7 Easy Ways to Get Free Gas at the Pump Legally in 2023

If you’re spending too much money on Gas, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of places where you can cut costs and get gas free gas.

Get Free Gas

Gas prices are that again, meaning more drivers are searching for ways to save on fuel oil.

This involves everything from upgrading to a more fuel-efficient vehicle to driving around in search of the best gas rates, just to save a couple of cents.

As it turns out, there are many ways to get substantial gas discounts like free gas cards

Ways to Get Free Gas

Below are some ways to get free gas without spending a dime:

1. Join a Gas Station Loyalty Program

One of the easiest ways to save money at the pump is with a gas station loyalty program.

Those programs allow you to receive cashback or redeem points for gas discounts.

Many of the larger supermarkets offer rewards schemes.

You will enter for free if you live near such shops as Safeway, Price Chopper, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Hy-Vee, Giant Eagle, and Fred Meyer.

We love the Fuel Saver program Hy-Vee offers and often saved $.10 or $.20 per gallon on gas.

We can fuel up to 20 gallons at that discounted rate. Best of all, we get these discounts just by doing our regular shopping at Hy-Vee.

2. Get Free Gas Cards Online

There are several places out there that offer free stuff but most of them are scams. Swagbucks is a legal and secure way of receiving free gas cards.

Swagbucks is a website that rewards users for completing all sorts of easy online activities, such as surveying, viewing videos, and shopping online.

Rewards even exist for using their search engine and playing games.

Swagbucks rewards point that you can trade in for gift cards to complete those activities. Per 100 points amounts to $1.

You can trade in at 5,000 points at Sunoco, Exxon Mobil, or Chevron gas stations for a $50 gift card.

Alternatively, you can wait until 10,000 points have been accrued and you grab a $100 gas card.

That’s more than enough to fill up even the biggest SUVs, and you won’t have to pay a single cent.

3. Take Surveys

Ways to Get Free Gas

There are several companies out there, including Survey Junkie, that will allow you to take surveys to earn points that can be redeemed for a number of stores, including gas stations, for gift cards.

The best thing about collecting free gas money by filling out surveys is that when you have free time, you can do it online from wherever you want.

When waiting for your appointment at the dentist’s office? Use your mobile to complete a number of surveys.

Did you have a 20-minute break at work? Use it for responding to surveys and earning some extra cash.

Make surveys a routine and gain enough points for a gift card from a local fuel store as soon as possible.

Not all survey companies are legit, though, so check out this post on three of our favorite survey companies before you sign up to take surveys in order to get free gas.

4. Use Credit Cards Rewards

Will you use credit card rewards? Redeeming your free gas money points or coupons will help in a pinch.

If your credit card earns spending reward points, buy the gas cards! Alternatively, if available, redeem the points in cash, Visa gift cards, or PayPal.

You might even get cashback by using a credit card to pay for your gas. This doesn’t automatically equal free gas, but it can mean a discount in the long run.

Only use this option if you pay off your credit cards each month. No rewards are worth the potential debt.

5. Contact Charities – Salvation Army

If you’re struggling to make ends meet and need gas money, various charities, including the Salvation Army, offer free transportation and gas vouchers.

Other options include contacting other charities in your area, checking around with churches, or seeing if you have a Community Action Partnership program near you.

These programs help provide for transportation needs if you can’t afford them on your current budget.

This is truly a free option, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for getting help if you need it.

6. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

While this option is not necessarily free, discounted gift cards help you get some dollars’ worth of gas for free.

Raise is an online store that purchases and sells gift cards that are usually discounted to save you up to 10 percent.

For example, if you buy gas cards worth $100 you’re spending just $90.

The typical gas cards available on Raise are Shell, Speedway, and BP. If you’re a new customer, you can get $10 off your first order of $100 or more.

That could mean almost 20 percent off your gas costs!

7. Grocery Stores Offering Gas Points

Today just about every grocery store has some form of loyalty rewards program.

Usually, these cards provide additional savings for holders and cost nothing to use.

In return, stores are hoping you will shop more often with them.

Some retailers are offering some great offers, like massive gas savings when you spend more with them.

Take advantage of the extra fuel savings by shopping at these stores.

  • Stop and Shop
  • Safeway
  • Kroger
  • Winn Dixie

Ways to Save Money on Gas

Ways to Save Money on Gas

Buying gas at a cheap rate depends on the dealers, if you must save up and economize your cash then check out these ways:

Get a More Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Vehicles today are more fuel-efficient than ever before. There are all kinds of automobiles equipped with new technology to help you save fuel.

These fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly models are not just funny-looking hatchbacks anymore.

In hybrid or fuel-efficient models, even trucks and SUVs that used to be gas-guzzlers are now available.

New hybrid models also make saving on fuel easier and plug-in hybrids put electric cars within the average driver’s scope.

Plug-in hybrids combine an electric vehicle’s fuel efficiency with a conventional car’s convenience.

Ways to Save Money on Gas

These new hybrids run on electricity, but when you run out of juice and can’t stop charging, they also have a gas engine.

Although upgrading your vehicle may seem a bit extreme, it can save you a lot on gas.

And if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a new car anyway, now is a great time to invest in a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Drive Slow and Drive Steady

Speed and brake usage have a significant impact on gas consumption. Avoid rapid acceleration and quick stops to conserve gas.

Drive Less

Whenever possible consider other ways of car journey transport when it is more effective.

If you live close to work or the grocery store, consider cycling or walking there if it is safe.

On the other hand, if taking public transport or carpooling with a co-worker is cheaper than taking your own car to work, then go that path.

By minimizing the amount of time you use your car, you’ll spend less on gas.

In conclusion, Gas is costly, but that does not mean you are going to have to break the bank to get around town.

By that, the number of miles you travel and using these ways to get free gas, you can fill your tank regularly at almost no cost.

That means you are going to have more money to pay bills, get out of debt and buy the stuff you want.

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