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 Recycle Cardboard Boxes for Money: Here’s everything you need to know to resell your used cardboard boxes. We’ve done most of the hard work for you to make this process a bit easier on yourself.

 Recycle Cardboard Boxes for Money: Here’s everything you need to know to resell your used cardboard boxes. We’ve done most of the hard work for you to make this process a bit easier on yourself.


Selling cardboard for cash might be one of the easiest ways to make money because of its vast abundance.  Cardboard is a daily part of life, and with your efforts, a box’s next destination doesn’t have to be the landfill never to be used again.

We’ll show you all the ways you can collect and sell cardboard for cash. And, help the environment in the process.


Would Anyone Pay for Used Boxes?

I know this business sounds like a strange one but hear me out. Think about all the things you use cardboard boxes for and don’t really pay attention to it.

You need them for so many things, from storing things in your home to shipping stuff to other people to moving to a new home or office. Cardboard boxes can even become toys for preschool or kindergarten classrooms.

They might also help libraries or community donation centers host book sales, donation drives, and other community events.

Boxes get used for so many things that it just takes a little creativity on your part to figure out where in your community you might be able to make a good profit by selling large bundles of them that you gather.

And yes, you can absolutely start a business doing this if you know where to find a bunch of boxes and where to sell them for the best prices!

If it sounds like an interesting concept to you, then I suggest reading further to find out how this side gig could become a lucrative business opportunity for you.

Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Where to Find Used Cardboard Boxes

Let’s start with where you can find old cardboard boxes. After all, you can’t make any money until you build an inventory. Keep in mind that the more boxes you can sell at one time, the more you can make a per box with specific buyers.

Depending on how you plan on selling your boxes, keep an eye out for thicker boxes that are sturdier and protect what’s inside better. Liquor stores tend to be an excellent source of these thick boxes of varying sizes because of the fragile glass bottles packed inside each box.

The Best Types of Boxes to Sell

Selling boxes may or may not be profitable for your business. It depends on your volume of boxes, as well as whether or not you have desirable sizes of boxes and where you are located.

Major manufacturing plants. Manufacturers of high-volume items empty a lot of the same-sized boxes, so implementing a reuse program can pay off quickly.

Big Boxes

Large boxes such as Gaylord boxes are more valuable than small ones.

Boxes Made in the U.S

Foreign boxes often hold less value due to lesser quality.

Businesses that Generate a High Volume of the same size

Too much of a variety in size makes it harder it is to implement a box reuse program due to the amount of time, effort, and space required to sort, segregate and store boxes.

Boxes Located in a Metropolitan Area

Manufacturers located in or near major metropolitan cities are good candidates because the likelihood of finding a buyer in the area is high, resulting in lower repositioning costs.

How to Recycle Cardboard Boxes for Money

Locate your local recycling centers. A quick look in your local yellow pages will give the phone numbers and addresses. Call a few recycling centers to see how much they pay for cardboard. Most centers pay by weight.

Take a trip to your local department stores and supermarkets. Dress professionally and talk to the manager. Many of these stores will welcome your type of service.

Let him/her know how often you plan on picking up the boxes. Once or twice each week is sufficient. Reserve a dry place to stack your boxes. The garage or spare room is an ideal place.

Stack your boxes in bundles. Stacking your cardboard boxes in bundles makes it easier to take them to the recycling center each week for weighing.

Collect your cash. Your cardboard is weighed and you are paid on the spot.

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