Amusement Parks Near Me 2022 | 35 Best Theme Parks for Kids in the UK

Families will be looking for amusement parks to relax as the school holidays approach. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite theme parks for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Certain theme parks, on the other hand, truly stand out for their locations, which offer a wonderful array of attractions aimed at young children with less courage and resilience.


Amusement Parks Near Me

Why Should I Take my Kids to an Amusement Park?

An entertainment park will be the perfect place to attend to let your children blow off some of the steam that was built during school hours.

Roller coasters on the seashore and twisting slides provide great excitement to big children.

We’re huge children at heart. Therefore, we love to go to theme parks, but with a kid.

Because of the expense of the tickets, going to a theme park with a kindergarten sometimes makes little sense.

Theme parks are great for a fun-filled family day out, but they aren’t always perfect if you have small children who aren’t old enough for the rides.

Then there are the thrilling rollercoasters.

They may be popular with adolescents and older children but are a bit too terrifying for smaller children.

And even if they are courageous enough, they may not be able to ride if they are not tall enough.

The good news is that theme parks have taken notice and are adjusting to cater to toddlers and small children.

As well as incorporating additional elements to make the parks more baby-friendly.

We’re talking about designated spaces, tiny kid-friendly attractions, and soft play areas where they can pass the time.

There are several UK theme parks that are appropriate for toddlers and small children, making them great for your next family outing.

35 Best Amusement Parks Near Me 2022 in the UK

Below are some of the Amusement Parks Near Me 2022:

1. Paultons Park, Hampshire

This is one of the Amusement Parks Near Me 2022

Peppa Pig World is three wonderful words for parents.

Also, Peppa Pig’s Big Balloon Ride, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, and George’s Dinosaur Adventure Ride are among the seven themed rides at Paultons Park devoted to the famous children’s mascot.

Not to mention the addition of two additional rides last year.

There are also lots of meet-and-greet chances for small ones to interact with their favorite characters.

As well as an on-site toy shop if you want to treat them to a souvenir of the day.

Theme park admission includes Peppa Pig World, and someone likewise geared the rest of the park toward smaller children.

2. Alton Towers – Alton, England

This is one of the Amusement Parks Near Me 2022

The Alton Towers is home to some of the world’s deadliest attractions.

Including the world’s first 14-loop rollercoaster and the world’s first freefall drop coaster.

It is sure to scare even the toughest thrill-seekers.

It also caters to children with the singing and dancing CBeebies Land, which features 14 rides, different live performances, and an associated hotel. 

3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This is one of the Amusement Parks Near Me 2022.

This amusement park, popular among tourists to the coastal resort of Blackpool, features attractions such as Nickelodeon Land.

As well as massive rollercoasters such as The Big One and ICON, the UK’s first double-launch rollercoaster that propels riders to heights of 88.5ft.

4. Flambards Theme Park, Cornwall

Flambards Theme Park, Cornwall

This is one of the Amusement Parks Near Me.

The Flambards is in Helston, Cornwall, a child-friendly theme park.

Also, the traditional rides of Ferdi’s Funland, like the teacups, space shuttles, and Pirates, will be loved by families with small ones.

Dinosaur fans may also explore Jurassic Journey dinosaurs, uncover fossils in a Dino Dig, or observe Dino-Nursey’s new arrivals. The Western Train.

5. The Big Sheep, Devon

The Big Sheep, Devon

Big Sheep is a fabulous day out in Devon for children regardless of the weather!

For older children, there are roller coasters plus 12 shows and magnificent outdoor playgrounds, featuring huge jumping pills, twister rides, and scooping areas.

Toddlers are also going to adore Piggy Pull-Along, Tractor Safari, tractors for themselves, pickups, and pedalos!

6. Legoland Windsor Resort, Berkshire

Legoland Windsor Resort, Berkshire

This is one of the Amusement Parks Near Me

Legoland is a leisurely family day out for youngsters under the age of 12 with lots of activities for the entire family.

Pretend to be a giant while strolling through the Mini lands.

Relive your favorite stories at the Fairy Tale Brook, or brazen it out on the dragon-themed rollercoasters and attractions.

For something extra special, book an overnight stay at the Legoland Resort Hotel or Castle Hotel.

They provide a variety of amenities such as live entertainment, themed accommodations, and advantages such as early park admission.

There is a separate Baby Care Centre for mothers and fathers with newborns where they may breastfeed, bottle feed, or change nappies.


7. Diggerland

This is one of the Amusement Parks Near Me.

