Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy (+70 Prayers)

There are only a few moments in life that are as exhilarating as the moment you become a father and such moments deserve many Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy.  All of a sudden, you have this tiny new child who is completely attached to you, and it can be both scary and wonderful all at the same time.

Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy (+70 Prayers)

There are a lot of things to say to someone who has just become a new father, but what should you say?

To assist you get started, we have compiled this list of over 130 congratulations messages for you to use to send congratulations to someone who just became a new dad! Feel free to use them as is, or as ideas to motivate your own thoughts.

Congratulations on Becoming a Father Messages

See the best Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for your card.

  1. “Big congratulations! This is such great news. You must be loving spending time with your little angel.  We will try to make it over there soon.  Congratulations daddy!”.
  2. “Your baby is going to be so lucky to have a dad like you. Enjoy your happy family, being a dad is so much fun!”
  3. “Welcome to the wonderful world of fatherhood!  It’s a whole new adventure, scary at first, but once you know what you’re doing. it’s amazing!  Enjoy that sweet smile, she will have you wrapped around her little finger in no time”.
  4. “Congratulations on becoming a father!  It is a truly amazing feeling to know that your family is now complete.  I wish your new baby a healthy life filled with nothing but happiness and joy”

Message for New Dad

Here are some Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for new dads.

  1. “Hey, new dad!  Congratulations on your new arrival!  As you embark on this new journey, there are a few things you should know..  First of all, don’t be afraid to ask for help, a new addition can be overwhelming at times.  Secondly, enjoy every moment, because they grow up too fast.  
  2. ” Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!”
  3. “Congratulations on becoming a new parent! I’m so excited for you.”
  4. Welcoming a baby into this world is such an exciting time.  Best wishes and congratulations on becoming a new father! Fatherhood is an awesome responsibility.  With your hectic schedule with your new job,  finding the time to take care of a new baby can be challenging.  If you need anything at all, please pick up the phone, we love you guys.  
  5. You must have received lots of congratulations messages.  We are so thrilled for you and your wife.  This baby is a welcome addition to your beautiful family.
  6. “Enjoy this exciting time in your life.  You must be loving being a first time dad.  Your family deserves all the happiness”.

How to Congratulate a New Father?

Keep these Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for new dads in mind.

  1. “Congratulations to you and your wife. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.”
  2. “Parenthood is a rewarding phase. May you cherish each and every moment of it with your baby boy.  Enjoy your amazing family, we are so thrilled for you guys”.
  3. “Get ready to embark on this magical journey of parenthood!”
  4. “Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy.  Now, you’ll get to wake up to his innocent smile… or cries” 
  5. “Congratulations on having a brand new miracle to call your own!”
  6. “Your baby has the coolest dad in town, no doubt.  I know you will be a loving first time dad!” 
  7. “Congratulations on your new arrival.  It’s a wild ride, and you’re in for some surprises!  As you adjust to life as a family of three, remember to get lots of sleep, slow down and be present with your new family.  We’re here if you need us!”

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What Do You Say to a New Dad?

More ideas on Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for your gift card.

  1. “Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived! Don’t forget to savor every moment with him and take pictures!” 
  2. “Your home is about to become a little busier with your little one. Once again, congrats!”
  3. “Best of luck with changing diapers and getting very little sleep.  You are now a DAD!” 
  4. “There is nothing sweeter than the smell of your baby’s breath and feeling her gentle kisses. May God bless you and your family!”
  5. “Congratulations, my friend! May the arrival of your baby bring a new and wonderful exciting adventure to you and your family.”
  6. It’s amazing how becoming a new father can make you feel so many things at once!  You’re elated, exhausted, anxious and overjoyed all in the span of a few hours!  Best wishes to you and your wife, we’re so happy for you both!
Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy (+70 Prayers)

Congratulations Message for New Father

Useful samples of Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for social media posts.

  1. “Say ‘Hi’ to the new member of your family! We couldn’t be happier for you.”
  2. “Congratulations on your newfound role as a Father! Looking forward to meet your little bundle of joy.”
  3. “The birth of your child is the best news I’ve heard in days. Having a child is something that changes you indefinitely, but I know that you’ll be a great parent!”
  4. “I wish you and your baby healthy and happy adventures through life!”
  5. “You family is now complete with your newest baby.  Congratulations!”
  6. “Sending you and your baby lots of love and well-wishes! Can’t wait to see you both soon.”
  7. “Congratulations, buddy! May the newest arrival bring you immense joy!”
  8. “We are so excited to hear about your baby’s arrival. What amazing news!”

How Do You Congratulate a New Father?

  1. “Congratulations to the proud parents! So incredibly happy for you two”
  2. “We welcome your dear child to the world with love.”
  3. “I can’t believe you’re a father now… Congrats on the birth of your little one, he looks like a mini you!” 
  4. “Your baby is finally here, and you are finally a new father! Sending lots of love your way.” 
  5. “You both really created a little miracle. Congratulations on being new parents!”
  6. “Congratulations! Believe me when I say that the tiniest feet make the biggest footprints in your heart.”
  7. “Isn’t it funny that such a little person can take up so much space in our hearts? So excited for you to feel all the joy of parenthood.”

