20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Offering gifts at work won’t be hard when using our 20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care, particularly when trying to pick a present that depicts gratefulness and doesn’t come across as strange or impersonal. Moreover, kind presents facilitate a supportive work atmosphere and nurture a sense of harmony among associates.

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Bulk Thank You Gifts for Employee

Worker gratefulness gifts are one of the best ways to express gratitude and celebrate your team’s wins. These employee gifts will help your establishment reach new heights with a solid boost to staff morale and rewarding hard work.

That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of the best employee appreciation gifts for recognizing coworkers and colleagues in 2023.

1. Custom Theme Gift Box

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Think custom gift packages built around any theme from Miami poolside conference, to local Indianapolis small businesses, to even Mardi Gras!

Whatever theme or occasion you’re celebrating with employees, Teak & Twine can curate a gift just for you.

Once you have built your ideal employee appreciation gift box, the gifting expert will handle everything from start to finish like sourcing products, adding branding, and all shipping logistics.

What makes this appreciation gift special: These gift boxes are tailored to your company or event so they’re truly remarkable.

Whether you are building a thank you care package for Employee Appreciation Week or simply mailing them a little treat as a token of your gratitude, you will be able to find that perfect gift and customize it to your taste.

2. Cutlery Set

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Whether you supply cutlery or not, someone in the office will always miss out or fail to pack a set in their lunch bag before leaving home. Cutlery might seem like a very practical employee gift, but it’s a present that will come in handy at some point.

Biome’s Wooden Spork is a wonderful eco-friendly gift your employees can stash away in the office drawer, ready to use when needed.

Made from high-quality beechwood and coated in a food-safe water-based lacquer, this spork features an ergonomically curved handle for a comfortable grip, making it unique for lunches and everyday use.

3. Buy Them Lunch!

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Purchasing lunch for your employees with a digital credit card is the perfect staff employee thankfulness gift.

Because it gives your people the opportunity to enjoy fresh morning coffee, happy hour drinks, and lunches sent directly to their doorstep.

What makes this appreciation gift extraordinary: This staff appreciation gift permits coworkers and colleagues to experience simple pleasures from anywhere in the world, connecting your remote workforce.

4. Gifts of Gratitude Box

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

If you could put all of your thankfulness into a box, it would look something like Gifts of Gratitude. This handpicked curation of comfort-giving packages will put a smile on your employees’ faces and a few simple pleasures into their lives.

What makes this appreciation gift unforgettable: Gifts of Gratitude features a tea set, organic coffee, handmade soap, candles, and matches, a stone paper journal, a succulent, and a coffee mug, along with the capability for you to custom brand this care package.


5. Yoga and Mindfulness Class

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

There’s nothing more pleasing than a good stretch, especially when you’ve been sitting at a computer.

Improve your employees’ general psychical and mental well-being while boosting the concentration and productivity of the workplace with the gift of yoga and mindfulness sessions.

Yogamigos deliver mobile corporate yoga, pilates, and mindfulness sessions with an emphasis on stress management and physical and mental well-being.

Christmas Gifts in Bulk for Employees

6. MiiR 20oz Tumbler

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

The MiiR 20oz Tumbler is an ergonomic tumbler that suits nicely and snugly into cupholders. Additionally, this insulated tumbler optimizes temperature for maximum pleasure.

What makes this appreciation gift impressive: The average person is pretty much chronically under-hydrated. Having a convenient water bottle on hand goes a long way for worker health and well-being.

7. Drink Bottle

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

It’s surprising to know Australians purchase almost 15 billion plastic bottles every year, many of which end up in landfill or polluting our waterways.

Motivate your employees to be part of the solution and reduce your company’s contribution to this plastic problem by gifting them a sustainably made reusable water bottle.

Worthy is ahead of the rest with their creative Sugarcane Drink Bottles, designed and made in Melbourne from 100% sustainably grown Sugarcane.

They are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable. But, best of all, their manufacturing procedure is carbon neutral and zero waste making them one of the greenest, cleanest bottles on the market.

