Where are My Messages App? A Step by Step Guide

The need for having a nice texting experience cannot be overemphasized, and this can only be assured if you have your message app.

Where are My Messages App?

It doesn’t matter if you are an Andriod user or an iPhone user, we all want to communicate and interact with our loved ones seamlessly.

IPhone users make use of iMessage to communicate, while Android users make use of Google messages, and Samsung users use Google messages and the default  Samsung message.

So obviously, it is not a good thing or a nice experience when you wake up and find either of your texting app missing from your phone’s Home screen.

Thankfully, iOS weaves the Messages app tightly into its core system and it is difficult for you to remove the app by mistake.

And just because it is an essential app, it cannot be hidden using Screen Time restrictions either.

Most likely, the issue Is caused by the app icon disappearing in multiple Home screen slides and folders.

How to Find your Messages App

If you really need to find your Messages app, you do that easily with Siri Search instead. Simply go downwards on the Homescreen, and then look for “message”.

You just have to tap messages from the application in your search results.

Although you may not see the app come up among the search results. This only happens when the app is blocked from showing up within Siri Search.

Please do the following to set things straight:

  • Go to the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad, click Siri & Search. Next, navigate down to the bottom, and then select Messages from among the list of apps.
  •  Turn on the switch next to Siri & Suggestions.
  • Leave the Settings app, and you can now search for the Messages app using Siri Search.

Reset all Settings to Find your Messages App

Another way to find your messages app is by resetting your settings. Just in case there is an annoying technical issue you can reset all settings on your iOS device to fix it.

Note that the settings reset doesn’t result in any loss of data, just a few preferences like location, privacy settings, and even remembered Wi-Fi hotspots.

So you might need to tweak some settings to roll them back to defaults.

Finding your messages app should be quite easy after following these steps.

Although it is advised to use the Siri search method first, if that doesn’t work for you then it’s okay to reset your phone settings.

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