The Diggerland is the most advanced adventure park experience in which children and adults get the opportunity to ride, operate, and drive REAL diggers, dumpers, and other machinery.

For a great earth-moving day out, visit Diggerland if you dig it!

8. Sandcastle Waterpark

Sandcastle Waterpark

The Sandcastle Waterpark is the ideal indoor playgium for water-loving children, a vital component of Blackpool’s family activities.

Also, Sandcastle provides fun, and excitement for every family member.

It is packed with wave swimming pools and slides, interactive water play, and for older guests, white-knuckle thrill coasters.

9. Lemur Landings

Lemur Landings

Lemur Landings is located at the center of an entertainment complex north of Poole and Bournemouth and gives children an incredible day of indoor soft play.

There’s a unique low-ropes course for children and an LED wall that allows fearless climbers to listen to stories and solve puzzles, heaps of slides, tunnels, and ball pitches.

Including a silent coloring zone.

10. Folly Farm–Pembrokeshire, Wales

Folly Farm–Pembrokeshire, Wales

The Folly Farm is an adventure park and zoo in the Pembrokeshire region.

And it’s a wonderful day out for kids with 50 percent of sights and activities open even when it rains!

Many attractions include the Vintage Funfair, the farm, the zoo, and the stunning indoor and outdoor play facilities for kids at Folly Farm.

11. Gulliver’s Theme Parks

Gulliver's Theme Parks

Theme parks of Gulliver are specifically designed for families, which means that they tailor every tour and attraction for smaller children.

In actuality, no accompanying children are not allowed in the park for groups of adults or solitary adults.

Gulliver’s World Warrington, Kingdom of Gulliver Bath Matlock or Milton Keynes Gulliver Country

There are rollercoasters, water rides, sprinkle areas, and logs.

Everything the bigger children may enjoy in other theme parks, it’s the young ones who have all the pleasure this time.

Too young for today’s rides? The indoor and outdoor spaces are many and may also be enjoyed.

12. The Milky Way Adventure Park

The Milky Way Adventure Park

The Milky Way Adventure Park is the favorite of young families in the vicinity of Clovelly, North Devon.

Furthermore, the park also offers live performances and a soft playroom for kids under five.

As well as the Milky Way Railways, tours, and attractions such as the Cosmic Typhoon, the clone zone, and Time Warp.

13. Sundown Adventureland

Sundown Adventureland

The Sundown Adventureland is a theme park designed for children under the age of ten.

With a combination of indoor activities, theme park rides, and themed outdoor playgrounds.

Allow your children to run wild on a massive outdoor sandpit.

Visit the world’s first singing pet store, or soar through the skies on the backs of some Giddy Piggies.

14. Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

The Thomas Land at Drayton Manor features over 25 rides and activities for fans of The Island of Sodor to enjoy.

Visit Bertie Bus, take Harold’s Helicopter Tour, or experience Cranky’s, Tower Drop.

Toddlers who are looking for a thrill would enjoy riding the Troublesome Trucks on their first rollercoaster.

At Terence’s Driving School, they may also go on a Rocking Bulstrode or learn to operate tractors.

15. Crealy Adventure Park & Resort

Crealy Adventure Park & Resort

There is no shortage of activities for all the family in the Crealy Adventure Park & Resort complete with exciting rides, a multitude of indoor play zones, live concerts, and the Buddy Bear Kingdom.

16. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

From the legendary Big One to the soon-to-open Icon, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has some really thrilling rollercoasters.

For little children and toddlers, though, Nickelodeon Land is the place to go.

Meet Chase and Marshall from PAW Patrol, Spongebob Square Pants, and Patrick, or Dora the Explorer as they explore new countries.

Children under the age of two will be given a free Pleasure Beach Pass to access the park, which includes attractions such as the Chinese Puzzle Maze, Pleasure Beach Express, and Bradley & Bella’s Learning Garden.

17. Sundown Adventureland

Sundown Adventureland

The Sundown Adventureland in Retford is a great place for a fun family day out.

Also, the Angry Birds Activity Park, Rocky Mountain Railroad, and a variety of other rides are all intended particularly for children under the age of 10.

18. Chessington World of Adventures

At Chessington World of Adventures, there are 18 rides for children.

Including the new Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, where you can accompany Mouse on a thrilling riverboat trip through the deep dark wood.

There are also live events, as well as the well-known Chessington Zoo and the Sea Life Centre.

