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50 Enviable Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Every Yard

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas –

Having Cute Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for that residence might provide you with peace of mind for the rest of your life. However, you can make things easier for yourself.

Get our greatest outdoor kitchen decoration ideas, including stunning outdoor kitchen décor and backyard decorating tips.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Cooking and eating outside evokes a joyful mood. Barbecues, beers, games, pool antics, laughter, pizzas, friends, picnics, and family are all things that come to me when I think of summer.

20 Outstanding Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Outdoor kitchens come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually tailored to match the demands of the person and the surrounding environment.

Here are some of the most popular outdoor kitchen designs and ideas for you to copy and be inspired by:

1. Contemporary Black

Sleek, rustic, and contemporary. Walls with black vertical sidings, vintage lamps, and cabinet handles made of sisal rope.

This outdoor kitchen included both a stylish contemporary and a pleasant country vibe.

However, the reed covering gives enough shade without obstructing the view.

2. Hideaway Kitchen

When you need it, it’s ready and accessible; when you don’t, it’s safe and out of sight.

This kitchen-in-a-box is a fantastic solution for beautiful outside barbecues on warm weekends and keeping your kitchen utensils secure during wet days.

3. Grey Stone

With a lot of ancient charm, this ultra-modern outdoor kitchen.

Using primitive elements such as rough stone and wood to create a sleek and modern kitchen gives the space a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Amazingly, its modern styling is highlighted by the grey tones.

4. Pergola Bar

Dress up your outdoor kitchen bar with a pergola! A pergola can provide shade while also adding definition and character to the space.

It’s also a great place to hang some string lights for a more dramatic impact on special occasions.

5. Country Patio Kitchen

This patio kitchen is ideal for daytime and nighttime alfresco meals.

Simply equip your patio with a grill and oven, as well as counters, storage, and a dining table.

Pleasant country air is created by the combination of brick columns, wood pallets, string lights, and yellow countertops.

6. Shaded Kitchen

Whether that isn’t predictable in your area? When it rains or the wind becomes too severe to cook or eat outside, you can quickly close your outdoor kitchen.

The modern kitchen design is enhanced by the sleek vertical blinds that match the wall.

7. Southern Charm

The interiors of southern homes are warm, inviting, beautiful, and appealing. Additionally, the cold white floors and stone walls contrast with the dark wood ceiling and columns.

Without reservation, the space’s stunning wicker seats, curving iron footed table, and antique chandelier give it a distinctly southern feel.

8. A Chiller Trough

The finest companion for hot days and substantial meals is a cold beverage.

Excessive visits inside to grab cold drinks can detract from the fun.

For instance, one of the smartest outdoor kitchen ideas and designs is to include a chiller.

Install a chiller trough on your outdoor dining table and you’ll have a steady supply of cold beverages at your fingertips.

9. Re-purposed Pallets

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money to install a backyard kitchen and grill. This upcycled pallet kitchen is roomy, functional, well-equipped, and charming.

Moreover, the tin roof provides shade and protection from unexpected rain showers.

10. Asian Lounge

Make this elegant and mesmerizing Asian-inspired lounge out of your boring outdoor cooking patio.

The enigmatic eastern appeal is conveyed through the vertical wood railing, bamboo plants, and floor seats.

A firepit will keep you warm on chilly nights, and a retractable canopy will give shade.

11. Covered Patio

Make this elegant and mesmerizing Asian-inspired lounge out of your boring outdoor cooking patio.

The enigmatic eastern appeal is conveyed through the vertical wood railing, bamboo plants, and floor seats.

A firepit will keep you warm on chilly nights, and a retractable canopy will give shade.

12. White Boards

Make your own outdoor cooking area.

With a few pieces of wood, tools, and a few hours of hard effort, you can create this basic yet lovely outdoor installation.

Build the platform first, then the countertops and pergola.

Particularly, the all-white design matches the gleaming chrome kitchen appliances and shines out in the busy environment.

13. Pizza Oven

Barbecues are a must-have in any outdoor kitchen.

That isn’t to say you can’t eat your other favorite comfort foods, such as pizza!

With a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen, you can serve hot homemade pizza and bread alongside your grilling.

14. Rustic Barbecue Station

This is the outdoor kitchen of a man!

The modern grill is positioned dead center with sufficient counter space on both sides, making it ideal for endless barbecues.

Rustic rough and tumble cowboy vibes are evoked with stacked rough stone walls, bare wood flooring, reed slats for walls, and a stripped wood pergola.

