Where to Fill up Balloons with Helium for Free | How to Inflate Them

– Where to Fill up Balloons with Helium for Free –

Where to Fill up Balloons with Helium for Free are a variety of locations. This service is available in most department stores and party supply stores. 

They may, however, ask you to purchase the balloons from the store in order to have them inflated for free or at all. Here’s a list of some of the most popular stores where you may acquire helium-filled balloons:

What is Helium

Before we begin by finding out where to fill up balloons with helium for free, let us first know what helium is and what it is all about.

Helium is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless monatomic gas that is non-toxic and inert. In the observable universe, it is the second lightest and second most plentiful element.

The great bulk of helium in the cosmos is helium-4, which was generated during the Big Bang.

Helium was initially discovered in sunlight in 1868 as an unknown yellow spectral line signature during a solar eclipse.

Chemists Sir William Ramsay, Per Teodor Cleve, and Nils Abraham Langlet made the formal discovery of the element in 1895.

Information About Helium

Liquid helium is utilized in cryogenic and superconducting magnets, with MRI scanners being the most common commercial application.

The human voice’s timbre and tone are briefly altered by inhaling a little amount of helium. Helium can also be used in balloons and airships as a lifting gas.

Helium is a nonrenewable resource since it quickly departs into space after being discharged into the atmosphere. It’s supposed to be becoming increasingly scarce.

According to some research, helium created by radioactive decay deep within the ground can concentrate in natural gas reservoirs.

Fun Facts About Helium

I’ll tell you some interesting facts about helium in the next part.

1. Helium is the second most plentiful element in the universe, accounting for nearly a quarter of the universe’s mass!

2. It is derived from the Greek word helios, which means sun!

3. The Helium atoms are so light that they even defy gravity on Earth!

4. This gas is created by the radioactive decay of thorium and uranium and is sold in cylinders (like the ones used to fill your party balloons!)

5. The atmosphere on Earth contains only 0.000524 percent helium. Because the earth’s gravity is insufficient to hold the element, it gradually escapes into space.

6. At the moment, Qatar contributes around 30% of the world’s helium. Helium may also be discovered in Canada, and it is processed in Saskatchewan at the moment.

7. Aside from filling party balloons, helium has a variety of applications. MRI devices, deep-dive tanks, NASA space launches, computer chip fabrication, and arc welding techniques are among the others.

8. Helium was the first element to be discovered outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. It was discovered on the sun using a spectroscope during a complete eclipse in 1868. However, it was not discovered on Earth until 1895.

9. Also, Helium has the coldest boiling point of all the elements, at 4.2 degrees Kelvin (-268.8 degrees Celsius), which is only 4 degrees above absolute zero.

At normal atmospheric pressure, helium is the only element that sufficient cooling can not freeze.

Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium for Free?

Balloons can be filled with Helium for free at Dollar Tree, Party City, CVS, and Walmart if they are purchased there.

If you don’t buy your balloons from them, most retailers will charge you a small price to fill them with helium.

When you buy balloons from Dollar Tree online, they will fill them for free.

Party City will also fill your balloons with helium for free, regardless of their size.

Dollar Tree

At Dollar Tree, you may purchase helium-filled balloons. Dollar Tree will fill your balloons with helium for free when you purchase them.

As of now, Dollar Tree can only fill foil balloons and not latex balloons. They also sell a few balloons already filled with helium which makes your work easier for you.

Dollar Tree can now only fill foil balloons, not latex balloons. They also sell a few balloons that have already been filled with helium, making your job easier.

However, there is a catch. Dollar Tree will not fill balloons that you have already purchased elsewhere.

You must purchase the balloons from Dollar Tree in order to receive the free helium filling service.

Cost to Fill Balloons with Helium at Dollar Tree

At Dollar Tree, you can get your balloons filled with helium for about $1. The cost is the same regardless of the type of balloon you want to be filled.

If you want to fill foil/metallic balloons, the cost per balloon can range between $1 and $3. When compared to other similar competitors’ prices, this is relatively low.

If you buy the balloons from the Dollar Tree online store, you can have them filled at your local Dollar Tree store for free.

You only need to show them your purchase receipt, and they will fill your balloons with helium for free.


Yes, you can fill your balloons with helium at Walmart, but only in a few locations.

So, if you want your balloons filled, it is best to check online or call their customer service number to see if the store offers this service before going to get your balloons.

They also require that you purchase the balloons from their store in order to have them filled. They do not accept balloons purchased from other retailers for filing at the store.

