Get Paid Online for Every Phone Calls You Make 2022

– Get Paid Online for Every Phone Calls –

If you like having conversations on the phone with people and you don’t mind making a phone call! Well, there are quite a few options where you can make extra cash. When you’re good enough, some sales jobs can pay up to six figures.

Get Paid Online for Every Phone Calls You Make 2022

Get Paid Online to Make Phone Calls


There are so many online companies that still recruit people to work online. But the problem is that some of these companies only hire individuals once in a while.

Right now, this premium job search engine combs through almost every job listing known to man. And also, breaks down the job possibilities at home.

If you want to work 15 hours a week or you don’t have any experience, there’s something for you. Plus, any job you see is a remote opportunity, which literally means that there is no commute.

FlexJobs operates in the same way, just like Yes and SimplyHired, except that they only list remote job opportunities.

The website now charges a couple of dollars a month, but this charge is used to ensure that anything you see on your work board is 100 % genuine.

You’re not going to find some fast rich framework or some garbage product that’s all hot air. Any job you see will earn you money every week. Once you find a job, you can always cancel it.


ARC Consulting is always on the lookout for “exceptional individuals to represent their company,” according to the official website.

Their company offers telephone mystery shopping, customer service surveys and calls for competitor research. All of which are carried out by their independent contractor team.

It seems like you can work a number of hours and schedules if you are interested. Many of which occur during the weekend and evening.

If you’re looking for a few extra dollars as a parent, a student, or a disabled adult then you feel like you might benefit from this opportunity.

Blue Zebra

As they are a virtual appointment setting service, all Blue Zebra employees work from home. All you would be expected to do if you were to get accepted is make appointments as well as cold call other businesses to try to encourage them to meet with a company representative.

If the idea of cold calling or even making appointments for others does not matter to you, then you can apply through the link. The company asks you to complete an application as well as to attach your resume.

They ask that you have at least five years of cold calling experience as well as proficiency in some sales software, unlike many of these choices that do not require experience.

Other requirements are mentioned, all of which you can find via the link above.

Lastly, this isn’t a freelance opportunity, either, as the company does ask you to commit up to 40 hours a week, generally 8 a.m. until 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.


If you are at least 18 years old and have no experience, then this is one of the best choices on this list, as you can get started pretty quickly.

Free International Calls

Plus, it’s versatile, ensuring that whenever you want to do so, you can work. It is not treated as a part-time or full-time job. Rather, as a way here and there to earn a few bucks.

The company will pay you a flat $5 for what is known as a telephone mystery shop for any call you make. In order to get paid, they will give you all the details you need to do and what they need from you.

In short, you will usually ask a few questions and then, once you’re finished, fill out a small feedback form.

The payment is sent out through PayPal once a week, and they are quite a few positive reviews online, so here you should be in good hands.

All they ask is that you complete the following form through the connection below and wait for a reply to apply for the work. Again, no experience is needed, nor is a background check, providing almost anyone with a great opportunity.


Amazon MTURK

Amazon MTURK is a great platform for you to choose whenever you want to work. Only log in and choose the tasks that are of interest.

In short, variety of tasks can be performed, most of which only takes seconds to execute. Although they just pay $0.01 each to $0.25, when you get the hang of the scheme, they add up. Some people make $1,000 a month on a part-time basis.

Nonetheless, there are always some jobs, some of which pay crap while others pay pretty decent.  It’s really up to you to decide which option will work best for you.


If the idea of cold calling on your own time and earning a heavy commission if you become good at it does not matter to you, then this business might be one to consider.

You can make calls for several businesses with Upcall and will receive heavy bonuses and tips from the activists for whom you work. Again, only if you want to hard-sell strangers on the phone is ideal.

Applying only takes five minutes, according to the official website, and we accept most individuals within a few days. Then you can start practicing and cold calling immediately at your own rate after you’re accepted.

As well as being available during business hours, you only need a laptop with a computer speaker and microphone. At this time, they are available to US-based callers only.

Working Solutions

The Working Solutions Job Board will find several remote opportunities for you, similar to FlexJobs, many of which enable you to make phone calls from home.

Safety on Letgo

There aren’t as many positions listed on this website as FlexJobs, but there are typically quite a few that may pique your interest. Follow the link to see what jobs are active as of today.

Again, it works no differently than a job board. If you’re interested, click on the link inside the job description for more information as well as how to apply.

Yardi Matrix

This company operates seasonally, so you will not always see an opening for a position. However, no matter what time of year you click on the page, they will let you know when the next survey begins.

Operating in the real estate sector, the organization allows individuals to make calls, perform a survey, and typically ask basic apartment questions. In a way, it is almost like mystery shopping.

Even if you land the gig, it only lasts about eight weeks, but they may hire you again for future work.

Perception Strategies

They are a mystery shopping company that allows you to conduct a range of jobs at your own convenience, from directly visiting a store to calling over the internet. They are very large and have a steady supply of jobs.

It will be your work, mainly in the healthcare industry, to call different healthcare providers and determine how the customer service handles you.

Ultimately, you can submit a comprehensive report, taking up to 20 minutes to complete the average work. Reports say you can do a job for up to $15 +.

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Reality Based Group

A range of mystery shopping jobs is created by the Reality Based Community, including a lot of calling jobs as well.

In this specific case, your job is to call a company on a list and ask a few questions. And also, report back on the things they have said.

Before the phone call even starts, you will already have a checklist as to what you should look for and what you should ask.

Most jobs pay a few dollars each and allow you to work whenever you please.


This is another mystery shopping gig, where, according to the job description, you will be asked to use your own phone to make calls and ask questions.

As they will not refund the payments, you are asked to have an unlimited phone plan. As they prefer to provide a select number of jobs here and there, this opportunity can only be seen as a temporary gig.


Confero is another major mystery shopping company offering a lot of jobs at home that you can operate at your own rate.

Calls can be documented or not documented by using their website, but you would need to ask a set of questions as well as write a report at the end to ensure you get paid. It’s not that difficult, trust me on this one.

Another great option is if you like the idea of mystery shopping and don’t mind working at your own pace.

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