15. Posh Garden Corner

Elegant, and gorgeous are all words that come to mind while thinking about this dress.

This stylish and modern outdoor kitchen and dining installation would look great in any backyard.

Shade and privacy are provided by two walls and a slatted pergola overhead.

The cool and contemporary aspect of the area is attributed to the blue-grey-white color scheme.

16. Small City Backyard Kitchen

Even the tiniest backyard may be transformed into an outdoor cooking and dining paradise.

Install your kitchen appliances on one side of your little city backyard and buy a movable picnic eating set that you can stow away when not in use or when it’s time to clear a space for some dancing.

Basically, this joins the league of amazing small outdoor kitchen ideas.

17. Modern and Sophisticated

For individuals who only want the best, this sleek and modern outdoor kitchen is ideal.

The gleaming grill features a hood vent, ample counter and storage space, and comfortable seats with a firepit-installed center table.

Concrete greys are combined with blue accents, and bare wood slats to create a minimalist look.

This makes the list of amazing small outdoor kitchen ideas.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

18. Rustic Kitchen Pavilion

Do you have a large family to feed? Do you enjoy entertaining your entire team?

To handle the cooking, you’ll need a large kitchen.

This U-shaped kitchen pavilion has plenty of counters and storage space. The space has a unique rustic and antique beauty thanks to the stripped wood paneling and roofing.

19. Pool Cabanas

This outdoor kitchen is ideal for those who enjoy hosting parties! A curved counter/bar, high chairs, and an outdoor kitchen are included in the poolside cabana.

The cabana’s majestic and dignified appearance is enhanced by the traditional Greek columns and rough stone pedestals that complement the bar and kitchen sides.

20. String Lights

The charm of the warm and dusty outback is evoked by this freestanding outdoor kitchen.

Undoubtedly, the red brick floors, curved pergola, and string lights are ideal for memorable eating, talks, and moments.

A fireplace and a wood-paneled wall on one side add to the warmth and coziness of the space.

15 Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Cooking outside is a fundamental joy that brings back memories of childhood campfires and simpler times.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Meanwhile, you don’t need a lot of space to prepare a gourmet meal, as the best cooks know.

If you have any outdoor space, an open-air kitchen may transform the routine of cooking meals into an occasion to dine al fresco under the stars or under the blue skies.

Whether it’s a small outdoor grill station or a fully equipped mini kitchen, these remarkable modestly sized outdoor kitchens are as functional as they are gorgeous.

1. Penthouse Kitchenette

The sleek kitchenette in this Tribeca home designed by Manhattan-based Studio DB is on the roof terrace of a single-family home in a converted 1888 grocery distribution center. 

It’s built into a single wall, with warm wood cabinetry and sliding glass doors to keep it out of the elements while not in use.

Interestingly, a grill station is set up against the brick wall directly outside the door.

2. All-Season Outside Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens aren’t just for summer, as this lovely open-air cooking space created by Shelter Interiors in Bozeman, Mont., based around a Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet grill shows.

The outdoor kitchen is off the family fun area, where it was placed to emphasize the unimpeded view of Lone Peak.

However, the light gray stone complements the stainless steel grill and helps it to blend in with the surrounding natural beauty.

3. Light and Airy Outdoor Kitchen

The corner kitchen contains a sink, stovetop, oven, and beverage refrigerator with a glass door.

Natural elements such as stone, wood, and rattan fit in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

A crisp modern accent is provided by white subway tiles, black-framed windows, and dishware.

When in use, accordion windows open all the way to the open terrace and pool house.

For beverages and informal dinners, outdoor seating facing in toward the kitchen offers an intimate vibe.

4. Outdoor Kitchen With a Graphic Punch

Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of the West Hollywood, CA-based interior design firm Studio Life/Style used the same dramatic black-and-white patterned tile on both the outdoor and indoor kitchen of this gorgeous Mulholland home in Los Angeles.

The tile brings life to the indoor kitchen and a graphic touch to the lush outdoor kitchen area while creating a cohesive look throughout the home.

5. DIY Pergola

To give the room a visual anchor, photographer and blogger Aniko Levai from Place of My Taste built her DIY outdoor kitchen around a gorgeous pergola inspired by Pinterest images.

She added stainless steel appliances to complement the wood and create a lasting, clean design.

6. Pull-Out Kitchen

The construction is made of Siberian larch and can be used as a guest home, hobby room, or cottage.

However, the minimalist kitchen contains a sink and counters for meal prep and storing portable cooking equipment, as well as additional hidden storage space beneath the steps.

