7 Online Dollar Stores with Deals Better than Your Local Dollar General

7 Online Dollar Stores with Deals Better than Dollar General: Tired of the unfavorable policies of your local Dollar General and need a change? Keep reading to find out seven alternative dollar stores you could use.

Online Dollar Stores

What is Dollar Store?

A dollar store is a store that sells inexpensive items for one dollar or less each. A popular concept throughout the world, the stores usually sell everything from cleaning supplies to children’s toys to food.

Online Dollar Stores with Deals Better than Your Local Dollar General

1. RoseGal

You will have a hard time finding items for $1 here as the cheapest jewelry and fashion accessories start at $2.

But, women might be able to find some good deals on clothing with many pieces ranging from $8 to $30.

RoseGal also sells some men’s clothing and home and garden accessories. However, this site has the widest selection and deals on women’s fashion.

Shipping is free for all orders to nearly any country in the world. And new shoppers can get 10% off their first order and accumulate points in the RoseGal rewards program.

2. Dollar Store

Established in 1996, Dollar Store prides itself on being the first true online dollar store. Products range in price from 50 cents to $2 per item.

The minimum order for Dollar Store is $50, and all orders ship from southern California.

I personally enjoy their large selection of socks and flip-flops.

3. Miss A

If you only want to shop for beauty and cosmetics, Miss A offers many cosmetics, bathrooms, oils, and lots of fashion accessories for only $1.

You can also buy curated kits that are a bundle of products and some items cost more than $1 apiece. One of the kits you can buy is the “Barely Basic Kit” which consists of nine pieces and costs $20.

Miss A has free shipping on all orders above $35 to the United States. They are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

4. Jack’s

Jack’s sells just about everything in its physical stores and the online version is no different. Product categories include clothing, groceries, gifts, electronics, and pet supplies.

The retailer sells inexpensive products but carries a few brand-name items. On the store’s website, it says the store sells items from brands such as Black & Decker, Fuji, AT&T, and Revlon.

5. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is another popular dollar store that is commonly seen in many neighborhoods. Shopping categories include floral and home décor, cleaning and storage, holidays, and office supplies.

You can get free shipping if you send your order directly to the store.

Hollar has a huge selection of items, but their one-dollar shop section is a great place to find things for exactly one dollar.

It has everything from accessories and toys to electronics and household items. All for just one dollar!

The rest of the website has other good deals that start at 2 dollars and range up to about 10 dollars. Everything is a really good deal though, even if it is not a dollar.

6. DollarFanatic

At DollarFanatic (run by 11for10.com) everything is just one dollar! This store offers a great variety of items at the low price that we all love.

There is even a deal where if you buy 10 items, you can get the eleventh item for free! You can get toys, games, beauty supplies, and more here.


7. Dollar Days

Dollar Days is a discount store that seems to have anything you could possibly need in stock, from light bulbs to food and everything in between.

The best part about Dollar Days is that everything is extremely discounted, so if you are able to look through your options it is very likely that you will find something you need.

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