Amazing Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022 & How to Access Them

 – Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022 –

Not all CDL trucking jobs are equal, and not all CDL trucking jobs pay the same. You may earn a lot of money depending on the sort of haul you do. And how much expertise you have with different loads.

driving job opportunities near me

As you gain expertise in one of these profitable trucking professions, the zeros in your salary will rise. That’s where the greater earnings for driving jobs come into play.


What Do You Know About Driving Jobs?

Operating a truck is one of the most frequent driving occupations; the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that there are around 1.6 million tractor-trailer truck drivers in the United States.

And if you’ve ever considered working as a truck driver, now is the time to start. Because of a growing scarcity of truck drivers, several firms are now offering signing incentives besides paying for drivers’ licensing expenses.

According to Reuters, there are now around 35,000 vacant jobs, with the shortage expected to increase to 240,000 in the following years.


A driving profession comes with a lot of sacrifices and hardships.

For all the grueling, long hours behind the wheel, frequently thousands of miles away from home, it’s a profession that demands good remuneration.

High-paying truck driver positions are usually in what’s known as a ‘niche market.’ A niche market in the transportation business is a specialized area.

The labor that goes into specific niches in transportation is frequently unusual. It frequently causes the use of costly, specialized equipment as well as experienced, and top-notch specifically trained drivers.

Highest Paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022

Here are some of the highest-paying driving jobs in the industry:

1. Ice Road Trucking

Because this is the most perilous driving position in the industry, it is also one of the most paying. Ice road trucking is not for the faint of heart. There’s a reason the History Channel’s show “Ice Road Truckers” is so popular.

The bravery and expertise required to be an ice road trucker captivate people. These drivers only work a few months out of the year but may earn a full year’s income in that time.

They must be skilled drivers who can repair their trucks in the event of a breakdown. This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022.

2. Oversized Truck Loads

Driving large cargoes might simply show that the load is an inch wider than it should be, or it could mean that you are driving double-wide trucks. Because driving is more difficult, these occupations will automatically pay more.

However, Oversized truckloads will almost certainly need specific permissions from transportation agencies. If you dislike driving at night, this job may be for you because it will not permit you to drive after dark.

But, it implies that you will spend more time on each task, but the income increase may be worth it. This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me.

3. Auto Hauls

These behemoths are impossible to overlook on the road because they are so imposing. One truck transports a dozen or more brand-new automobiles. Because of the value of the freight and the need for highly proficient driving, these cars haul jobs pay exceptionally well.

driving job opportunities

Also, it will pay you considerably more if you carry premium vehicles. Because you will not be exposed to this at truck driving school, it may require further training on the job.

4. Tanker/Liquid Hauling

Hauling hazardous chemicals such as gasoline and a range of caustic and explosive liquid liquids pays well. Driving jobs carrying hazardous chemicals typically pay significantly more than the normal driving income.

truck driving jobs

You may require a TWIC CARD. Here’s a step-by-step method to obtaining your TWIC CARD. The driver is not only transporting hazardous products, but they are also occasionally exposed to chemical vapors while pumping off hazardous substances.

Tanker truck driving jobs may be extremely profitable if you work for the proper trucking firm. This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022.

5. Owner-Operators

This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me.

Being an owner-operator entails a lot of responsibilities. You’ll have to deal with operational costs, upkeep, and securing contracts with various firms. Being your own employer may also be extremely rewarding.

driving job opportunities near me

Because you won’t have to deal with business management, you’ll be able to see more of your bottom line in your own paycheck. Becoming an owner-operator is a huge choice that most drivers aren’t ready for until they’ve had years of experience.

6. Drive a School Bus

If you enjoy the concept of driving a bus but need a lot of time off, being a school bus driver might be the career for you.

Also, you’ll only work when school is in session, and usually only part-time. According to the BLS, the median annual pay for school bus drivers is $28,330.

You’d best be excellent with kids if you want this profession; friends who work as bus drivers tell me they’ll put your patience to the test.