How do You Use a Walmart Balloon Pump?

Simply insert the nozzle into any size balloon and quickly pump. Get ready for your celebration by browsing the rest of our low-cost birthday party supplies today.

Cost to Fill Balloons with Helium at Walmart

At Walmart, you can get balloon filling for $0.25 per balloon. The price is also subject to change based on the size of your balloons.

The greater the size of the balloon, the higher the charge for filling it. Additionally, helium tanks can be purchased at Walmart if you want to fill your balloons on your own or if the stores near you do not provide this service.

You could also purchase helium tanks from Amazon. Make sure to read reviews first. Due to shipping restrictions, I’ve heard complaints from acquaintances that these aren’t filled with pure helium.


Yes, CVS will fill your balloons with helium for free if you purchase them from them. It is important to note that if you have purchased balloons from another retailer, CVS will not fill them.

However, you can also contact your local CVS to see if they can fill the balloons you purchased from another store for a small fee.

This service is dependent on your location as well as the size of the balloons you wish to inflate.

Cost to Fill Balloons with Helium at CVs

If you purchased the balloons from the CVS store, you will not have to pay any additional fees to have them inflated with helium.

The cost of helium inflation is included in the total price of the balloon, so if you fill them up, you will be making full use of the money you paid for the balloons.

If you want, you can also purchase pre-filled balloons from CVS.

Party City

Yes, your balloons can be filled with helium at Party City locations. If you purchase the balloons from a Party City location, you can have them filled for free.

You will have to pay for the balloons if you purchase them from another store. You can even buy balloons from the Party City website and take them to the nearest Party City store to have them filled for free.

These prices may also vary depending on where you are.

Cost to Fill Balloons with Helium at Party City

The cost of filling balloons at Party City is determined by a number of factors.

If you purchased a foil balloon from Party City, the helium service is free. You’ll notice a note on the balloon showing whether or not the helium service is free.

If you buy a latex balloon, you must pay a small fee for helium. This fee ranges between 99 cents and $1.29.

The number and size of balloons will determine how much you will have to pay.

If you buy your balloons elsewhere, you’ll have to pay slightly more for helium services. Another thing is that If you buy a foil balloon from another store, for example, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1.99 to $15.99.

Then If you buy a latex balloon from another store, you can expect to pay between 99 cents and $1.29. It is determined by the number and size of the balloons.

To ensure you receive your helium service for qualified balloons, bring your receipt with you to the store or use the service immediately after purchasing the balloon in-store.

Finally, a helium tank can be purchased. Party City sells a variety of tanks in a variety of sizes.

They have you covered whether you need a large one for several parties or a small one for just a few. Purchasing a tank is more expensive than having the service performed for you.

Dollar General

If you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, you might have a Dollar General.

Because Dollar Tree and Dollar General are owned by the same company, you can expect similar services. Helium-filled balloons are also available at Dollar General.

They are available for purchase directly from the store. And they also offer helium filling, but only to customers who purchase their balloons from Dollar General.

Furthermore, They are unable to fill a balloon purchased from a different store. For around $35, they also sell an 8.9-cubic-foot helium tank.

You can purchase this tank and fill your balloons at home. Because Dollar General only fills foil balloons and not latex balloons, you may need the tank if you plan on purchasing latex balloons.

You can also purchase balloons from their online store and have them filled for free in-store. To receive the free service, you must bring your receipt with you.

If you do need to pay for helium service, it will cost you $1, just like at Dollar Tree. Depending on your other options, this could save you a lot of money.


Even if it doesn’t bear the Kroger name, most communities have a Kroger grocery store. Kroger is known for its high-quality produce and other products.

Another service offered by Kroger is the filling of balloons with helium. One of the benefits of choosing Kroger to fill your balloon is that they accept balloons from anywhere.

Even if you purchased your balloons elsewhere, such as Walmart, Kroger will still fill them. This is due to Kroger’s helium fee service.

Whether you buy the balloon at Kroger or elsewhere, you’ll have to pay a fee to fill it. Balloons are available at Kroger in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The most common are latex and foil. They also sell various sizes of balloons. The price of helium service is determined by its quantity, type, and size.

The cost of using Kroger’s helium services ranges between $3 and $8 on average. A standard latex balloon can be purchased for as little as $1.

Large balloons, those measuring 12 or 15 inches in length, can range in price from $7 to $15. Kroger can also assist you in purchasing pre-filled helium balloons.

