Best Icebreaker Questions for Your Next Christmas Party

Christmas icebreaker questions are quick and easy questions and activities that encourage conversation and interaction at gatherings, meetings, and at the office.

christmas icebreaker questions

Funny Holiday Icebreaker Questions

These events are meant to foster relationships and holiday cheer. Holiday icebreakers are another name for these activities.

1. Have you ever regifted a present?

2. Have you ever returned a present you did not like for store credit?

3. What would your elf name be?

4. Which of your coworkers is most likely to be an elf in disguise?

5. Which of your coworkers is likeliest to wait until the last minute to finish Christmas shopping?

6. Which of your coworkers would be the best department store Santa?

7. Have you ever lied and told someone their present was “still in the mail” when really, you had not yet bought it?

8. What Christmas carol gets stuck in your head the most?

9. What Christmas-themed food do you think is the grossest?

10. Describe what your ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future would look like.

11. What song would you kill during Christmas karaoke?

12. What would be the strangest thing to see inside a snow globe?

13. What would be the worst thing to find in your Christmas stocking?

14. What is your favorite holiday joke?

15. What is your favorite bad holiday movie?

16. What is your holiday guilty pleasure?

17. What is your “never again” holiday story?

18. What is the strangest thing you have ever used/seen used for wrapping paper?

19. What would you be most offended to receive as a Christmas gift?

20. Be honest: is it really the thought that counts?

21. What is the most controversial Christmas opinion you have?

22. Holiday themed icebreaker questions

23. If you had to live in a holiday movie, which one would you choose?

24. What was your biggest holiday cooking or baking fail?

25. What celebrity would be the most fun to spend the holidays with?

26. If you could spend the holidays in a foreign country, which one would you choose and why?

27. What is the most interesting holiday decoration you own?

28. What is your best holiday hack?

30. What makes the best last minute present?

31. What holiday thing do you wish would last year long?

32. What is your favourite outdoor activity to do in the winter?

33. What is your favourite winter beverage?

34. What is the coolest holiday decoration display you have ever seen?

35. What is one unique way your hometown celebrates the holidays?

36. What one word best describes the holidays for you?

37. What is your favourite holiday commercial of all time?

38. What is your favourite holiday flavor?

39. In your opinion, what is the most underrated holiday film?

40. If you had to make all of your Xmas gifts by yourself, what would you make?

41. How do you get cozy during the holidays?

christmas icebreaker questions

Holiday Icebreaker Questions for Work

42. What was the best holiday present you ever received?

43. What was the strangest or worst holiday present you ever received?

44. What was the best gift you ever gave?

45. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

46. Does your family have any unique or bizarre traditions?

47. What are you most looking forward to this season? Least looking forward to?

48. What are your holiday plans?


49. Which of your coworkers do you think would make the best Christmas cookies?

50. Which of your coworkers would pick out the perfect present?

51. Which of your coworkers is most likely to be the life of the Christmas party?

52. What is your favorite holiday memory from childhood?

53. What is your favorite holiday treat?

54. What kind of holiday events are your favorite?

55. What is the best $5 gift to give someone?

56. What Christmas gift do you treasure the most?

57. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever completed one?

58. What is your best tip to stay calm and unstressed during the holidays?

59. Do you have a holiday playlist? Name one song off of it.

60. Do you buy presents for lots of people, or only the people who are closest to you?

61. What is the coolest present you have ever received during a Secret Santa?

62. Have you ever experienced a blizzard? What is your craziest snow storm story?

63. What was your favorite thing to do on a snow day home from school as a kid?

64. Do you reuse bows and wrapping paper?

Christmas Icebreaker Questions

65. Which holiday decoration goes up first?

66. Do you put up your tree before or after Thanksgiving?

67. What is your favorite holiday movie? Least favorite?

68. What gift would you love to unwrap?

69. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?

70. How do you celebrate Christmas with your pets?

71. Do you send Christmas cards?

72. If money were no object, what kind of Christmas presents would you buy?

73. Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?

74. How early do you start Christmas shopping?

Describe Your Ideal Christmas

75. What is your favorite Christmas story?

76. What is your favorite Christmas recipe?

77. If you could spend Christmas with any one person, who would it be?

78. Did you ever try to stay up and wait for Santa?

79. What is the most expensive present you have ever bought or received for Christmas?

80. What Christmas miracle would you most like to see happen?

81. Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July?

Christmas Celebration Icebreaker Questions

82. What is your least favorite thing about Christmas?

83. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

84. What is your favorite holiday food? Least favorite?

85. What is good on the buffet table?

86. What is your favorite Christmas carol?

87. What is your family’s funniest holiday story?

88. Do you prefer to go out for New Years or stay in?

89. What is the best Christmas party you have ever been to? The worst?

90. What is your favourite Christmas cocktail?

91. What would you be most excited to see at a Christmas party?

92. What is the best Christmas party you have ever been to?

93. What was the worst Christmas party you have ever been to?

94. What is your favorite part of a Christmas party?

95. Describe your perfect Christmas party?

96. What do you hope will be in your Christmas party swag bag?

97. Do you know everybody at this party? (Bonus- if no, go talk to somebody new!)

98. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

99. Did you find any good holiday sales this season?

100. Tree up before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving?

101. Real tree or a fake tree?

102. Star or angel?

103. Snowmen or snow angels?

104. Mittens or gloves?

105. Socks or sweaters?

Christmas Icebreaker Questions for You

106. Unwrapping gifts on Xmas Eve or Xmas morning?

107. Christmas or New Year?

108. Snoop for presents or be surprised?

109. Gift wrap or gift bags?

110. Homemade gifts or store-bought gifts?

111. Finish shopping early or finish shopping last minute?

112. Indoor Xmas lights or outdoor Xmas lights?

113. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

114. Cozy sweaters or pajamas?

115. Rudolph or Frosty?

116. Wreaths or stockings?

117. Santa hats or reindeer antler headbands?

118. Ugly sweater party or Christmas cocktail party?

119. Gift cards or cash?

120. Gingerbread houses or gingerbread men?

121. Peppermint or gingerbread?

122. Candy canes or chocolates?

123. Ice skating or snowball fights?

124. Secret Santa or White Elephant Exchange?

125. Shop in-store or shop online?

126. Would you rather get no presents or bad presents?

127. Would you rather spend Christmas in Alaska or Hawaii?

128. Would you rather dress up like an elf or dress up like Santa?

129. Would you rather accidentally tell a child Santa was not real or have to watch an Xmas marriage proposal get rejected?

130. Would you rather lie and tell someone you loved their present to be polite or admit that the present is bad in front of everyone?

Keep it straightforward and non-threatening because some individuals hate icebreakers. It’s about as simple as it gets to ask folks a “get to know you” inquiry about themselves. I’ve thus developed these amusing Christmas icebreaker questions to help ease the awkwardness at your next holiday party.

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