7. Kitchen On Wheels

Ryan Benoit Design/The Horticult in La Jolla, California, developed this warm outdoor kitchen out of construction-grade Douglas fir.

Undeniably, the rental beach house yard is anchored by an outdoor kitchen, which provides space for entertaining. The garden hose, garbage pail, and other pantry goods are also kept in the kitchen cupboards.

Because the portable kitchen is on wheels, they can take it with them when they move.

8. Modular and Streamlined Outdoor Kitchen

This contemporary modular concrete outdoor kitchen designed by Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer of WWOO can be sized up or down depending on how much outdoor space you have.

9. Urban Backyard

Claire of The Green Eyed Girl, a UK blogger, transformed a small outdoor patio of her kitchen and dining room into an auxiliary kitchen by installing a kit-built wood-burning pizza oven. 

10. Sleek Grey

Modern, minimalist, and stylish. It’s all about efficiency and design in this sleek outdoor kitchen.

The cold steel grey wonderfully complements the house’s tan brick walls.

However, the pergola helps to define the space and emphasizes the contemporary design.

11. Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

This indoor-outdoor cabana kitchen designed by New Jersey-based Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design has a beachy vibe that creates a vacation feel in the backyard.

Comfy seating space is created by rattan bar stools at the counter facing inward toward the kitchen.

The coastal vibe is reinforced by a light white, mint green, and blue color scheme both inside and out, as well as an ombré surfboard leaning against the side of the cabana.

12. Open Air Dining

This is the type of outdoor kitchen that is appropriate for your property, depending in part on the climate.
When we hold a party, this area is frequently used as a bar or a buffet.

A green egg and a huge BBQ may be found in the kitchen.

13. Beach Beauty

Soft blues that reflect the sky and nearby ocean give this Ft. Lauderdale, Florida kitchen designed by Blue Sky Environments Interior Design a cheerful and colorful feeling.

A gorgeous blue tile wall/backsplash complements a built-in grill and countertop with a sink, refrigerator, and cabinets.

14. Noe Hill Eco Kitchen

In San Francisco’s Noe Hill, EAG Studio designed a LEED Platinum house that efficiently uses limited outdoor space.

The cooking center has a grill, refrigerator, sink, desk, and cupboards, as well as breathtaking views of the city.

15. Queensland Contemporary

The Burnett River House in North Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, was designed by Tomas O’Malley Architect. This contemporary kitchen also includes vast enclosed outdoor spaces, including a kitchen that combines protection from the weather while cooking with the pleasure of spending time outdoors.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Tips & Expert Advice

When it comes to cooking, anything that can be done indoors can also be done outside, and sometimes a meal prepared in the great outdoors is even better.

small outdoor kitchen ideas

Since the 1950s, the scents and flavors of grilled cuisine have made barbecuing a popular component of family life and entertainment.

1. Research Outdoor Kitchen Types

The best form of the outdoor cooking center will be determined by a variety of factors, including your budget, lifestyle, and space.

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill and a store-bought outdoor bar that doubles as a counter.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to more grandiose setups! You may make it as complicated as you want and spend as much money as you want.

Decide on whether you want a fully working kitchen or something simpler.

You can then decide what is essential and what is an amenity, as well as whether your budget and taste allow for the frills.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you’re outside, so don’t make things too complicated.

2. Assess the Space

If you live on an extensive property with plenty of land, your difficulty may ensure that you don’t have to walk too far from the house to the outdoor kitchen to start the grill.

Because most homes are smaller, there are fewer options for where to put a grill and an outdoor kitchen.

3. Consider Whether You Want a Permanent or a Portable Outdoor Kitchen

If you rent or plan to move within the next few years, it’s a smart idea to outfit your outdoor kitchen with portable appliances and features.

If you don’t plan on traveling anywhere or simply enjoy doing things yourself, an outdoor kitchen could be a fun project to design and build.

Choose an accessible and safe place, choose materials that complement the exterior of your home and are readily available in your area, and look for plans and blueprints online or in books.

4. Set a Budget

Create a budget and stick to it. Essentials like materials, equipment, and labor can quickly spiral out of control, costing far more than expected.

Enlisting the services of a designer, acquiring permits, tools, and expert support for add-ons such as electrical and plumbing are all additional costs.

5. Understand Your Preferred Cooking Styles

Determine your preferred outdoor cooking technique and method.

Are you a fan of grilled fish or hamburgers cooked on a charcoal grill? What about pizza cooked in a brick oven outside? Which is better: a tandoor or a smoker?