However, some drivers also complain about the erratic schedule that consumes their days; you’ll work early mornings and then work a few hours in the afternoon after taking many hours off.

7. Be a Shuttle Driver

This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022.

Shuttle drivers transport passengers from one point to another. For example, depending on your employment, you may drive between the following locations:

driving jobs near me

  • Airports and rental vehicle lots
  • Also, airports and hotels
  • Tourist attractions and hotels
  • Amusement park parking lots and entrance gates
  • Additionally, a resort’s several locations
  • Many shuttles are simply oversized vans, while some are full-sized buses. Others are little electric vehicles, such as the trams I drove for a retirement home.

However, one disadvantage of these occupations is the monotony of driving back and forth on the same route all day. On the other hand, it is likely that this provides for more predictable and safe employment.

8. Specialty Car Haulers

This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me.


There are a few carriers that specialize in transporting high-priced and historic vehicles. The trailers are completely enclosed. It needs a patient driver who is meticulous while handling high-value goods.

9. Dump Truck Driver

A dump truck driver is a professional that drives dump trucks to and from job sites. Also, dump truck drivers are in charge of the removal and delivery of materials, which are typically connected to the construction or demolition of roads, buildings, and other structures.

Employees in this field must have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), which may be earned by completing a written exam and a hands-on driving exam. Salary range: $39,000-$58,000 per year.

10. Mining Industry

Some mining firms that operate those “behemoth dump trucks” pay well for these transportation jobs.

Some mines in Australia, for example, employ drivers who earn $100,000 or more per year.

11. Over the Road Trucking

Over the road (OTR) jobs will pay more because they require long hauls. You’ll be driving across the country, maybe coast to coast, and for extended periods of time.

This means it might be weeks before you see your family again. The concept is that you would earn a higher salary in exchange for sacrificing your home time.

However, before signing up for OTR employment, be cautious and confirm the salary plan with your recruiters.

Many drivers like OTR driving because it allows them to travel across the country and visit many amazing sites. This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022.

12. Be a Chauffeur

The BLS group chauffeurs in with taxi drivers and reports a median annual income of $22,840, although the statistics do not include tips, implying that your earnings might be greater.

driving jobs opportunities near me

According to, the average salary for a chauffeur is $28,000, which apparently does not include tips, assuming any exist.

13. Team Driving

Some teams make a lot of money. They commonly assumed that driving as a team is the quickest and easiest method to become a wealthy truck driver, as well as one of the top paid trucking professions.

The issue with teams is that the drivers frequently suffer from burnout, and while the schedule is legally legal, the drivers are unable to maintain the busy, stressful schedule for long periods of time.

driving jobs

The carrier’s rate of compensation and quantity of miles always sounds attractive. Loading delays and inclement weather, on the other hand, limited team mileage.

If both drivers are husband, and wife pairs, they can perform extremely well. They may live on the road for extended periods of time if required and have no responsibilities to return home.

The performance of a team is determined by a variety of factors, including the capacity of the trucking firm for which they work to properly plan their loads.

14. Be a Taxi Driver

This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me.

Taxi drivers earn more in major cities, but when I applied for the job and performed a ride-along in a smaller town, I discovered that where business is slower, you at least have the luxury of being able to snooze for hours at a time.

Once again, the BLS pay statistics showing a median annual income of $22,840 may understate real earnings since drivers may not record all tips.

Being an Amish taxi driver is an intriguing niche.

15. Hazmat Hauls

Consider hazardous employment if you want to go into tanker transportation. These jobs are hazardous because they involve the transportation of hazardous items such as gas or chemicals.

job opportunities near me

Also, these occupations need a hazardous endorsement on your CDL. The majority of tanker hauls are hazardous materials. Because of the hazardous nature of the haul, these occupations pay exceptionally well.

16. Drive a City Bus

This is one of the highest-paying Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022.

driving jobs opportunities

How much money can you make full-time driving a city bus? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for intercity bus drivers is $38,750, with around 25% earning $48,810 or more.

Large cities with bus driver unions tend to have the greatest jobs. However, according to The Wisconsin State Journal, one bus driver earned $159,258 in one year because of overtime.

