Why can’t I Find Messages on my Phone?

Sending messages to someone without getting any response can be frustrating, especially when people say they sent a reply. But the concern is, why can’t I find messages on my phone?

Why can't I Find Messages on my Phone

We can send messages in only a few seconds to every location on Earth because of the gift called technology. 

Every day, 5 to 6 billion messages are transmitted around the world. It can be challenging to identify a valid reason why some people claim they are unable to receive text messages, but there is almost always a solution to this problem.

Why are my Messages not Showing up on my Android?

Below are some of the reasons why you might not find messages on your Android phones:

  • Network Problem
  • Inadequate memory
  • Misalignment of the device’s settings
  • Change of devices
  • A problem in the messaging program
  • Software problem
  • An issue with the registered network’s carrier

The following are the most common signs that your phone is not getting text messages:

  • All of a sudden, you will no longer get any texts from any users.
  • You will be unable to send SMS messages
  • The phone screen will display a “message sent unsuccessfully” indication when you attempt to text someone.
  • The messaging application is faulty.
  • The tools are inefficient.

How do I Fix my Messages not Showing?

  • Restart the phone. Any pending updates for your messaging app are installed in this phase. Some updates require a device restart in order to install or activate.
  • Check your service provider. For a better signal, you might need to step outside. Additionally, a signal booster could improve reception.
  • Examine the previous message. People who text you frequently occasionally could have commented on an earlier discussion. Ask them to turn off iMessage or have a new SMS sent to your phone.
  • Your text app’s cache should be cleared. For your messaging app, go to “Settings -> Apps” and clear the cache. Check to see if messages are now entered by restarting the app and your phone.
  • Replace your SIM Card after removing it. Your phone should be turned off, the SIM removed, and then the phone should be turned back on.
  • Make sure Airplane mode is not active on your phone. Slide down the top of your screen and tap “Airplane mode,” activate it, then tap it once more to turn it off.
  • Verify that your carrier accepts Rich Communication Services, MMS, or SMS (RCS).

Ideally, one of the above steps will save you from having to visit an Apple Store to have your iPhone or Android phone fixed or replaced. 

Bugs in the software or services can lead to a variety of problems. Sometimes you need to turn something off and back on again to tweak or reset a setting.

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