281+ Butter Quotes and Captions for Instagram You’ll Want to Use

Butter Captions are easy ways to show off any new butter-related recipes you’ve discovered. They are a must-have in every kitchen, and you can use these butter captions to increase your visibility on Instagram.

butter captions

Butter Captions and Quotes

Butter is a staple constituent in many of our favorite dishes, particularly bread, cookies, cakes, pies, and even as a spread.

Although overeating butter can harm your health, you can’t deny that any dish made with butter is almost irresistible.

It is an essential flavor in any culinary adventure.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect quotes, captions, or hashtags to catch the attention of other butter lovers, we’ve got you covered.

These captions would also work well as greeting card quotes for a basket or hamper of pastries for a loved one. 

Our butter captions will help you find the perfect one-liner to go with your butter-inspired creation.


Interesting Butter Quotes

1. Life is like butter. When things cool down, they can be reshaped.

2. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich are better than bad sex.

3. Free speech is not to be regulated like diseased cattle and impure butter

4. Life is too short not to have pasta, steak, and butter.

5. I don’t always have the best eating habits. I like butter and ice cream.

6. If you can’t control your peanut butter, you can’t expect to control your life.

7. If you’re afraid of butter, as many people are nowadays, just put in cream!

8. Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years pass.

9. Unbuttered toast is a substance half complete, and to be forced to eat it in that state is enough to feel deprived.

10. Honest bread is very okay – it’s the butter that makes the temptation.

11. I shouldn’t think even millionaires could eat anything nicer than new bread and real butter and honey for tea.

12. Chicken nuggets dipped in melted butter are the bomb!

13. I drizzle everything with melted butter.

14. It’s Butter time!

15. Butter is our kitchen superhero.

16. I can live my day with a stick of butter and some toast.

17. I’m out of butter. It’s going to be a sad day.

18. Even my dog likes butter!

19. Butter on dishes makes everything taste better.

20. Finger-licking butter!

21. Why does melted butter smell so sweet?

22. Melted butter and unrequited love.

23. I love being healthy. But I just can’t stand unsalted butter.

24. Unsalted butter is a sin against the Holy Ghost.

25. I put cocoa butter all over my face and my iconic belly and my arms and legs. Why live rough? Live smooth.

butter captions

Smooth Butter Captions

1. Yay, butter!

2. Butter makes every sandwich a masterpiece.  

3. Don’t confuse butter and margarine.

4. Butter my day.

5. My heart melts like butter when I see you.

6. One butter to rule them all.

7. This is the butter hub.

8. Butter is ambrosia.

9. Butter fills gaps.

10. Whoever discovered butter is a genius.

11. Butter makes the world go round.

12. If you have the chance to grab a stick of butter, do it!

13. Just butter it.

14. Butter is my therapy.

15. Life isn’t life without real butter.

16.  I eat my butter with a side of butter.

17. Everybody loves butter

18. Butter is the answer to life’s entire problem.

19. Did someone say butter?

20. Life means more with butter.

21.  No butter, no me.

22. Way to my heart: feed me butter.

23. Butter goes with everything.

24. Butter is aptly glorified milk.

25. There are some facets of Krishna, like his image as a butter thief.

26. My food demons are Chinese food, sugar, and butter.

27. Butter is love in emulsified form.

28. I love it buttered.

29. Don’t start the day without butter and toast.

30. Butter is a big blow to margarine.

31. I just wish there were more butter flavors.

32. Melt my heart like butter.

33. I’m making butter the core of culinary art.

34. Hard work is my bread and butter.

35. The butter of success is hard work.

36. I wish I had an unlimited supply of butter.

37. Respect the humble cow; they produce the milk that is used to create butter.

38. Without salt, pepper, and butter, life is too bland.

39. Chocolate spread and peanut butter are an excellent combo.

40. I don’t mind getting messy with butter.


Funny Butter Puns

We’re butter together!

2. You’re my butter half.

3. A small margarine of error.

4. Feel butter soon!

5. There are bad days. And there are butter days.

6. There’s a butter way.

7. You butter eat everything on your plate.

8. It’s a buttery-operated oven temperature.

9. That’s my secret butter recipe. Don’t spread it.

10. There’s nothing butter than these cookies.

11. I threw that stick of butter to see if it would butterfly.

12. Ghost butter – what spirits use on their toast.

13. Churn around!

14. I don’t like to spread rumors. I butter keep quiet.

15. You’re so great in bread.

16. You butter back off, pal.

17. Did you hear the joke about the butter? Well, I’m not going to spread it.

 18. I can’t stop making jokes about butter. I’m on a roll now.

19. Spread butter, not diseases.

20. I wrote the recipe on my dairy.

21. Butter takes a long time to make because it has to wait for its churn.

22. This recipe has no margarine for error.

23. That butter is on a winning streak! It’s on a roll!

24. Are you nuts?

25. These new butter knives are selling like hotcakes and are becoming widespread.

26. It’s e-churn-ity in outer space.

27. Butter the batter!

28. The roller coaster made the butter’s stomach churn.

29. That cow was becoming restless, so you butter milk it fast!

30. The world is a butter place with Mom around.

Instagram Captions

Butter is heaven.

2. Butter guru.

3. Butter obsessed.

4. Blessed with butter.

5. Butter addict.

6. Live, love, butter.

7. Butter vibes.

8. Butter life.

9. Life is better with butter.

10. Butter is king.

11. Queen of butter

12. Don’t use oil.

13. Ditch the lotion.

14. Becoming toast!

15. Body butter

16. Don’t eat body butter

17. Perfect combo

18. Smooth life

19. Sandwich spread.

20. Butter addict here.

21. Butter baker

22. Beyond beautiful

23. Peanut butter

24. Unsalted

25. Butter knife

26. Popcorn

27. Butterscotch

28. Butter cups

29. No fat butter

30. Buttered

Butter Hashtags





























Body Butter Captions

1. Absolutely stunning body!

2. Get rid of the lotion. Choose body butter.

3. Body butter makes my skin soft and smooth.

4. Use body butter to smooth the skin.

5. Using body butter to hydrate my skin.

6. Do not eat the body butter!

7. Delectable butter for your body.

8. Whoever heard of toasting?

9. Body butter soothes sunburned skin.

10. When I go to the beach, I always bring a small jar of body butter with me.

11. This body butter is fantastic!

12. Every movement feels silky. This body butter is phenomenal.

13. Using high-quality body butter feels sexy and luxurious.

14. This body butter isn’t greasy or thick.

15. The combination of my body butter and the Mediterranean sun is ideal.

16. You can’t eat body butter!

17. Body butter is heavenly for your skin.

18. Use body butter to soften and smooth rough skin.

19. Body butter makes my muscles shine brighter.

20. Body butter makes my skin glow.

21. I’ve never used lotion again since discovering the wonders of buddy butter.

22. If only this body butter could be used as a sandwich spread.

23. Body butter is the best solution for dry skin.

24. This body butter has eliminated scaly, flaky skin.

25. Is there unsalted body butter

26. Body butter addict here.

27. I don’t need to be attractive. I only require body butter.

28. Body butter rules my dressing table.

29. Gliding like a pair of well-buttered wheels

30. Living a soft life with body butter.


Final Words

Use these butter captions to showcase your abilities and link up with other butter enthusiasts.

In terms of cooking with butter, there are still many uncharted territories.

Share your recipes and learn from others about more creative ways to use butter to make your audience crave it.

Don’t forget to take shots from unusual angles to highlight the appealing qualities of your kitchen creations.

Above all, remember to have fun while eating responsibly.

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