Which Driving Job Opportunities Comes With Better Pay?

Are you skilled at driving and you’ve been looking for driving job opportunities with a complementary salary? We are here to link you to several offices and companies that would highly value your services for good pay. From personal driver to Mack truck and trailer driving, follow up to see positions that pay better.

Driving Job Opportunities

You should earn your worth with your professional truck or trailer driver expertise because this is a highly sought-after skill.

However, not getting good pay at your current workplace demands another job. Let us suggest places to seek jobs for a better salary.

Highest Paying Driving Job Opportunities

As a truck and tanker driver, you are supposed to be one of the highest paid staff of every company considering the nature of your job and the risk involved.

If that isn’t the case, seek job opportunities with vacancies in these positions, they pay better salaries than you can ever imagine.

1. Tanker/Liquid Hauling

driving job opportunities

Truck driving hazardous chemicals, particularly tank trucks, pay more than non-hazardous driving positions. 

This needs a TWIC card and the risk of breathing in potentially dangerous gases. Nonetheless, for the selected enterprise, this is one of the best-paid trucker careers.

2. Oversized Truck Loads

Oversized Truck Loads driving job opportunity

Driving oversized cargo is paid additional for the high degree of difficulty, however, a permit is needed, and driving at nighttime is often not allowed. 

As each trip takes longer to complete, more money is made this is why the career of a truck driver is very attractive.

3. Ice Road Trucking

Ice Road Trucking driving jobs

While ice road trucking has the most dangerous working conditions, it also promises a high salary. 

The drivers who can make their way carefully over the ice roads cover a year’s salary over a few months. But, the risk is high and requires bravery just like the salary.

4. Specialty Car Haulers

Specialty Car Haulers

This is one of the most thrilling driving positions and there are a couple of carriers that have turned this into a niche market to transport high-end and ancient vehicles. 

The trailers are the ones with the full enclosure. It requires a careful driver who has a PhD while facing a high-value load.

5. Auto Hauls

Auto Hauls

Car hauling trucks are enormously large, fashioned to carry the optimal number of new cars at a time. 

Cargoes of great value and the driving jobs carrying needed skills have been rewarded with excellent pay because of the risk of damage that could be incurred.

6. Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Dump trucks that weigh up to several tons are used for transportation in some mines and such dumper jobs pay relatively well. 

This is the case with some mines in Australia too, where drivers get paid up to a hundred thousand dollars per year.

7. Dump Truck Driver

Dump Truck Driver

Dump truck driver operates the overhauls, loading materials for construction or demolition projects. 

They must have a CDL license and they make a yearly salary of $39,000 and $58,000.

Driving Job Opportunities With Average Pay

While you might be unable to secure any of the other highly paid jobs, you can also apply for these other sets as they pay almost similar salaries to the other ones.

Besides, you don’t have to stress so much to earn a standard of living and their stress and risk conditions are higher than these set.

1. Owner-Operators

truck driving jobs

Truck ownership brings you high income, but this lonely prospect brings you enormous responsibility on your shoulders. 

You control expenditures, repairs, and contracts, however, while keeping a much larger share of the profits. It’s a profession with high-level requirements but at the same time most suitable for riding experts.

6. Drive a School Bus

driving job opportunities near me

School bus driving lets you work flexible hours during school hours only and part-time jobs, making the average income $28,330 per year. 

But it takes some getting used to and the job involves working unusual shifts early morning and afternoon hours.

7. Be a Shuttle Driver

Be a Shuttle Driver

Shuttle bus driving is a well-paying job because it involves giving rides to customers from locations like airports, hotels, and tourist destinations. 

Vehicles range from vans to large buses with some places using electric trams. Sometimes it can be boring, but it can also equalize predictability and stability in work schedules.

11. Over the Road Trucking

Over the Road Trucking

OTR trucking has high pay for long hauls in the USA but this kind of work means being away from home for a long time. 