8. California Wine Taster

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

The California Wine Taster is an exhibition of the finest wines the Golden State has to offer. In fact, this collection is so famous that it has sold out more than five times.

What makes this appreciation gift amazing: Employees will surely value this delightful sampler, which ranges from crisp whites to full-bodied reds.

These award-winning wines will take your employees or coworkers on a road trip through the wineries and Chateaus of California from the convenience of their homes.

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9. Eco-friendly Pens

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Did you know 140 million pens are sold in Australia yearly, contributing to 700 tonnes of plastic entering landfill? Win over the love of the eco-conscious bright sparks in your workplace with a pack of colorful sustainable pens.

The Clicker Pen from Eco Pen contains 50% less plastic than traditional pens, saving 50% of plastic garbage from landfill.

It’s made from recycled cardboard and plastic/wheat ends and comprises non-toxic and soy-based ink. Plus, Eco Pen plants a tree with every order.

10. Marine Layer Sport Jogger

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

The Marine Layer Sport Jogger is a heavyweight material so they don’t sweat through it, with lightweight comfort and convenience. This bulk employee gratitude gift is also ideal for working out in chillier temperatures.

What makes this appreciation gift indelible: These joggers feature 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric, so your employees or colleagues will never have to fret about rain, sunshine, or snow — instead, they’ll always be ready to go!

11. Bottle of Wine

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Whether on its own or in a hamper, it’s not uncommon to gift workers a nice bottle of wine. While a sustainably made wine from a local winery is always an ideal choice, Little Ripples Wine is extra unique.

It’s not only sustainably made, but for every bottle of Little Ripples Wine purchased, a year of pure water is provided for a person in a developing society.

12. Olio E Osso – Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Olio E Osso Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm nurtures cheeks and lips, while simultaneously giving them an allure to stand out in any chamber.

What makes this appreciation gift special: This self-care beauty gift adds the perfect shade to eyelids, cheeks, and lips. Plus, it boasts raw ingredients like shea nut oil, olive oil, beeswax, grapefruit peel oil, and more!

13. Magnetic Travel Chess Set

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Recall when The Queen’s Gambit was all anyone could talk about? Chess set sales spiked all over the world as individuals realized how incredible chess is. Now, The Magnetic Travel Chess Set is a chance to play anywhere at total comfort.

What makes this appreciation package memorable: Whether your workers are on the train, flying for a business trip, or heading on a road trip to close a client, the Magnetic Travel Chess Set is set to go.

This magnetized set will keep the pieces in place, which is a real bonus as they travel!

14. Carson Blue Light Glasses

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

The Carson Blue Light Glasses shield your employees’ eyes from the negative effects of excessive screen time. These FDA-approved glasses stop blue light with anti-glare coating and UV light filtering.

What makes this appreciation present memorable: Produced by optometrists in the UK. Carson Blue Light Glasses offer the most satisfactory anti-blue light protection around to keep your employees’ eyes healthy and their energy up.

Besides, the blue light glasses can be customized with the option to print or engrave your company logo onto the case.

Cheap Bulk Gifts for Employees

15. Laptop Bag

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

A gift from a notable label committed to giving back is a wonderful alternative to a charitable donation, and what better business to back than one that changes the world both environmentally and socially?

Beekeeper Parade creates products made from textile garbage destined for landfill, and every purchase supports education in rural Cambodia.

Their newly released Laptop Messenger Bag is perfect for workers who commute. It holds a laptop up to 16 inches wide, has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, and three open pockets inside to hold documents and cables.

Don’t have laptops in your seat? Beekeeper Parade markets other gift-worthy products like pencil cases, backpacks, and coin purses.

16. Christmas Cookie Kit

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Fill your employees’ houses with nostalgic Christmas scents of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg with a Christmas Cookie package from The Good Bakes Co.

This insanely adorable bake-at-home kit contains everything you need to make festive cookies loaded with white chocolate and cranberries. It’s a fantastic gift that will fill your employees’ hearts with joy and tummies with festive flavors.

