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Does O’Reilly Make Keys: In this article, we will list We list several places that cut and replace car keys or sell key blanks including O’Reilly and Autozone etc. You might be lucky to find one near you.

How to Have a Key Made

There are a couple of ways of getting a new key when the old one is lost or damaged. You will need to define the type of key your car needs, find a suitable key blank, find your car’s VIN, and find a place that can cut and, if essential, program your new key.

Different Key Types

Much older cars or more hot base models might have basic keys, which will just need to be cut to fit the ignition and door lock for it to work. Still, newer cars need chip-embedded keys, also known as transponder keys.

Transponder keys provide an additional key layer of security because even if the key is shaped to fit the lock, it will not start the car until the chip is programmed to the vehicle’s specifications.

So if you have a transponder key and need a second key that can open the truck and inside doors, then you can get a basic key devoid of a transponder and have it shaped to fit the lock.

Furthermore, every new car may have completely electronic keys for opening the doors and starting the ignition.

Key Cutting Requirements

After ascertaining the sort of key you will need, you must buy a key blank. But take note however that Key blanks will only work for chosen vehicle years, makes, and models so might want to be sure that the key blank you bought will work with your car.

In many situations, mostly if you order the key online, you’re going to need the VIN for your car. You’d normally find the VIN on the driver’s side dashboard (or, if for any reason you can’t find it on the car itself, it should be on the top left-hand corner of every page of your car insurance policy).

Lots of hardware stores and some automotive stores sell key blanks, and some make a copy of your current key.

But if you need a brand new key and you’re not in possession of the original copy, you might need to go to a locksmith to have it cut or shaped and, if required, programmed.

Perhaps you are asking, Can a locksmith make a key for a car? The answer is yes. You can buy the key blank from the same locksmith service that will cut or shape and program it, but it may be inexpensive to buy the key somewhere else and bring it in.

Dealerships will also offer replacement keys for your car, but this will normally be your most expensive option.

Auto Part Stores that Sell Key Blanks

It’s crucial to note that some of these stores may also provide key-cutting services — However, bear in mind, in certain situations, you not only need a key that physically fits in the lock, but You would also need the transponder in the key programmed to work with your car.

The key-cutting and programming services differ widely in different locations of these stores.

I’ll advise you to call your local auto stores  (we’ve made available location finders that can assist you to find the phone number) and ask if the store can cut or shape and program car keys.

Advance Auto Parts

  • Hours: Most stores are open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. with more limited hours on weekends
  • Cost: Blank keys typically cost between $20 and $50
  • Key blanks: View available blanks on the Advance Auto Parts website
  • Find the nearest Advance Auto Parts


  • Hours: Most stores open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Cost: Basic ignition keys start at $20 and prices increase for chip-embedded keys
  • Key blanks: Visit the AutoZone website to view available key blanks
  • Find the nearest AutoZone



  • Hours: Most stores open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Cost: Transponder keys start at $70, with no extra fee to program the new key
  • Key blanks: Visit the NAPA website to view available key blanks
  • Find the nearest NAPA

Hardware and Super Stores that Sell Key Blanks

Hardware and Super Stores that Sell Key Blanks

Like automotive or auto part stores, the stores on this rundown might possibly have the option to cut the key (almost certainly, probably a few areas of each chain will do this) and program it to work with your vehicle (it’s more uncertain that many, or any, stores in these chains will do this).

We’ve included them on the grounds that every one of these auto stores certainly sells key spaces, which you can buy and bring to a locksmith to have cut and modified.

To make things as simple as conceivable in your key-production attempt, we prescribe giving a snappy call to your nearby store to check in the event that they offer to cut and programming administrations notwithstanding selling the key spaces themselves.

The Home Depot

  • Hours: Many locations are open 6 a.m. — 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday with more limited hours on Sunday
  • Cost: Transponder keys start at roughly $40; standard mechanical keys are as low as $2.17
  • Key blanks: Visit the Home Depot website to view available key blanks
  • Find your nearest The Home Depot


  • Hours: Most stores open 6 a.m. — 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 8 a.m. —- 8 p.m. on Sundays
  • Cost: Blank automotive keys start at approximately $40
  • Key blanks: Visit the Lowe’s website to view available key blanks
  • Find the nearest Lowe’s

Online Options for Getting a Replacement Key

Online Options for Getting a Replacement Key

We’ve made a list of places that allow you to start getting your replacement key made without ever leaving your house. Pop-A-Lock will links you with a local locksmith who can personally meet you and bring the required supplies to shape and program a key immediately.

iKeyless and KeylessRide will just ask you to submit details about the car that needs the key, and you’ll get your key in the mail a few days later.