19. Play Factore, Manchester

Play Factore, Manchester

The Play Factore is the UK’s largest indoor play area and is housed in the stunning Beyond Centre (just over the road from the Trafford Centre).

Play Factore features everything under one roof, including a zipline, an indoor football pitch, a multi-level soft play area, and a unique interactive toddler zone.

Race against your family on this short yet exhilarating course on the indoor go-kart track. On the same kart, children, and adults may even race together!

20. Calypso Cove Waterpark

Calypso Cove Waterpark

This pirate-themed indoor waterpark is likely to entice even the most adamant landlubber to return for more.

Calypso Cove is ideal for all sorts of swimmers, with a combination of pools and slides (including a toddler-friendly interactive splash zone)

And the poolside restaurant helps feed and shelter anyone who doesn’t want to get wet.

The wave machine in the main Calypso Cove zone is a must-see for the entire family.

21. Carrbridge, Scotland

Carrbridge, Scotland

The Landmark Forest Adventure Park, located in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, attracts families looking for an action-packed day out.

Also, there is so much for both children and adults to enjoy, from the Wild Water Coaster to a Skydive experience and the Tarzan Trail.

22. Flamingo Land, Malton

 Flamingo Land, Malton

The name Flamingo Land may not appear on a list of the top theme parks in the UK.

But the park has a lot more to offer than just the birds.

There are lions, tigers, and baboons among the many wild creatures here, but the number of rides is amazing.

With a focus on family rides, there are also extreme experiences for the most daring, such as Velocity, which allows you to race superbikes.

If you’re looking for something a little more sedate, there’s the Peter Rabbit Adventure, where you could even run across Peter and Lily!

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23. M&D’s


M&D’s, Scotland’s favorite theme park, would be missing from any ranking of the greatest theme parks in the UK.

This attraction, located in the lovely Strathclyde Country Park, is wonderful whatever the weather.

If it’s not so nice outside, take advantage of the great soft play and Scotland’s first indoor Tropical Rainforest.

24. Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier

Combine a trip to the beach with a stop at Brighton Palace Pier, which offers a variety of family-friendly activities such as arcade games and conventional fairground rides.

Brighton is a fantastic destination to visit all year, so why not try out some of the other activities?

25. WaterWorld Stoke, Staffordshire

WaterWorld Stoke, Staffordshire

Stoke’s Waterworld is a fantastic tropical park in the Midlands!

It’s the perfect way to guarantee your family day out makes a splash, with 30 rides and games, indoor and outdoor zones, and 1 million gallons of water (seriously!).

From the hyper-spinning Space Bowl to the Black Hole, which takes you downward in the dark, fearless family members may enjoy white-knuckle thrills on a variety of slides.

Not to mention The Nucleus, Waterworld’s first Water Rollercoaster with 375 feet of difficulties–are you courageous enough?

Make a beeline for the indoor or outdoor Bubble Pools, or the Lazy River Ride, which is available seasonally, if you’re searching for the perfect place to rest and unwind.

It’s fantastic family fun whatever the weather, including rapids, wave pools, and a water assault course!

There’s no better location to expose your kids to the delights of water rides than here!

Your daredevils are simply itching to be let go.

26. Coral Reef, Bracknell

Coral Reef, Bracknell

The Coral Reef Bracknell’s Water World is back and better than ever after a massive makeover, boasting not one, not two, but five rollicking waterslides.

Do you think your band of salty sea dogs has what it takes to take on The Canon?

Prepare to be flushed down a 67-meter drop at extremely fast speeds!

Families with children under the age of five may paddle past the pirate ship, duck beneath the water cannons, and rest in the Little Corals Toddlers’ Pools on the other hand.

They’ve been created with lots of room for your little ones to play.

Rides that can be customized.

With a variety of sound presentations and lighting effects, the Storm Chaser replicates the thrill of the open sea and lets each new shipmate pick their own journey.

27. Sandcastle Waterpark, Lancashire

Sandcastle Waterpark, Lancashire

Where more would you discover dragons, vestiges of Aztecs, and a mountain range of rivers?

There is also one of the largest indoor water parks in Britain, with over 18 rides and attractions.

The sandcastle features Water Park.

Scale the temple of the Aztec Falls to bring you to the darkness and/or run to the bottom of two dragon slides, where a startling fall will unload the winner’s scaly creatures!

The entire park is accessible by wheelchair and you may take swimmers to the calm shimmering shallows for the first time.

28. The LC Swansea, Glamorgan, and Cardiff

The LC Swansea, Glamorgan, and Cardiff

Hang ten at The LC Swansea, where slides, whirlpools, and a four-story play zone are only surpassed by their slick surfing simulator.

