5 Creative Ways for Using Slack for Personal Use

Slack is often associated with workplace communication, but did you realize that using slack for personal tasks can be very helpful?

using slack for work

Slack is becoming a  well-liked application for businesses, online communities, and groups of all sizes to chat.

Using Slack as a business tool to communicate amongst teams more directly about particular projects, or simply for fun on more social channels is now trendy.

The Full Meaning of Slack

It is an acronym that stands for Searchable Log of All Knowledge and Communication.This acronym was afterward created to fit the term, making it a backronym.
Slack’s original meaning is therefore a name. It is a messaging app that was created in Vancouver, Canada, in 2012.
Slack started out as an internal tool for Stewart Butterfield’s business when an online game was being developed. It went live in August 2013. 

Why You Should Use Slack

The global pandemic accelerated the trend toward remote work by forcing many people to do so.

Millions of people’s abrupt transition to remote work put more pressure on teams to maintain alignment, feel connected, and complete tasks. 

It was created specifically to facilitate quick access to information, efficient teamwork, and save time.

1. Your New Team Member

Interestingly, the app is the perfect collaboration tool that unites everyone in one location and increases productivity (with the help of a few clever tricks).

 It interacts with your other tools, makes it simple for you to upload files, and frees up space in your inbox for more official correspondence.

However, businesses have proven they can succeed without a physical office space by going all-in on digital with the aid of tools like Slack.

Given how popular it has become for remote work, CRM behemoth Salesforce spent a whopping $27.7 billion to acquire it in December.

2. Setting up Your Workspace

Usind slack

After setting up your workspace and any desired channels, you can visit the app directory, which offers a wide selection of useful and productive apps and integrations that will assist you in your work.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to help you easily set up your workspace

  • Install the app on your computer and mobile device.
  • By providing your email address and pressing Continue, you can create a profile. However, you have the option of moving further with Apple or Google.
  • A confirmation number will then be sent to your email.
  • Create a workspace and enter the code.
  • After that, just enter your information to begin.

5 Creative Ways for Using Slack

1. Setting Reminders

Set reminders using the Slackbot to be informed of your current responsibilities.

Your personal built-in robot for handling documents, creating reminders, and taking notes is called Slackbot.

2. Create a to-do List

The most obvious item on this list is the to-do list, which is also very important.

 Slack allows you to enter and handle daily activities, including both personal and professional ones.

You will enjoy using checklist-style to-do lists and occasionally also utilize the #random channel.

You may use different tools to organize your to-do list. Use checklist-style to-dos to keep track of all your reading and research lists, and manage your weekly activities and to-do items without leaving Slack.

3. Slack Channels

Interestingly, you are free to create as many channels as you want based on your hobbies or the projects you are working on in addition to the standard #general and #random channels.

 Channels like #stocks, #tobinge (for movies, TV series, and nearby restaurants), and #music (bookmark your favorite music).

 Also, professional channels, including #ideas, #html, and #webdesign. These channels are made to maintain track of your ongoing projects.

‍4. Automate Tedious Daily Tasks

Backend infrastructures for many apps rely heavily on integration bots that call APIs. 

You can integrate Slack with IFTTT and a variety of other apps using services like Zapier and IFTTT to create your own unique workflow. 

5. Random Number Generator

This is a less obvious addition to the list but a very fascinating perspective.

The slack bot is your friend in the Slack workplace and helps you with a wide range of tasks, including document maintenance, setting reminders, and much more.

Additionally, the Slack bot even allows you to create unique responses. Click Slackbot under “configure channel” in the settings to customize your Slackbot.

Next, configure the channel’s automatic reactions to messages. 

Five Functional Ways of Using Slack in Your Team

slack use

1. Photoshelter +Slack Integration

You presumably use Slack all day long to collaborate, discuss, and talk with your coworkers.

Slack enables you to receive instant notifications when new content is added to your media library when you connect PhotoShelter and Slack.

Content will be moved more quickly, increasing the visibility of the work of your creative team among all of your company’s employees, and helping your team save time by directing them to the most recent media library content.

2. Channels

When it comes to having open communication in your workplace, public channels in your Slack community are crucial.

These are the channels that promote regular team connection and communication, almost like you’re turning around in your office chair to converse with a coworker.

Additionally, Private channels are more like exchanging ideas in a segregated conference room when it comes to communication.

There will be a variety of talks and well-organized project management if a variety of channels are set up for the appropriate teams and themes.

3. The Power of Search

Slack’s search function is a powerful tool. 

Also, Slack is a collection of all the knowledge in your community, all of their chats, and everything they’re discussing, so use it! If you’re just entering a community, go in there and check what people are talking about.

There are a ton of filter options available inside Slack’s search functionality.

However, you may narrow down your options while you search by using their helpful browsers, which will help you locate exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Notification

Ensure your notifications are useful to you. You can mute channels, set channel-specific settings, or leave/archive channels to clean your workspace if messages are disturbing you.

Additionally, you can modify your notifications. Setting up keywords allows you to receive fresh messages each time one of your chosen words is spoken in a public channel.

Using @mentions, you can draw attention to critical messages and tag specific individuals (select their name after typing the “@” key to contact them directly).

5. The Fun Tricks

Slack offers several options for you to express your creativity and send humorous messages to your coworkers.

However, if you’re running a live webinar, you might want the participants to respond with animated gifs or take a poll. You can have fun with it and make these communication techniques more interesting.


Meanwhile, the nicest thing about Slack is that you can use the free version, but you can only add 10 third-party apps and can only view the most recent 10,000 messages.

Start with the free plan on Slack and upgrade to a paying one if all goes according to plan.

Furthermore, to get the most out of your private Slack workplace, you must keep everything organized and current.

Frequently Asked Question

An informal, user-friendly method of communication is Slack. This makes it more appropriate than Gmail for informal conversation-style texts and inside-company messaging.

Slack is a business chat platform that links users to the data they require. Slack changes how businesses communicate by uniting employees to work as a single cohesive team.

Slack is adaptable, accessible, and simple to use. It functions on all types of desktops, as well as on Android and iPhone mobile devices.

  • Statuses being disrespected.
  • Having direct discussions in public.
  • Notifying individuals needlessly
  • Gossip About Coworkers.
  • Sending out a barrage of messages.
  • Jumping Platforms.
  • Taking things a little too casual.
  • crossing boundaries in the workplace.

7am in the morning

5pm in the evening

Let Slack know how long you want the notification pause to last. If you choose “Until Tomorrow,” Slack won’t bother you again until 9 a.m. the following day. Additionally, When the day is ended, select this option to prevent work from consuming your nighttime hours.

  • For teams, projects, and functions, add channels
  • Use channel naming guidelines to maintain work organization
  • creating channels as your organization expands
  • The ideal number of channels is how many? 
  • Create divisions for your most crucial channels.
  • Use the Slack browser extension.
  • By turning off notifications, you can avoid disruptions. 
  • Utilize the “My Keywords” function. …
  • With Just One Key, Edit Quickly. 
  • Slackbot can be used for reminders.
  • Sync your calendar with your status. 
  • Schedule a “Do Not Disturb” period. 
  • For notes or quick memos, use Slack.

Responses should typically be received within a few hours, preferably by the day’s end. However, this advantageous location makes it suitable for solving everyday problems while working together or looking for information.

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