Car Keys Express (formerly iKeyless)

  • Hours: Customer service available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
  • Cost: For less than $50 (most keys are around $20), iKeyless provides 2 keys that require programming, which can be done by a dealership, a locksmith, or yourself
  • Services: Read more about iKeyless’s key replacement services
  • Car Keys Express does not offer physical locations; Find your replacement key at the Car Keys Express website and choose to ship the key or schedule a technician appointment


  • Hours: Customer service M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST
  • Cost: Prices start at $20 for the key, and fobs are usually included free of charge (depending on make and model). KeylessRide will provide detailed instructions to program the keys yourself.
  • Services: Read more about KeylessRide’s key replacement services
  • KeylessRide does not offer physical locations; contact KeylessRide for assistance with your key


  • Hours: Most local Pop-A-Lock locksmiths are 24/7
  • Cost: None disclosed online
  • Services: Read more about Pop-A-Lock’s key replacement services
  • Find the nearest Pop-A-Lock

Getting a Replacement Key Cut and Programmed With a Locksmith

In most situations, because key-cutting services differ by places at auto parts retailers and other stores, getting in touch with a local locksmith is your best option. Below are a few to remember when changing your car keys with the aid of a locksmith.

  • Prices will differ based on the sort of key and car.
  • Locksmiths have blank keys, and also sophisticated tools required to make and program a new key.
  •  A locksmith can also assist you to reprogram the replacement key.
  • Whenever you’re getting a new key made for a car, ensure to come with any other key fobs linked with that car. The fob might not work unless the new key is programmed.

Getting a Replacement Key from a Dealership

Purchasing and programming your replacement key at a dealer is the most costly alternative for key replacement.

For luxury vehicles like BMW and particular keys like keyless remotes, substitution may cost $500 or more, contingent upon the vehicle’s make and model. Less difficult, chip-inserted keys will likewise cost around $200 or more at vendors like Toyota.

Nonetheless, now and again, business substitution is vital. On the off chance that you have an especially mind-boggling key, for example, the accompanying, your most solid option will probably be to buy the substitution straightforwardly from a business:

  • Laser-cut keys
  • Chip-embedded keys
  • Keyless proximity remotes

Auto parts stores won’t be able to cut or program these key types, These keys will need a different type of machine to cut or are more complicated to program. Remember, as an anti-theft measure, dealerships often need a photo ID and evidence of vehicle ownership (Like the title or registration) when giving out replacement keys.


Other Important Information about Replacing your Car Keys

Usually, the older the vehicle and the simple the key, the easier it will be to change it. Nevertheless, if you want a chip-enabled and programmed key, you can program the key yourself and save money by buying an after-market replacement.

Below are some things to remember if you opt for either of these options.

After-Market Keys

After-Market keys and factory replacements online place you get your key replaced for less than it would cost you to get a new key straight from the manufacturer. You may have success with a noble dealer on eBay, but the best option is to look for firms that specialize in replacing car keys.

If you wish to buy a key somewhere other than a locksmith or dealership, be very careful about where you want to buy. Secondhand keys will be very difficult to cut, and once a transponder is programmed to work with one car, it cannot be reprogrammed to work with your own.

Programming Your Own Key

Contingent upon the make and model, you may almost certainly program a cut key yourself. When you have acquired the key and had it sliced to fit the locks, you can no doubt discover directions and videos online for programming the transponder.

Simply run a Google scan for “[car make, model] key programming,” and you’ll likely find a lot of instructional exercises for how to get the transponder functioning with your vehicle.

Doing this procedure yourself can spare a considerable amount of cash over heading off to a locksmith or a vendor. In any case, you ought to experience a few instructional exercises completely before starting the procedure to make certain that you see each progression so as to program the key effectively.

Remember that some keys are not programmable by the proprietor and will expect you to visit a business or expert

In conclusion, apart from having the key cut, you will also need the transponder in the key programmed to work effectively in your car.

There are different places that would help you with part or all of this process, plus hardware stores, online options, local locksmiths, and dealerships.

We hope this article was useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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