In their floral department, you’ll find a variety of helium balloons that are already floating and ready for purchase.

The price of these balloons reflects the cost of helium used to inflate them. Although there are less expensive ways to inflate your balloon, if you’re in a hurry, you can always take it to Kroger for inflation.


Despite the fact that Meijer is a regional grocery store, many Midwest residents consider it their go-to for grocery shopping.

Meijer also has a fairly large parts department that is stocked with everything you could possibly need for a party.

Because Meijer sells balloons, you might be wondering if they also offer helium services. Meijer fills balloons and provides services that other grocery stores do not.

Meijer allows you to place a large order of balloons over the phone. In that regard, they are similar to a party store. You can contact Meijer and ask them to fill 20 or so balloons for you.

Meijer will then provide you with an estimated completion date for your order. It will most likely take longer than at a party store because the Meijer employee must also perform their other duties.

However, for larger orders, you can usually expect your order to be ready in two to three hours. It will take less time if you only have a small number of balloons.

Meijer also sells pre-filled helium balloons that can be purchased in-store. Because every store is different, it’s worth calling your local Meijer to see if they will fill balloons purchased elsewhere.

Meijer makes it easier and more convenient to buy and fill balloons than other retailers.


Publix, a regional supermarket chain based in the Southeastern United States, is another major store that fills balloons.

They charge a fee to fill balloons. Even if you purchase the balloon from them, you must pay a small fee to have it filled.

The good news is that there is no limit to how many balloons you can fill there. If you buy 200 balloons for a special occasion, they will fill them all for you.

You just have to be prepared to spend a lot of money. Filling latex balloons costs $1 while filling Mylar balloons costs $1.50.

The price is also determined by the size of the balloon.


Target does not use helium to fill balloons. They do, however, sell helium canisters and tanks that can be purchased and filled separately.

Helium tanks cost between $24 and $49 at Target, depending on the size of the canister. At Target, you can select the size of the tank based on how many balloons you want to fill.

If Target isn’t an option, you can always buy helium tanks on Amazon. Always read the reviews first, because the sellers of products like these change frequently.

Do Walgreens fill helium?

Is it possible to buy helium balloons at Walgreens? No, Walgreens does not inflate helium balloons in any of its locations.

Despite the fact that it provides a wide range of convenience services and products, blowing up balloons is not one of them.

Does Hobby Lobby fill helium balloons?

It can fill up to fifty balloons (depending on size) to create a fun and festive atmosphere at your party. Fill balloons one to two hours before your event and watch them soar for up to seven hours!

The tank can’t be refilled. Balloons are available for purchase separately.

City-Specific Stores Where you can Fill Balloons with Helium 


1. Your Dollar World

2. Balloon Boutique

3. Party City

4. Dollar Smart

5. Party Town


1. Party City

2. Lolliloot Balloon & Party

3. Zest for Living Party Pros

4. Balloons On Bloor

5. Custom Balloon Printing Toronto

New York

1. Party City

2. Balloon Saloon

3. World of Balloons

4. Balloon Kings

5. Life O’ The Party


1. Balloonman

2. Mr. price

3. Celebrations party shop  

4. Fun place

5. Woodies party zone

Where Can I Get Foil Balloons Filled With Helium?

Helium can be obtained for free from stores such as Dollar Tree, CVS, Walmart, and Party City. These balloons are extremely durable and can remain inflated for up to two weeks.

Where Can I Get Latex Balloons Filled With Helium?

Helium can be added to latex balloons at Party City, CVS, and Walmart. Latex balloons are elastic and can stretch significantly. After being inflated, they will gradually lose helium over time.

How Can you make a Balloon Float Without Helium?

Fill the water bottle about a third of the way with white vinegar. After that, fill the uninflated balloon halfway with baking soda.

Ideally, you’d have a funnel handy for this process, but since I didn’t have one, I made one out of rolled-up construction paper and tape. It was effective!

How Much is a Tank of Helium?

Tank Size Tank Helium
Cubic Feet Cost Price
291 C.F. $410 $329
244 C.F. $396 $289
160 C.F. $298 $199

Is it Worth it to Buy a Helium Tank?

The Final Word While renting a tank requires a larger initial investment, you will receive more helium for a lower price than purchasing a disposable tank.

Renting a tank is your best option if you need to fill more than 50 x 9′′ or 27 x 12′′ latex balloons. It is also more eco-friendly.

Can you Rent a Helium Tank?

Helium tanks of various sizes can be rented. Rental helium tanks typically range in size from 14 to 250 cubic feet. Determine the size of the helium tank you will require.