17. Mini Wine Bottle Collection

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

The Mini Wine Bottle Collection presents your wine-loving employees the chance to sip on fine wines in sizes that will leave them just satisfied enough.

What makes this appreciation package memorable: Everyone wants to feel seen in their simplest and most sophisticated state.

This wine gift box assumes that their pallet is refined enough to appreciate the crisp whites and full-flavored reds and everything in between.

18. Ceramic Mug

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

Whatever hot beverage your staff picks, ceramic mugs are a workplace necessity. And, if you ask any serious tea or coffee consumer, they’ll tell you the secret to a better cup of morning joe is all in the mug.

Celebrate your employees’ excellent work and give back to our First Nations peoples with a gift of a good quality mug featuring indigenous creations that speak of country, culture, and the Dreaming.

These mugs by Maxwell Williams comprise artwork by Australian artist Melanie Hava who has taken motivation from both the reef and rainforest country of Far North Queensland.

19. The Original S’well Bottle

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

The Original S’well Bottle is a food-grade stainless steel water bottle that preserves beverages at that just-right-exactly-what-they-want temperature.

What makes this gratitude gift memorable: Workers are often on the go because, well, life keeps moving.

What they need are things that can advance at their pace. This travel-friendly bottle suits any lifestyle and retains cold temperatures for 36 hours and hot for 18 hours.

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20. Holiday Care Package

20 Thoughtful Bulk Gifts for Employee That Shows Care

This team appreciation gift is overflowing with delicious treats and cozy winter essentials, making it the ideal way to show your appreciation.

What makes this appreciation gift remarkable: The Holiday Care Package incorporates a chocolate bar that is perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings. There is also a candy Club candy. Of course, who doesn’t value a bit of nostalgia.

There is also a scented candle, to produce a relaxing ambiance; a mug, perfect for warming up with hot cocoa; and a pair of socks to keep them cozy all season long. The socks could be custom socks in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appropriate amount to spend on an employee or coworker gift?

There are a few things you should regard before buying gifts for your employees that could impact how much you spend. Don’t do more than your might: Some people can feel uncomfortable receiving lavish and expensive Packages. Avoid causing discomfort by spending a nominal quantity of money on staff gifts.

How can I ensure my gift is not too personal or inappropriate?

  • Intimate apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Gag Packages
  • Gifts that carry a discriminating or demeaning statement
  • Banknotes (gift cards are a suitable alternative)
  • Self care products
  • Politically oriented and religious Packages
  • Gifts that aren’t age right

Should I give the same gift to everyone on my team?

There’s something unique about giving a personalized gift, but if you have a large team, this prospect can be too time-consuming. But, if you give your employees varying gifts, ensure they have the same value. Employee Packages should never be given unequally to avoid views of favoritism.

Is it okay to skip gift-giving altogether?

While gift-giving is an incredible way to show appreciation for an employee, it’s not compulsory. If cash is tight, a simple card with a thoughtfully written message inside thanking the workers for their work is equally appreciated and, in some cases, more appreciated than a present.

What are good appreciation gifts for employees?

Good appreciation gifts for workers are products or experiences that are meant to make employees feel appreciated and recognized. Tote bags, drinkware, gift baskets, keychains, stickers, earbuds, and t-shirts are typical tokens of appreciation; however, custom and personalized gifts tend to be even more noteworthy for employee appreciation gift ideas.

How do you show staff appreciation on a budget?

You can show staff gratitude on a budget by ordering employee appreciation gifts in bulk, as well as, working with gifting companies that specialize in affordable gift curation.

Take Away

When it comes to employee gifts, it’s the idea that counts. While it’s easy to get carried away and spend a large portion of money on staff gifts, receiving a gift, no matter how big or small, will make any employee feel valued.

A small gift allocation also doesn’t mean you must sacrifice the quality or style of the gifts you purchase. Aim to purchase as high quality as your budget permits and source bulk buying discounts to lessen expenses.

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