Meet, Skype, FaceTime, and other live chat apps, are agents of gloom.

As a supervisor or leader, you need to talk to your team in these crucial Zoom meetings.

But you can also take these steps to reduce the yawns and boredom in the meeting.

Send a Photo

This one, too, has numerous variations.

You can ask everyone to share the most flattering photo on their photo stream and explain what it is.

Have people share a photo that means anything at all to them and explain why.

Let them share a picture of their workstation or workspace.

They could take a picture of something outside their house, share an embarrassing photo, or their favorite breakfast they cooked.

You can also use photos to play a variation on the guessing game:

Guess whose baby picture is whose.

Ask people to take very close-up pictures of objects in their homes and have others guess what they are.

Glows and Grows!

Hold a virtual discussion panel and ask each virtual co-worker to share their week’s Glows and Grows.

Glows are any pleasant experience or accomplishment that a person is proud of.

Grows are issues that need to be enhanced perhaps with more dedication.

For example, right now, my “Glow” is that I finished my tasks ahead of schedule.

And my “Grow” is that I could have come earlier to the office, then I wouldn’t have to stay so late to catch up.

Pancakes vs. Waffles!

You play this game by discarding one item and replacing it with another.

So the procedures are actually quite simple.

1. Ask the first member of the team, “Waffles or Pancakes?”

2. After they’ve given their answer, ask them to swap one of those items for another.

“I get rid of waffles and nominate puppies,” for example.

3. The next person must select between Puppies and Pancakes.

4: Next person can say, “I get rid of pancakes and nominate world peace.”

5. And it goes on till someone wins it.

This or That?

One of the best Zoom icebreaker games for adults is This or That.

In this activity, ask all team members a question in the form of “This item or that item?”

“Hamburgers or cheeseburgers?” or “Netflix or HBO?”

To collect responses, you can use the Zoom polling feature or ask players to respond in the chat.

Pet Peeves 

Everyone has pet peeves, behavior, or thoughts that irk them.

Encouraging team members to talk about their biggest gripes allows them to express their annoyances.

However, it also informs their workmates about which behaviors to minimize.

As teammates can bond over shared irritations, the game can also help coworkers reach an agreement.

Never Have I Ever

Participants discover more about each other through past behavior in this fun party game turned Zoom icebreaker.

Prepare a list of remarks to play this game.

“Never have I ever felt like hitting my computer” for example.

These statements can be as subtle or as provocative as you like.

If a colleague has done the specified task, they virtually raise their hand. 

To make the game more fun, ask the participants to tell the story behind the act.

Virtual Background Entertainment

Instead of simply asking people to share a picture of something, ask them to create a themed virtual background.

Perhaps their favorite holiday destination or the place they are most excited to visit after lockdown, or a scene from your favorite Series or film.

Encourage them to share a little story behind their zoom theme choices.

The Ideal Couple

In this activity, team members try to find their ideal partner, a teammate with common preferences.

To begin the game, ask the team a question.

Then, team members try to find a coworker who has the correct answer.

For example, if the question is, “What is your favorite movie genre?”

Teammates will connect with other coworkers who enjoy horror, romance, or epic.

This game promotes communication and allows coworkers to get to know more about themselves.

Zoom Icebreaker Questions

1. What would your superpower be if you could have it?

2. Which weather is your favorite?

3. What figure in history would you most like to meet?

4. Where is the most intriguing location you’ve ever visited?

5. What do you want to be in ten years?

6. Your most memorable day?

7. What are you hoping people will remember you for?

8. Who has had the most impact on your life to now?

9. What has been your worst travel experience?

10. One important characteristic of a great boss is?

11. What is your most important personal goal?

12. Your favorite TV show right now?

13. What is your proudest moment?

14. What do you enjoy most about working from home?

15. What do you miss the most about your workplace?

16. How did you start your day?

17. What were you most afraid of when you were a kid?

18. What is your most-played song on your streaming playlist?

19. Have you ever given someone a one-star rating on the internet?

20. What is your most important personal productivity tip?

21. What is the most intriguing article you’ve recently read?

22. Which website do you visit the most?

23. What was the name of your first concert?

24. What is your favorite snack or junk food?

25. Which book is your favorite?

26. Which animal is your favorite, and why?

Final Words

Zoom Ice breakers are excellent ways to connect with colleagues.

In addition, it also increases productivity.

It makes you appear more approachable and humane as a boss or supervisor, rather than lofty and aloof.

Use them to break the ice and get the conversation going.


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