17. Deliver Newspapers

I divide newspaper delivery drivers into two categories. Some distribute to specific addresses, while others follow a route that includes filling coin-operated boxes and dropping off bundles of papers for carriers who deliver by foot or bicycle.

The pay for different jobs varies a lot. You’ll almost always be hired as an independent contractor with no benefits, and you’ll be paid a predetermined fee per route or each paper.

On, a search for “newspaper delivery” yields over 1,000 results, with the top item claiming that you may earn $850 to $1,200 per month with a route that takes a couple hours each day.


18. Tow Truck Driver

Your wages as a tow truck driver are determined in part by whether you work as an employee or own the company.

In the latter scenario, your earnings are determined not only by your driving skill but also by how well you promote your services.

job opportunities

You may work as a repossession agent besides hauling automobiles with mechanical issues or those involved in accidents.

Eligibility for High-Paying Truck Driver Positions

More experienced truck drivers are desired and a more complicated skill set is necessary to earn better pay as a truck driver, as opposed to the ordinary truck driver who hauls dry freight loads on a van trailer.

  • Taking more chances – Willing to take more risks. Jobs with a greater level of risk are more dangerous.
  • More responsibility – As the risk level rises, so does the level of liability.
  • Higher skill level – The specialized specialty causes a more complicated skill set.
  • A clean driving record means you have had no accidents or incidents.
  • Driving experience – Companies frequently want more experienced truck drivers with a minimum of 5 years of successful CDL experience and a clean driving record.
  • It required working in a faraway location Working in a distant or sparsely populated region for certain truck driving jobs.
  • If the job causes the driver to live in the region, the cost of living for truckers in that location might be significantly higher.

Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022: The Benefits

This is an area where both men and women may excel. Driving professions, such as trucking, are not only exciting and adventurous, but they also provide a stable future in which your skills will always be in demand.

To drive, you don’t need a degree, but you need powerful abilities and a lot of experience. You’ll need to train and obtain several licenses. It will, however, pay off in the end.

You can make a decent livelihood as a driver (for the most part).

A person with experience may make more than $65,000 per year, and their compensation increases as they get more expertise.

You’ll also be covered for dental, medical, life insurance, vision, and retirement, so you won’t have to worry about your finances in the future.

Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022: Risks

Drivers work long shifts, are behind the wheel for up to 14 hours at a time, consume a lot of coffee, and their schedule makes it difficult for them to eat a balanced diet.

They can’t sleep, they can’t relax, and those hours spent on the highway make it difficult for them to stretch when they want to.

Obesity, chronic joint disease, diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses may develop as a result of a lack of physical exercise. There are also a number of safety risks that pose a significant danger.

Slipping or falling from a high cabin, overturning a highly laden truck owing to a technical breakdown, driving in poor weather, the risk of head-on collisions, and so on.

Hazards such as improperly secured cargo might result in not just accidents, but also penalties if you don’t follow the rules. To prevent everything from being shaken and destroyed, you must tie everything down.

Driving occupations have the sixth-highest rate of work-related fatalities in the United States. Logging incomes first, followed by fishing, airplane flying, roofing, and recyclable material collecting.

5 Dangers of Being a Truck Driver and How to Avoid Them

1. Driving Tired or Distracted

These two groups accounted for 40% of all critical-cause accidents. Getting more sleep or improving attention might have prevented nearly half of the major truck accidents. Need more encouragement to grab some shut-eye?

As you’ve probably seen, driving when sleepy typically results in more inattentive driving.

Dangers of Being a TruckDriver

Even an extra hour of sleep or a few 20-minute power naps may make a significant difference in your ability to make sound judgments on the road and observe all the nuances of the road conditions.

The best thing you can do as a driver is to put your sleep first. Know your limitations and take a break when necessary. If you’re tired, drink some water and take a rest if you can.

2. Driving Too Fast for Conditions

Weather and road conditions have a significant influence on your journey, as all experienced drivers are aware.

