How to Clean Adidas Shoes, Canvas, and Leather Sneakers

Have you wondered how to clean Adidas shoes, especially your pearly whites? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading to get more information on how to maintain your shoes.

how to clean adidas shoes

The feeling you get when unboxing new kicks can be oddly satisfying. But once they are out of the box and used for your everyday activities, anything can happen. 

From stains to scuff, to general grit and grime. You might be to ask yourself if there’s any way to maintain shoes and use them longer.  

Well, you can, read through this post to see the step-by-step process of cleaning your canvas or suede shoes, and how to clean them in the washing machine.

Excellent Tips on How to Clean Adidas Shoes

It doesn’t matter if your Adidas shoes are a pair of sneakers or canvas, there are better ways of maintaining freshness. Here is a detailed instruction on how to clean your leather sneakers:

Leather Sneakers

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • The first step you need to take is to knock the soles together, this would remove the excess dirt piled on it, then make use of a soft brush like a toothbrush to scrub off any extra dirt.
  • Mix an eco-friendly detergent and lukewarm water. Using mild detergent will reduce the possibility of discoloration and then use a washcloth to gently wipe off the stains 
  • Use a washcloth to gently wipe away stains with a mild, eco-friendly laundry detergent mixed with lukewarm water (mild detergent typically doesn’t cause yellow discoloration from toxins).
  • Put the washcloth in warm water and squeeze out any extra suds and soap. If necessary, wipe the white Boost material on the edge of your shoe’s sole or the white outsoles with a soft-bristle toothbrush soaked in water.
  • Use a tiny amount of leather shoe conditioner or treatment if you have leather sneakers like Superstars and allow them to dry at room temperature.
  • Remove the insoles and laces (if possible). Put them in a pillowcase and wash them in a washing machine with laundry detergent on cold/delicate. Moreover, washing insoles might aid in the odor-removal process.

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How to Clean Canvas Shoes

Your favorite pair of shoes are probably made of canvas.

They are among the most comfortable types of shoe material, making them a go-to choice. But because they are worn every day, stains, dirt, and grime quickly accumulate.

If you want your canvas kicks to look as fresh as the day you bought them and you want your favorite pair of shoes last, then it helps to know how to clean them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Get rid of all the dirt and mud by scrubbing with an old toothbrush.
  • Warm water, liquid dish soap, and liquid detergent should be added to a bucket or bowl. After that, continue scrubbing the areas that need attention with the dipped toothbrush.
  • Fill a bucket or bowl with warm water and liquid detergent or dish soap. Next, dip the toothbrush and continue scrubbing areas that need attention.
  • Once they are cleaned, rinse your shoes in warm, clean water and dry off the excess water with an old towel.
  • To ensure their shape is kept, stuff your canvas kicks with paper towels or dry washcloths. Then airdry them indoors in a warm spot. 

Note: Do not put them directly in sunlight or direct heat. It will warp your shoes or discolor them.

If this looks like too much work you can check out the step-by-step process about using your washing machine on canvas shoes.

How to Clean Suede Shoes

How to Clean Suede Shoes

You’re walking about in one of the most fashionable shoe materials if you’re wearing suede shoes, like numerous Adidas Originals.

Unfortunately, though, because suede is the bottom side of the leather, it is quite difficult to keep clean.

It is an absorbent material that can pick up anything that falls, spills, or comes its way. You’ll eventually need to clean them, and here’s how.

But first, a word of caution: DO NOT clean suede with water. Water causes stains and markings that change the suede’s appearance.

  • Start by grabbing your old toothbrush. Remove surface stains with a soft cloth, then get rid of the dirt.
  • To remove the tougher stains, start brushing by applying pressure.
  • Get a kit for suede polish or a white eraser if necessary. Another option is a gentle nail file.
  • If required, try wiping tough stains away with a white towel drenched in white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning the Shoes with a Washing Machine

The great news is they can be cleaned in the washing machine, but you have to be careful to ensure you don’t cause permanent damage to your shoes.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Remove the laces and put them in a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase. This prevents mud from getting caught between the laces and shoe tangles.
  • To get rid of as much dirt and scuffs as you can, use a soft brush.
  • Put some used towels, the bag holding laces and insoles, and shoes in the washing machine. The towels will help to balance out the weight of the load and stop the shoes from banging around inside the washing machine.
  • Add a modest to moderate amount of liquid detergent (powdered can get stuck in the shoes). To get rid of any remaining soap residue, run the washing machine with cold water on a delicate cycle and an additional rinse.
  • Ensure you air dry and avoid direct sunlight because it can change the coloring on certain shoes or even shrink them. 


Knowing the correct way to clean your shoes will ensure you have them for a long period of time.

Maintaining your shoes should be of utmost priority to you, so you don’t run out to purchase them every year or season.

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