Is there a Message App for Android?

When you get a new phone, it is not possible to know the right message app to use. Little wonder why some people experience some bit of a challenge with the right message app for their Android phones. 

Is there a Message App for Android

You should know that at least two built-in messaging options are available when you get a new phone. These are mostly Samsung Messages and Messages from Google for Android phones. 

Sending SMS to your contacts is comfortable and simple because of the great user-friendly interfaces of both apps. 

There are a lot of message apps one can use on Android phones that can make texting easier and enjoyable. 

However, even though you may have downloaded many apps, you can only pick one as your preferred messaging app for your Android phones. 

Best Message App for Android Phones

There are many messaging apps available for Android users that can help make texting fun and easier. Some of these apps are:

1. WhatsApp

The app is a fully functional messaging platform that offers text conversations in addition to images, brief videos, voice messages, and conference calls. 

You can also go on to share an Instagram-style narrative with your contacts using the status feature. 

Additionally, you can send official files to a particular contact for reviews or comments. This app is also not limited to conversations with individuals only but you can have a group for a particular purpose. 

2. Telegram

One of the first messaging apps to be particular about the value of security was Telegram, its approach to end-to-end encryption is slightly different from other message apps. This shows how much they value users’ messages. 

With Viber or WhatsApp, you are unable to log in from numerous devices simultaneously. Despite the fact that both of those providers include a desktop application, all of your communications are still sent and received via your phone. 

You cannot log in if it is off, whereas Telegram allows you to do so. This makes this app different from others. 

3. Messenger

Contrary to popular misconceptions, the Facebook Messenger app can be used without a Facebook account. 

To communicate with other users of the service, Facebook merely requires you to register with a phone number

If you already have a Facebook account, you can immediately start messaging any of your friends who have Messenger accounts on Facebook.

The app has all the calling and messaging features you might expect, as well as others you probably won’t. 

You can send text messages to one person or up to 250 people at once and reply to messages using stickers, GIFs, and emojis. More so, you can also call your loved ones on the phone and over video. 

Now you know what you have been missing out on, as regards message apps for your Android phones. 

Fortunately for you, it is better that you know about it now because your texting journey is about to take a good turn. 

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