Can you Install Messages on Android?

There are different messaging apps you can use, but before making a decision to settle for one, ensure that you have done proper research. You can also go on to ask, can someone install messages on Android?

Can you Install Messages on Android

For years, Google has been improving its Messages app for Android to better compete with Apple’s iMessage while also pushing for the RCS texting standard, which underpins this app, to replace SMS and MMS throughout the phone industry. 

Ways to Install Messages on Android

The first thing you’ll need is an Android phone with the Messages app installed and set to be the default texting app. 

The Message app will ask you if you want to make it your default app when you are using it for the first time. You won’t lose your communication history by switching, so just follow the steps.

Spend a few minutes configuring Messages for Web so you can send and receive text messages from your computer after choosing Messages as your default messaging app.

As long as you have the Messages app installed and are using it, you will have access to Chat regardless of the carrier you use or the nation in which you reside.

How to Turn Google Messages on After Installation

There are two ways to enable Chat after installing the Google Messages app and designating it as your default texting app

There will be a prompt asking if you want to view what your friends are typing that will always appear. Alternatively, you can go into the Messages app’s Settings, click the Chat feature, and slide the switch next to Enable chat feature to the on position.

You can toggle your read receipts on or off, deactivate the typing indicator whenever you’re typing, and manage your way around if Chat is unable to deliver a message on the same settings page.

You can also check the current state of your phone’s connection to the Chat service in the settings area of the app if you experience problems sending messages

Your phone number is registered with Chat and you should use the service whenever you are speaking to a contact who has Chat enabled as long as it shows Connected.

Although the standard messaging features still apply, you must both have the feature activated on your device in order to access the new chat feature.

You can always install messages on your phone provided you know what you want and if you are connected to the internet. 

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