Verify the pay structure because some jobs offer a higher income compared to others. Since some love traveling, the absence of family may be anticipated.

12. Be a Chauffeur

Be a Chauffeur

While the BLS combined chauffeurs with taxi drivers and reported a median annual income of $22,840, this figure doesn’t include tips. 

This implies that chauffeurs may earn even more than what is reported in the median, based on the $28,000 average salary before tips from Indeed.com.

13. Team Driving

driving jobs opportunities near me

The high-paying truck driving team burnout is caused by heavy schedules. 

Mileage varies with weather and delays, but couples usually exceed because of coexisting life. Success depends on the company’s load planning.

14. Be a Taxi Driver

Be a Taxi Driver

Taxi driving pays well in big cities, but smaller towns offer a unique perk. There is plenty of waiting time which may be filled with taking long naps between rides. 

Although the BLS salary might omit actual earnings resulting from underreported tips, the Amish taxi driver is an interesting niching opportunity.

15. Hazmat Hauls

Hazmat Hauls

Consider hazardous employment if you want to go into tanker transportation. These jobs are hazardous because they involve the transportation of hazardous items such as gas or chemicals.

Also, these occupations need a hazardous endorsement on your Commercial Drivers Licence. The majority of tanker hauls are hazardous materials. Because of the hazardous nature of the haul, these occupations pay exceptionally well.

16. Drive a City Bus

job opportunities near me

The salary of a city bus driver is attractive. The median salary is $38,750, while the most highly paid workers make $48,810 or even more. 

Major cities are the best places for unions and outliers like drivers who make $159,258 show that one can earn a high income after working overtime.

17. Deliver Newspapers

driving jobs opportunities

Newspaper delivery jobs fall into two types: straight-to-customer great delivery (through carriers or footman/bikers.) 

Independent contractor positions, which offer per-route or per-paper rates, depending on the contract. 

In fact, this kind of work allows gaining $850 – $1,250 monthly for routes taking a couple of hours daily.

18. Tow Truck Driver

job opportunities

While a tow truck driver’s remuneration is employee income or independent business owner pay. 

Despite being the boss, you still ride on your skills at driving the customer’s car and not on your ability to actively market your services. 

Besides that, you could also be a repossession agent to have more income as an alternative.

Eligibility for High-Paying Truck Driver Positions

More experienced truck drivers are desired and a more complicated skill set is necessary to earn better pay as a truck driver, as opposed to the ordinary truck driver who hauls dry freight loads on a van trailer.

1. Taking Chances: You must be willing to take more risks because Jobs with higher pay demand your abilities.

2. More Responsibility: As the risk level rises, so does the level of liability. Therefore, you must be capable of handling more duties.

3. Higher Skill Level: High-paying jobs like truck driving require skillful drivers to avoid casualties. Therefore, you need to have a good driving record and years of relative driving experience.

4. Mobility: Since it is a truck-driving job, you need to be able to drive to distant locations and live weeks away from home.

5 Dangers of Being a Truck Driver and How to Avoid Them

All truck drivers are to closely observe these truck driving rules to avoid the fatal casualties that come with it.

While they remain basic rules that can be obeyed, they are sometimes overlooked which causes several problems. They include:

1. Avoid driving tired or distracted.

2. You should avoid overspeeding.

3. Always inspect your truck before moving for a journey.

4. Learn to use caution on trailer decks and loads

5. Use the buddy system for some repairs

Operating a truck is one of the most frequent driving occupations; the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that there are over 1.6 million tractor-trailer truck drivers in the United States.

And if you’ve ever considered working as a truck driver, now is the time to start. Because of a growing scarcity of truck drivers, several firms are now offering signing incentives besides paying for drivers’ licensing expenses.

According to Reuters, there are now around 35,000 vacant jobs, with the shortage expected to increase to 240,000 in the following years.

Therefore, start applying to companies around you that can pay you better to get an upgrade on your pay worth your skill.

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