How do I Get My Text Messages App Back?

Have you ever wondered how do i get my text messages app back? In cases like this, you might have accidentally deleted it. Keep reading to find out how to recover your app.

How do I Get My Text Messages App Back?

 Just so you don’t enter panic mode, we are here to make you understand that the messages app cannot be deleted permanently.

You might have mistakenly deleted the app icon from your home screen or folders. But be rest assured that you can get it back.

Just like your Mail and Notes, Messages is a core element of your iPhone that is baked into the operating system. Hence, it is impossible to just delete the app, unlike other apps that can be uninstalled.

So if you’ve accidentally moved it away from the home screen on your iPhone. Here’s how to restore the Message app back to your home screen.

 How to Get the Text Messages App Back 

 Here are some of the ways you can get back the text message app:

Using Spotlight Search: If you can’t find the message icon on your home screen, then use Spotlight Search to check if the app is there in an app folder.

To do this, simply swipe down the screen while you are still on the home screen. Type messages in the search box at the top. The folder where the messages app is residing will be shown.

You can now drag ‘Messages’ from that folder to your home screen

Note: If Messages is not found in Spotlight Search then go to Settings > Messages > Siri & Search. In the Searching section, put on the toggle button next to “Show App in Search”.

Find Messages in the App Library

Another place to check for text messages is in the app library. All you need to do is to swipe down the app library page and look for Messages.

To put the messages back, long-tap the Messages app icon and continue holding it till you get to your home screen.

How to Get Messages App on Android

For Andriod users, here’s how to get the text message app back to your home screen:

  • Open the App Drawer on your Android phone by going up to the home screen. It’s the screen or the section where all your installed apps appear.
  • Check for the Message app icon. You should search inside the folders as well. If you don’t find it, look for Messages using the search bar.
  • Once you see the Messages app icon, long tap it, and then drag it upwards until you see your phone’s home screen. Leave the icon to place it on the home screen.

With the steps listed above, you can successfully get your text message app back, remember it has not been deleted completely from your phone. So use this guide to get the icon back to your home screen


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