A gas, propane, electric, or charcoal grill, as well as many ovens and stoves, can all be found in an outdoor kitchen. Do you like to prepare food outside, such as fish, or are you content to prepare it inside then cook it outside?

Is it necessary to have a sink outside?

Consider the maximum amount of people you’ll be cooking for when designing.

Plan a few of your favorite outdoor dinners and double-check that the outdoor kitchen you’ve chosen can handle the prep and cooking, as well as accommodate guests.

6. Consider Climate and Environment

If you live in the western United States, Florida, or another warm-weather zone, you’ll be using your outdoor kitchen more often (maybe even more than you do in the indoor counterpart).

If this is the case, and you spend most of your time outside, a larger outdoor kitchen may be necessary.

Location inside your yard is crucial for other locations that endure more intense weather. Microclimates should be taken into consideration.

Windy, too hot, too gloomy, or too chilly are all things to avoid. Consider putting your grill or stove beneath a cover or a partial patio roof if you live in a rainy zone.

7. Commit to Proper Maintenance

The elements are present in an outdoor kitchen.

Because they exposed appliances and surfaces to the elements, they must be covered and maintained even if they are not used frequently.

Consider how much time and work it will take to maintain a kitchen that you built or installed.

Will you be assisted, or will you be the sole chef and cleaner? Make it easier on yourself, this is because, sometimes it’s better to keep things simple.

8. Select Materials for an Outdoor Kitchen

If the kitchen will be permanent, materials like brick, concrete, or stucco, as well as metal or tile features, can be found on the exterior of your home.

When used on an outside building, such as a kitchen, these are appealing and provide continuity.

Aside from aesthetics, money, availability, and labor, the size and scope of your outdoor kitchen will impact the materials you choose.

9. Adjust to Suit the Lifestyle of the Household

What style of cooking do they favor and how many members of the family will cook outside?

How often are you and your guests going to use the grill and kitchen?

Keep it real. You can always start small and accumulate the number of appliances and extras as your experience grows.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas FAQs

Q1. What Should We Know About Outdoor Kitchens?

It is important to determine an affordable budget and stick to it. 

Consider the climate and environment where the home is located. 



Design Options




Q2. How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs?

When constructing an outdoor kitchen, use high-quality metal studs to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting.

Q3. What Are Some Vibrant Boho Kitchen Ideas?

Choose an ikat patterned runner for the kitchen floor.

Display a collection of bowls and plates in bright colors and lively patterns.

Find space for lots of plants (the greener, the better)

Grab some woven or worn-in leather barstools.

Add a macramé wall hanging.

Q4. What are your Favorite Outdoor Kitchen Components?

Grill. Arguably the most important feature. 

Plenty of Storage. It’s very convenient to not have to make multiple trips inside. 

Pizza Oven. Everyone loves pizza.

Beer Tap. 

Ice Maker. 

Wine Fridge. 

Deep Sink. 


Q5. How Deep Should an Outdoor Kitchen Counter Be?

Because an outdoor kitchen countertop must be deep enough to accommodate a built-in grill, the conventional depth is 30 inches.

To fit normal 9-inch plates, the bar counter should be at least 12 inches deep.

Q6. How Do You Design Outdoor Living Spaces?

Choose Your Function. An outdoor room won’t serve any function particularly well if it tries to do everything, so start with an honest assessment of how you plan to use the space. 

Tie It to the Indoors. 

Create a Floor. 

Add a Ceiling and Walls. 

Furnish as You Would Indoors. 

Illuminate the Space.

Q7. How to Design an Amazing Outdoor Space?

Install Lighting. You don’t have to hire an electrician to add ambient lighting to your patio. …

Create Different Living Areas. 

Fire Pit. 

Potted Plants and Herbs. 

Install a Flagstone Patio. 

Install a Fountain. 

Add Pillows and Rugs. 

Install Alternative Seating

Q8. How to Construct the Modern Kitchen of Your Dreams?

Eliminate wasted steps. 

Design wide walkways.

Direct traffic through the kitchen. 

Stay clear of corners. 

Find the right height for the microwave. 

Determine the island’s function. 

Plan landing space near appliances. 

Consider the countertops.

Q9. Where Can I Find Detailed Plans to Build a Small Outdoor Sauna?

Depending on the size, wood type, construction type, and heater, an outdoor sauna might cost anywhere from $5,500 to $34,000 to build. A firm, level foundation is required for an outdoor sauna.

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