There is a great deal of pressure to meet drop timings and maximize your mileage.

It’s easy to convince yourself that speeding up won’t be an issue.

Slowing down and evaluating the situation is far more difficult to persuade oneself of.

Your ability to analyze the road and traffic in order to make safe driving judgments will improve with more experience and time on the road.

3. Always Do a Circle Check

Circle checks are a simple step that may help you save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Sure, taking a 20-minute walk around the block every time may seem inconvenient, but it will save you from far worse difficulties down the line.

A circle check is a pre-departure inspection of your rig to look for any damage or concerns that need to be addressed. Do you want to double-check that you’ve completed all the steps?

To ensure you reach where you need to go with no unexpected maintenance concerns, Smart Trucking offers an excellent basic introduction to the D.O.T. pre-trip inspection.

4. Use Caution on Trailer Decks and Loads

Climbing onto the back of your truck is enticing. After all, you could simply be heading up for a quick fix. It’s simple to apply such logic, but the implications can be disastrous.

Serious injuries might result from a single slip or fall from your rig.

Instead, if at all workable, bring a ladder with you or wait until you have the necessary equipment before climbing.

When driving a flatbed truck, use particular caution on trailer decks and when standing on a cargo.


5. Use the Buddy System for Some Repairs

Getting trapped under a truck is enough to make any CDL driver reconsider his or her decision to drive. Fortunately, it can be avoided.

When pinning up, be really cautious. Some repairs, though, you may feel safe tackling on your own.

A word of advice for the wise. Don’t meddle with the brake chambers unless you’re a qualified mechanic.

Allow a skilled technician to handle any brake chamber issues, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022: Best Websites for Driving Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a career as a new truck driver. Or maybe you’re a CDL driver seeking a job with a firm. These websites feature hundreds of job openings as well as tools to assist you in your job search.


Helping link qualified but hard to find people with truck driving jobs listed by some of the top employers. You may search by driver type, freight type, state/location of operations, company, and more on the website.

There are additional directories for truck stops, driving schools, and businesses on


The simplicity of CDLJobs is one of its best features. The website boldly proclaims that there are no usernames, passwords, or payments associated with using it.

A variety of tools, such as trip planning and a blog with driving advice, is also available on the website.


Dangers of Being a TruckDriver

With job posts from the Army National Guard, Amazon, and Pepsico, JobsInTrucks prides itself on being a leading recruitment website for company drivers of well-established businesses.

The website needs registration but is free for drivers to use; the firm pays to have their job postings published.


The simplicity of TruckerClassifieds is revolutionary: simply input your zip code and all neighboring jobs are displayed immediately. You may then refine your search by load type, driver type, and other factors.

Their website is more than just a job board for truckers; it may also direct you to truck stops, driving schools, and trucking associations.


You may either search ClassADrivers on your own or fill out their E-Z Application, which will submit your resume to all relevant vacancies that match your “driving profile.”

You may also sort by characteristics not seen on other websites, such as driving experience, using manual search.

This filter alone makes ClassADrivers a wonderful beginning point in your quest for alternative employment, whether you have recently got your license or have been driving for years.

6. Driving Job Opportunities Near Me 2022:

HiringDriversNow is a company that specializes in not just hiring semi-truck drivers, but also bus and forklift drivers.

Their website includes a highly extensive advanced search feature, as well as information on certain driver types and a monthly job fair update.

Eighty of the country’s major transportation businesses, including UPS and Knight Transportation, use it.

However, any of the standard job-search websites below can help you locate driving jobs:

Use phrases like “driver,” “driving,” “delivery,” “route driver,” and “chauffeur” in your search. Jobs carrying propane, driving a bus, and different route roles delivering everything from bread to flowers are also common findings.

Dangers of Being a Truck Driver

You’ll find less-common and more fascinating driving jobs if you keep looking.


You have your commercial driver’s license, but you’re not sure where to begin your career. Your company had to downsize and let you go. You despise your current job and desire to work somewhere else.

Whatever your situation, here is a list of trucker employment websites and job boards to get you started.

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