20+ Prayers & Messages for wedding anniversaries for Spouses

Every marriage anniversary is a grand feat and it’s worth celebrating with Messages for wedding anniversaries. Love is a beautiful thing, and being married could be thrilling. However, marriage comes with its challenges and it takes hard work, dedication, and the grace of God to have a lasting and satisfying union hence, the need to find ways to spice things up.

20+ Prayers & Messages for wedding anniversaries for Spouses

As you celebrate your wedding anniversary, you will require some Messages for wedding anniversaries to program your marriage correctly and keep it running smoothly.

Remember, God is the creator of marriage, it is his will for us to have a happy and lasting marriage,

hence, it is good to recognize and appreciate him for his goodness and commit your marriage to his hands, even as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Are you looking for some powerful blessings and prayers to communicate on your wedding anniversary?

Look no further, below is a list of amazing blessings and prayers to prepare the atmosphere around your marriage and celebrate God’s goodness.

Wedding Anniversary Thanksgiving to God

Before you present Messages for wedding anniversaries, you should start with the attitude of thanksgiving to God almighty who has kept you over the years.

1. Dear Lord, thank you for blessing us with such a blissful marriage. It’s been twelve years of an awesome experience. Happy anniversary to me and my love.

2. God has been faithful to us. He has protected us from evil and guided our feet on the path of success. Glory to God for an amazing marriage so far! Happy anniversary to us.

3. We give God the glory for bringing us this far, He alone deserves our praises. It’s been by his mercy that we have had this exciting marital experience.

4. Our marriage is a testimony of God’s love and mercy. Lord, we thank you for not leaving us stranded. We bless your holy name.

5. By the Lord’s mercy, we have enjoyed a blissful marriage. Thank you dear Lord and Father for your mercy. Blessed be your holy name.

6. The Lord has done a great and marvelous thing for us. He has caused us to live in victory over every challenge. He has blessed us with Godly children and has expanded us in all areas of our life. Glory to God!

7. Lord we thank you for our marriage. Thank you for helping us stay and grow together in love. Thank you for making our marriage a model for others. Thank you for helping us this far.

8. Our lives have been beautiful together. We have been nourished by God’s love, and our marriage has been like heaven on earth. We give God the praise!

9. Dear Lord, thank you for bringing us together, thank you for keeping us together, and we are grateful that your blessing has never ceased in our lives. Hallelujah!

10. The Lord has been good to us! We have enjoyed several years together in marriage without stress all by his grace. Thank you, Lord, for helping us come this far.

20+ Prayers & Messages for wedding anniversaries for Spouses

Wedding Anniversary Prayers and Wishes

Below are Messages for wedding anniversaries you can choose from.

11. As we grow older together, I pray that our love grows stronger and our hearts grow closer. Happy anniversary to us, darling.

12. May we keep winning together, may we keep chasing tens of thousands together, and may we keep conquering the world together. Happy anniversary to us, babe.

13. Every challenge that came our way in this marriage has made us stronger. Thank you for standing with me. I pray that we keep growing stronger and happier together.

14. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for me. You are a blessing to me. Thank you for being my love. I pray that everything we lay our hands on prospers.

15. I hope you know how much I love and cherish you, my darling. Thank you for standing by me all through the years. This marriage shall keep being like heaven on earth.

16. May our love not go cold. May our marriage keep being sweet. And may joy not cease from our home. You are my sweetheart. Happy anniversary to us.

17. Thank you for loving me this much. I pray that our marriage remains blissful forever. Happy anniversary to us, bestie!

18. You are my sweetness and addiction. I can’t imagine my life without you. Thank you for giving me joy. May our joy last forever.

19. Dear Lord, as we celebrate this wedding anniversary, please give us peace without cease, joy with no bounds, and riches that last through generations.

20. As we celebrate our wedding anniversary, our lives keep growing sweeter, we live above every challenge, and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding abides with us, amen.

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20+ Prayers & Messages for wedding anniversaries for Spouses

Short Wedding Anniversary Prayers

Thanksgiving Messages for wedding anniversaries is the mindset of a grateful soul.

21. Dear Lord, as we have made you the head of our home. Please keep leading us. Let your love, peace, and joy keep reigning in our marriage. Amen.

22. As we celebrate our wedding anniversary. We shut out every negative voice and thought against us. Only the will and counsel of the Lord shall stand. Amen.

23. May our marriage be a good example of Goldly marriage, and may you, o Lord continue to lead us in your truth and peace. Amen.

24. As we are celebrating five years of marriage together. May joy, love, and peace keep being with us. May the oil of gladness never cease flowing in our home.

25. We have survived many challenges together. We have passed the test of time. Congratulations darling, let’s keep showing the world what a godly marriage looks like. We are blessed.

26. Our dear Lord, we are grateful for this wedding anniversary. Thank you for how long we have come. Please keep blessing us with wisdom and strength to keep making you proud.

27. May the Lord shower us with his blessings now and forever more. Happy wedding anniversary to us, darling.

28. Just as how a good wife is a gift from God, A happy marriage is also a blessing from God. Thank you dear lord for this great gift. May your blessing never cease in our lives.