Congratulations to the Father of a Baby Boy

  1. “Knowing you, I know that your baby will be so loved… Even I’m jealous!”
  2. “Sleepless nights are more than worth it when it’s for your little one. Again, congratulations and I wish you all the best!” 
  3. “Warning: when I finally get to meet your little baby, I’ll shower her with thousands of hugs and kisses!” 
  4. You are so blessed to be a new father, to have welcomed a new member to your family in these challenging times. May God shine His light on her as she grows up!
  5. I wish you the greatest success on your new phase of life, fatherhood. Fatherhood is a huge responsibility… It requires love, patience, and, above all else, time. Yet, there is no joy that compares to that of raising a child. From father to father, I wish you nothing but the best! 
  6. Congratulations on becoming a new parent! Your life will now be filled with a new and greater purpose. True, there will be diapers to change, midnight crying fits, and, soon enough, the terrible twos…but, you will love it all.  
  7. Best wishes to you as a new father. There will be difficult moments ahead, but may you cherish more than anything all the joy fatherhood brings: from holding your new baby in your arms, to seeing his first smile, to hearing his unforgettable first words.   
  8. My friend, a big congratulations is in order. Here’s to a blessed future for you and your baby daughter! May she grow up to be happy, content, and full of energy. Furthermore, may she always have a positive outlook towards life. Cheers! 
  9. Congratulations! You are about to embark on every man’s greatest journey in life: fatherhood. As a new father, this journey begins the moment you take that pink, beautiful bundle into your arms.  You will do anything and everything to protect her and keep her safe.  Having a daughter will keep you up late at night for the rest of your life.  Welcome to fatherhood!

How to Congratulate a New Dad

Here are some Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for new dads.

  1. It is an unbelievable experience to become a father for the first time. I pray that you’ll experience fantastic and memorable times with your little one, and may he grow up to be the kind of man that you are!
  2. Being a dad is not easy… but it still is the best job you will ever have!
  3. Despite the hectic moments that come with parenthood, I hope that you’ll enjoy all the blissful moments that will come your way. Embrace your baby and raise her to be a wonderful young lady. 
  4. Congrats, new papa! May your baby have a happy and healthy life in the future.
  5. There is no better feeling in the world than having your kid in your arms for the very first time. Congratulations and all the best for you! 
  6. I believe that a child is one of God’s greatest blessings, but with that blessing also comes a ton of responsibility!
  7. No feeling can be compared to the one that you get when you see your baby for the first time!  I’m so happy for you, bud.  
  8. I wish you all the best as a new daddy, but I know in my gut that you’ll be a terrific father figure. 
  9. I’m so happy to see that you’ve been blessed with a beautiful little baby. Sending you and your entire family my best and heartfelt wishes, hun!
Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy (+70 Prayers)

Congratulations Message for New Father

See the best Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for your card.

  1. As your close friend, I admire you for deciding to take on this new journey. I hope that it will fulfil your heart in the best way! 
  2. Being the mother of our first child, I would like to congratulate you for putting up with me for the last few months… also, so excited to go on this journey with you.  
  3. As a father, you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams: sure, your kid could be challenging at times, but you will soon find the beauty in everything. We all love you and are very happy for you. 
  4. Congratulations on the birth of your little baby girl! You might be young as a father, but you are also the bravest, most sincere and responsible man I know… you’ll be an amazing father. 
  5. You have always been a good man, so we all hope that the arrival of the new baby will make you become an even better one… for you and for her. Best wishes and congratulations! 
  6. God has gifted you with a gorgeous baby, so congratulations! You should be excited for the wonderful years ahead as a dad!  
  7. Finally, I’m not the only father in the room! Congratulations, buddy. May your home be blessed with nothing but jolliness and laughter!
  8. Taking on the role of a father is not easy, let alone living as one… but it is also one of the most fulfilling roles you could possibly have. I hope to hear many cute stories about your baby soon!  
  9. Congratulations on becoming a father to a handsome and healthy baby boy! I hope that you and your family will have more sweet, unforgettable moments courtesy of him. 
  10. I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be an extraordinary father!  Welcome to the club!

Congratulations Message to Dad

Saying congratulations to a new dad has never been made so simple.

  1. Congratulations! I know it’s chaotic right now, but I want you to know that I’ll be here to support you.
  2. Congratulations! You have been given a great gift. The Lord has entrusted a precious gift for you to love, hold, raise, and to share your best moments with. I’m truly overjoyed for you. 
  3. Let’s raise a glass to [name]! My friend, your life will never be the same again now that you’re a father!  You will unquestionably be the coolest dad in the world.
  4. Congratulations on your new and coveted status as a father! There is nothing more peaceful in the world than to see and feel your baby sleeping in your arms. The sun shines brighter and all of the troubles in this world seem to vanish in that magical moment. 
  5. You’ve worked so hard this past year, you deserve more smiles, more laughter, more joy… and the little one will bring you the biggest joy of all. Major congratulations to the new dad-to-be!

New Father Wishes

Keep these Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy for new dads in mind.

  1. I am so happy to hear that you’re now a dad. I’m sure your baby will grow as smart and as handsome as you are. Also, I can’t wait to see and cuddle your son. When the challenges or fatherhood become too overwhelming, do remember that I am just a phone call away. Congrats again! 
  2. The long wait is over, and you’re now finally a dad! Congratulations! I wish you, your wife, and your babies happiness, good health, and success.
  3. Hey, bro! I just learned from my sister that you just got promoted to fatherhood. Congratulations! I know that the challenges that come with it have got nothing on my man. We should talk soon!
  4. Congratulations on the baby, man! I hope you got lots of sleep in the previous months. You won’t be getting much of that in the next few months… but, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to call me, OK? I am so happy for you. This isn’t mission impossible… the man I know can conquer anything.
  5. I heard the great news! A new boy in the family is a great blessing to everybody. Congrats and greetings to your family!

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Congratulation Messages on Becoming a Daddy (+70 Prayers)

To Round Up

These are the best messages to use during felicitations with a man welcoming a baby. I hope our sample collections help you in locating the most appropriate for your message card. Enjoy!

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