How Long Will Helium Balloons Last?

Latex-filled helium balloons float for approximately 8–12 hours, whereas helium-filled balloons float for 2–5 days.

If you want your latex balloons to float longer, you can purchase the Helium Hi-Float Treatment Kit, which allows the balloons to float up to 25 times longer!

Can I Make Helium at Home?

To float the balloon, you need a gas that is lighter than air, which is why we use helium. The very long, very slow decay of radioactive atoms such as uranium produces helium.

At the moment, this natural process is the only way to produce helium on Earth. To put it another way, you can’t make your own helium!

Will Balloons Float with Regular Air?

Similarly, we live in a gas known as Air. Our environment is filled with air. When something, such as a balloon, is filled with a gas that has a lower density than air, the balloon will float.

As a result, if a balloon is filled with any of these gasses, it will float.

How do You Make Helium Gas?

The radioactive decomposition and decay of certain elements such as uranium and thorium naturally produced this type of helium gas, known as helium-4 underground.

This reaction produces alpha particles with two neutrons and two protons.

Why is Helium so Expensive?

The decay of radioactive rocks forms the gas in the earth’s crust and accumulates in natural gas deposits as a byproduct of the gas industry.

Separating helium from natural gas and storing it is costly, time-consuming, and difficult, making it relatively rare.

Why are Helium Tanks so Expensive?

Helium is frequently found underground among other natural gasses, but in order to be used, it must be separated into its pure form, according to Segre.

That’s an expensive process, and because of its lightweight, it’s also expensive to store. Natural gas companies frequently do not do this due to the cost, according to Segre.

How Long Does a Helium Tank Last?

Non-returnable. Latex Balloons: The tank can hold approximately (30) 9-inch latex balloons or (16) 11-inch latex balloons. Each latex balloon has a float time of about 5-7 hours.

Mylar Balloons: Tank will fill sixteen 18-inch mylar balloons or ten (20-inch mylar balloons).

Can you Refill Party Time Helium Tanks?

Balloon Time® is a onetime use tank that cannot be refilled. Please do not refill it with anything. For more information, read all tank warnings. Only attempt to dispose of the Balloon Time® tank when it is completely empty.

How Many Balloons will an 8.9 Helium Tank Fill?

A small helium tank of 8.9 cubic feet can fill up to 30 9-inch latex balloons or 16 18-inch foil balloons.

How do I Dispose of a Helium Tank from Walmart?

They can safely dispose smaller helium tanks of in the trash. Before you put the helium in the bin, turn the top valve to the left.

How Many Balloons will a Helium Tank Fill?

A helium tank can fill up to 50 9-inch latex balloons or 27 11-inch latex balloons. Each latex balloon has a float time of about 5-7 hours.


Everyday Uses of Helium Gas

Now that we have figured out where to fill balloons with helium for free, let us also take a look at other uses of helium.

Helium is the universe’s second most plentiful element. Helium is used in numerous common applications, including electronics, medicine, and even automobiles, despite the fact that it cannot be seen or smelled.

Why Is Helium Important to the World?

It is beneficial to study more about the properties of helium in order to comprehend its significance to the world. It’s also important to understand the country’s history and how supply difficulties play a role in daily life.

Helium is an element that can be found in the form of a gas. On the periodic table, its atomic symbol is “He,” and its atomic number is 2. Helium has the lowest melting point of any element, with a boiling temperature of -452 degrees Fahrenheit.

Only helium can maintain its liquid state when its temperature is reduced. Only under severe pressure will it solidify. Helium’s characteristics make it essential for newer technologies like superconducting materials.

Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, behind hydrogen. Helium is found in all-stars, although it is more abundant in the hottest ones.

Nuclear fusion processes create it in stars. Helium was discovered first while examining the sun, our own star. Helium is abundant in the sun; it is a necessary element and so vital to the world.

Scientists recently discovered that helium is not as inert as previously thought.

Researchers discovered that helium may mix with other atoms without sharing its electrons – in other words, it can combine with other atoms without forming chemical bonds – after discovering crystals created from the elements helium and sodium.

Rather, it shields positively charged atoms from one another and counteracts the repulsive attraction that ordinarily separates them.

Helium and hydrogen compress and form stable compounds under severe pressure, such as that found at the Earth’s core.

Scientists may learn more about the element helium, including if it can still be considered genuinely inert or whether it may form stable compounds in severe settings.

What Is Helium Used For?

