Where to Get Chinese Food in Tampa

One of our favorite meals to eat out or to have delivered is Chinese food. If you’re wanting Chinese food while visiting Tampa Bay, you can refer to our list of the city’s top Chinese eateries. Read through to get more information about the best Chinese restaurant near me.

Where to Get Chinese Food in Tampa

Best Chinese Restaurants in Tampa Bay

These are the top restaurants in Tampa where you can get delectable Chinese food. Each of these eateries offers a distinctive spin on both time-honored American dishes like crab Rangoon and authentic, traditional dishes like Peking duck.

No matter where you go, we believe you’ll adore it as much as we do, but we especially

1. Yummy House China Bistro

The best Chinese restaurant in Tampa Bay, in our opinion, is Yummy House China Bistro, which is located off of East Hillsborough Avenue in East Tampa.

The thing we enjoy most about Yummy House is their enormous variety of mouthwatering soups, including crab and fish maw, egg drop, seaweed, and many more.

A fantastic way to get ready for the entrée portion of the menu is to start with the soups. We suggest the XO beef short ribs, which are served with fresh snow peas and Yummy House’s unique XO sauce.

2. Hao Wah Chinese Restaurant

We consider Hao Wah Chinese Restaurant to be one of Tampa Bay’s top Chinese eateries. It is situated off of South Dale Mabry Highway and West Angeles Street in South Tampa, just east of the stunning Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club.

Hao Wah has incredibly excellent food, but we particularly like their assortment of boba milk teas, which come in a variety of flavors like lavender, matcha, coconut, strawberry, and 11 others.


3. Beijing House

One of the top Chinese restaurants in Tampa can be found at Beijing House, which is off East Fletcher Avenue and a few miles east of the University of South Florida. This is especially true for anyone visiting the college campus.

There is sure to be something delicious and substantial on the extensive menu at Beijing House. One of their chef specials, the smoky, crunchy roasted lamb shank, is our go-to dish.

4. Liang’s Bistro

Liang’s Bistro is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Tampa Bay for delectable Asian cuisine in a relaxed setting. It is situated off of Bruce B Downs Boulevard and North Palms Village Place in New Tampa.

We believe Liang’s Bistro is the best at noodles, so we always order a bowl of their Hong Kong rice noodles with shrimp on top.

In addition, Liang’s offers a wide variety of vegetables, including Thai basil tofu, as well as a sizable beer and wine list. They also have a wonderful assortment of Thai curries.

5. Fuzion Spice

One of Tampa’s top Chinese eateries, Fuzion Spice is in the Greater Carrollwood region off of the North Dale Mabry Highway and serves a variety of dishes such egg rolls, fried rice, wontons, and more.

Any of their delicious steamed bao buns loaded with either BBQ chicken, crispy Korean tofu, beef bulgogi, or char siu pork are our favorite thing to eat at Fuzion Spice.

6. Chop Chop Shop

Chop Chop Shop is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Tampa Bay, and we love to go there whenever we happen to be in the area. It is located just off North Florida Avenue in the South Seminole Heights neighborhood.

If you want to create your own delicious build your Asian cuisine, go over to The Chop Chop Shop.

We invite you to taste their incredibly distinctive burgers too. Our favorite of their burgers is the Seoul burger, which has Korean pickled peppers, kimchi remoulade, and seared pork belly on top.


7. Red Bowl Authentic Szechuan Chinese Cuisine

Because of their classic menu and original Chinese cuisine, we believe Red Bowl Authentic Szechuan Chinese Cuisine is one of the top Chinese restaurants in Tampa.

 It is situated off of Easter Fletcher Avenue in North Tampa. We suggest eating the braised beef rice noodle bowl or the mushroom pork ramen at Red Bowl because they are two of our favorite dishes there.

8. The Asian Kitchen 

The Asian Kitchen is located in South Tampa off of Bayshore Boulevard, just west of the lovely Ballast Point Park and the Tampa Yacht & Country Club.

Thanks to their fantastic pho dish dubbed “Pho Sho,” which never fails to satisfy our demands for both Asian food and wordplay, we believe The Asian Kitchen to be among Tampa’s greatest Chinese eateries.

We particularly appreciate that The Asian Kitchen has outdoor patio seating so that you can eat delectable Chinese food and take in the renowned Florida sunshine.

9. P.F. Chang’s

If you want an elegant Asian eating experience, P.F. Chang’s is one of the greatest Chinese restaurants in Tampa and is situated inside the sizable Westshore Plaza shopping mall off of West Kennedy Boulevard in South Tampa.

P.F. Chang’s is well known and beloved, so we had to include them on our list. Our favorite part of dining here is their sizable full bar, which offers a wide selection of artisan cocktails to pair with our delicious Chinese food.

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Our list of the top 9 Chinese restaurants in Tampa Bay has whatever you’re looking for. These are the top Chinese restaurants in the area and will have whatever you desire, whether you’re in the mood for fried rice, chow mein, crab Rangoon, or even Peking duck.

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