After donning a safety helmet, children may saddle their faithful horse, called the surfboard, and attempt to ride a frothy crest of a wave.

Depending on their skill level, they can ride on their tummies or stand upright and surf like a real-life beach bum; it’s more difficult than it appears but is a lot of fun.

Then there’s the lazy river slide, a wave machine, and an aquatic maze filled with bridges and ball pits for the little ones.

That surfboard simulator has to be the best for it.

After scouring the many indoor water parks in the UK – of which there were many.

29. Dunes Splash World, Merseyside

Dunes Splash World, Merseyside

Dunes Splash World on the Merseyside coast transports you to the tropics.

There are four flumes with various levels of danger, such as the Speed Freak Flume Ride.

It’s a really fast number, as the name implies, that zips the rider through corners while striving to break the record.

The Family Fun Flume Ride is milder, with a light-up show and a misted tube to ride through.

Tiny tots may take a swimming lesson or tip buckets in the toddler pool – just remember to high-five Murtle the Turtle, who is frequently spotted taking a dip.

It’s ideal for their ‘Quiet Night’ sessions.

The Aiming High team created them for children and young people with impairments.

30. Blue Lagoon Water Park, Pembrokeshire

Blue Lagoon Water Park, Pembrokeshire

A trip to the Blue Lagoon Water Park in Wales will transport you to the Welsh countryside.

Along with the flumes, the setting offers a variety of highly realistic elements, such as the famed wave pool with six distinct wave patterns and boiling geysers beneath the water.

They’ve even created an indoor beach that’s unlike anything you’ll find in the UK, with no dirt in every nook and corner.

Result! Tour the seven seas with an open-top ride on The Falls, which stops outside the structure for a brief period before reentering and dumping you into the plunge pool!

The best for its environmental qualities.

The water is heated entirely by biomass fuel, and it is said to be the UK’s only water park.

31. Leyton Leisure Lagoon, Greater London

Leyton Leisure Lagoon, Greater London

The Leyton Leisure Lagoon. If you feel it is time to treat your family to a memorable day, nothing is more thrilling than touring one of Britain’s greatest theme parks!

A day at the theme park is exciting for everybody, from major thrills to tiny coasters.

Moreover, our selections of Britain’s finest theme parks provide more than simply coasters – water fun, exotic animals, and train rides are only the start.

32. Land of the Living Dinosaurs, Worcestershire

Land of the Living Dinosaurs, Worcestershire

West Midland Safari Park will transport you back in time to the Land of the Living Dinosaurs.

You’ll get to meet a variety of animatronic dinosaurs and don’t miss out on the opportunity to dig for your own fossils at the Dino Dig.

33. The National ShowCaves Centre for Wales

The National ShowCaves Centre for Wales

The National ShowCaves Centre for Wales, with over 220 spectacular life-size models, must be on your itinerary for a roarsome day out.

Will you have the guts to take on the fearsome T-Rex?

34. Lagan Valley Leisure Plex, Northern Ireland

Lagan Valley Leisure Plex, Northern Ireland

Whether you want high-octane thrills or prefer to take it easy, Lagan Valley LeisurePlex has something for everyone.

From adrenaline-pumping speeding water slides to a relaxing lazy river and beautiful waterfalls to bathe under, this incredible indoor water park has it all.

There’s also a dedicated kids’ section with plenty of activities. What a find!

35. Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey

Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey

The park bills itself as the nation’s “thrill capital,” and it is not for the faint of heart.

Also, the “unholy trinity” of rides includes Stealth, one of Europe’s fastest rollercoasters at 0-80mph in under two seconds.

Colossus, the world’s first 10-looping rollercoaster; and the 4.5 G-force of Nemesis Inferno.

Are you still alive? For those 12 and above, there’s Saw–The Ride, a terrifying vertical drop, and Saw Alive, a live horror maze based on the horrific flicks.

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Theme parks and play areas for younger children abound in England, with everything from ball pits and wave pools to sandpits and merry-go-rounds.

There are plenty of thrills for big kids, including Oblivion’s steep vertical drop and Air’s windswept excitement, as well as pre-teen favorites like Congo River Rapids.

Little ones, meanwhile, have their own Cloud Cuckoo Land. Other attractions include a Sea Life Center and a good water park.

Loved our list of the best Amusement Parks Near Me in 2022 but your kids are too young for some of the rides? Visit one of the top theme parks for kids here

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