How do you Write a Short Condolence Message?

Losing someone can be very difficult to handle. Knowing the right words for a short condolence message can be challenging. So, how do you write a short condolence message that shows support for a friend?

How do you Write a Short Condolence Message

Many people aren’t totally good with words and writing a condolence message can most times be tough. However, you should be able to go about it without sounding untrue.

However, you should know that writing a heartfelt condolence message to someone during a time of sorrow is not to entirely make them feel better but rather to let them feel supported and cared for.

So, whether you are writing a condolence message to a friend, colleague, or family member that is going through a tough time, read through this post carefully to get help.

Short condolence messages are offered to people who are going through a challenging time, time of loss, and tough time, who are not close to you to make them feel loved and supported.

How do you Write Condolences in a Text?

There is always a first time to go about something but getting it right the first time won’t cost a thing. So, if you are wondering how to write condolence text for a friend, keep reading through this post. 

  • Avoid saying anything that might indirectly look or sound offensive to the deceased family. No one is asking for a perfect text but there are things you shouldn’t say. Be precise and empathetic.
  • Let them know why you are texting. You should be precise enough to let them know that the purpose of the text is to offer your condolences. In your condolence message, you can include “I am sorry for your loss, please accept my condolence”. 
  • Although, it is important to give people flowers when they are alive because it shows how much value they are to you. However, you can also include in your text something the deceased was good at and how much he or she meant to you. If you know the person well enough, you should be able to say something positive about him or her. 
  • You should be able to make it known to the bereaved person that you are open to giving out your support. Again, while including this in your text, you could say, “if you need anything, please, don’t hesitate to call me”. It should show how ready you are to offer your support. 

Some examples of condolence text are:

1. I’m not promising to always be there when you need me, but, I will try my best to offer my help whenever you need me. I will call you tomorrow. 

2. I learned of your loss earlier today and I will be coming over very soon so i can bring you anything you might need – groceries, food, or water. 

Is it OK to Give Condolences Text?

The truth is, when we don’t know how to go about a thing, we oftentimes don’t know if we should do it or not. However, writing or sending a condolence message to someone is the right thing to do. 

It shows how much you value the deceased and how much the bereaved family means to you. You should also be ready to let them know how much you care about them.

In the sense of giving them your support and caring for them, sending the text with the right words and intention really matters.

As you go about writing condolence messages, one thing you should keep in mind is, getting the perfect text isn’t the point, the intention matters, and the words you use also matter.

However, you should also bear in mind that these message cards are often small as they are usually attached to beautiful flowers.

Another thing to do is to show your support and keep checking on your friends or family until you are sure they are fine again.

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