29. The Lord has seen our marriage through fifteen years of love and friendship. May our love get sweeter and our friendship grows stronger.

30. We are more than blessed to have each other. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our sight. We shall always have reasons to celebrate till the end of our race upon the earth.

Wedding Anniversary Prayer Quotes

These Messages for wedding anniversaries should always be kept in mind as you give thanks to the Lord. Rest assured that He will reply to your prayers.

31. You’ve had such a beautiful and amazing marriage. You have grown strong and inseparable through all these years of being together. I pray that the Lord grants your heart’s desires and blesses you abundantly. Have a fantastic anniversary.

32. May joy and celebration not cease from your marriage. I wish you a blissful marriage now and in the years to come.

33. It’s so amazing how time flies when you are with the right person. It’s been twenty years with you, and I am grateful that I chose you as my marriage partner. May the Lord keep blessing and lifting you. Happy anniversary to us.

34. May the years ahead turn out more interesting than the years we’ve spent together. We shall keep being a source of encouragement to other couples. Happy anniversary to us, my love.

35. I pray for you today, that you will not cease to excite me. My heart will not depart from you, and your heart will be full of love, joy, and hope. Happy anniversary.

36. The Lord has helped us to have our dream marriage. May his presence not depart from us, and may we continue to give us all to make this work.

37. You are one of the most inspiring couples I have ever met, you deserve this happy and exciting marriage. May your marriage keep getting richer and more exciting.

38. You exemplify a good Christian home. I wish you a blessed life together forever. Happy marriage anniversary to you.

39. Happy first wedding anniversary to you. May you keep growing together in love and wealth. This is the least you can ever be.

40. Watching you grow had inspired a lot of young couples. Your life has modeled Christ and we are so proud of you. Happy marriage anniversary to you. May God’s blessings surround your life.

20+ Prayers & Messages for wedding anniversaries for Spouses

Catholic Wedding Anniversary Prayer

Here are some catholic Messages for wedding anniversaries you should never forget.

41. Dear Father, we thank you for your love for us. Thank you for making your love reign in our marriage. If there is any way we have wronged you in our martial duty to each other, we ask that you forgive us. Please bless us more and granted us your everlasting peace. Amen.

42. Our dear Lord and Saviour, thank you for this beautiful year we have spent together. It has been 40 years and the journey has been interesting. We pray that you keep us strong and faithful to each other forever.

43. Father we thank you because you are the foundation of our marriage. We pray that you keep showing us the way we should go, and keep our love burning for each other. Amen.

44. As we celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, we pray that the Lord help us to grow in our understanding of each other the more. May our home remain blissful.

45. Our dear Lord, as you have brought us together and kept us this far, we pray that your grace will be sufficient for us to love and cherish each other forever.

46. Father we thank you for going on this journey with us. We pray that we keep seeing you as our leader and guidance in this home. Amen.

47. May our Lord Jesus keep us together till the end of times. May our lives pleasure each other, and may we have the joy of marriage. Amen.

48. We pray that the Lord makes us strong and keeps us close. May the angel of the lord watch over us and protect us from every harm. Amen. Happy anniversary to us.

49. Dear Father, thank you for protecting our marriage and helping us this far. As we celebrate our anniversary, we also renew our marital vow to each other. Please help us to keep our promises to each other, and make you proud. Amen.

50. Father we appreciate your love for us, your children. Thank you for how much you love us and care for us. As we mark this anniversary, we pray that you bless us and guide us in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Wedding Anniversary Blessings and Prayers

Utilize these Messages for wedding anniversaries for couples you want to celebrate.

51. Hey, you are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. I pray that the flame of your love keeps burning. Happy wedding anniversary to you, lovelies!

52. I’m so glad to witness your thirty-five years together! I understand that the journey might not be all smooth, but I’m glad that you both stayed through it. Congratulations on your anniversary. May the Lord cause his face to shine upon you.

53. It’s so amazing to see how much you have grown together in love. I am so happy for you, guys. Happy anniversary to you, your best years are yet to come.

54. Love is indeed a beautiful thing. I wish you the most beautiful and exciting wedding anniversary darlings! Keep shining.

55. Today I pray that the Lord blesses you and protects you from all evil. May you keep growing together in love, peace, and prosperity. Amen.

56. Despite the ups and downs that come with marriage, I am glad that you never allow it to break you. May your love keep booming. I wish you an exciting marriage anniversary.

57. It’s great to see that you have been together for so many years and your love still feels fresh. I’m so happy for you, desires! This is a new year of conjugal bliss.

58. May marital blessings not cease from your home. Happy wedding anniversary, and may your marriage flourish and blossom.

58. Counting the number of years you’ve been together, all I can say is glory to God. Happy anniversary to you, dear couple. I wish you joy overflow.

59. May you experience all round fruitfulness in your marriage as you celebrate your anniversary. It’s my joy that you keep standing in love together. Happy anniversary to you.

60. I pray that your life keeps flourishing, may everything around you be blessed. I wish you the most rewarding marital experience. Happy marriage anniversary.

20+ Prayers & Messages for wedding anniversaries for Spouses

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