Helium has a wide range of applications. It is, of course, used to fill party balloons that are enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. After hydrogen was discovered to be highly reactive, helium was used to replace hydrogen in airships.

The gas is utilized in medicine, science, arc welding, refrigeration, airplane fuel, nuclear reactor coolant, cryogenic research, and gas leak detection.

Because its boiling point is close to absolute zero, it is utilized for cooling purposes. This makes it a good candidate for superconductors. They also pressurized rockets and other spacecraft with helium.

It can also be used to transfer heat.

Helium is utilized for lung ventilation in medicine because it allows improved gas penetration to the distal alveoli in the lungs, which helps patients with obstructed airways, asthma, and COPD.

It’s also utilized instead of carbon monoxide in some laparoscopic operations. Helium is sometimes used as an imaging label.

Also, Helium substitutes nitrogen in diving gas mixtures, allowing divers to dive deeper without causing harm to their central nervous systems.

Divers may experience pressure effects known as “the bends” if they don’t have this mixture.

Helium substitutes nitrogen in diving gas mixtures, allowing divers to dive deeper without causing harm to their central nervous systems. Divers may experience pressure effects known as “the bends” if they don’t have this mixture.

It also has a significant impact on vehicle safety. It’s used to fill airbags in the event of a collision.

furthermore, Helium is stored and transported as a liquid that is exceedingly cold. It is appropriate for protected contexts due to its lack of reactivity. Never handle helium in a direct manner.

It’s so chilly outside that frostbite is a real possibility.

Where Is Helium Found in Everyday Life?

Helium is utilized in party balloons and diving mixes as a lifting agent.  Doctors and surgeons use helium to help patients with lung and heart surgeries.

Als0, Helium is used by welders to create welding arcs in the construction industry. As you go about your daily routine, see if you can notice the utilization of helium.

Is Helium an Explosive Gas?

Helium is not a dangerous gas. Helium is categorized as noncombustible, meaning it does not burn. In liquid form, it is exceedingly cold, to the point where it freezes other gases.

If its container is exposed to heat, however, the container may burst.

When liquefied helium is introduced into water, it can boil furiously, resulting in high pressure inside containers, increasing the risk of the containers exploding due to the pressure.

Helium, on the other hand, will not explode on its own.

What Are the Consequences of Inhaling Helium?

The human voice alters pitch when exposed to helium, becoming significantly higher, squeaky, and comical. Continued helium inhalation can cause anoxia, or a lack of oxygen in the body, which can result in death.

Even a small amount of breathing causes dizziness and loss of consciousness.



Helium can be filled in a variety of locations. A party store is the best place to go because they have the best prices and the most variety of balloons.

However, if you don’t have access to a party store, you should be able to find helium services at most grocery stores or pharmacies that have a party section.


1. Does Dollar General Blow up Balloons?

Helium can be filled into latex, metallic, mylar, and gigantic balloons for as little as $0.50 at locations that provide this service. In order for workers to inflate the balloons, they had to be purchased in-store at Dollar General.

2. How do I Inflate a Balloon with Helium Gas at Home?

Convert hydrogen gas to helium via nuclear fusion, then utilize telekinesis to guide the gas into the balloon.

3. Why do Helium Balloons Deflate and not Pop?

Helium is the tiniest of all gasses, even tinier than hydrogen. It causes deflation by diffusing through the pores of latex and even Mylar balloons.

4. What Would Happen if I Pumped my Tires Full of Helium?

A problem with using helium in ordinary tires is that they would go flat very quickly. The helium atom is so small and agile that it would quickly migrate through the rubber.

5. What Type of Balloons can be filled with Helium?

Helium can be pumped into any balloon.

The balloon’s membrane must be light enough in relation to its internal area and non-porous in order to hold the gas if you want it to float after being filled.

More Frequently Asked Questions

6. How can a Balloon be Able to Float Without Helium?

It has to be filled with air. In water, it will float!

7. How Far in Advance Can I Make Balloon Decorations?

It depends on the weather and the quality of the balloons you’re using.

8. How Does Using Helium Deplete the Helium in our Atmosphere?

When helium is released into the atmosphere, it is eventually ejected into space. Because helium is so light, it has a slow escape velocity when it leaves the Earth’s atmosphere.

9. Which are some common objects which float on water?

Wood, corks, ducks.

10. How Can I Make Oxygen Gas at Home?

Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is the simplest approach to creating a modest amount of oxygen gas at home. Peroxide in any strength works.

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