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Places Where you Can Get Balloons for Free for Birthday

-Where to Get Balloons for Free-   

Birthdays are regarded as a very special day for everyone. If it is special, it ought to be celebrated specially and birthday celebrations are incomplete without balloons tilting from one side to another.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

In this article, you will get to know amazing places to get balloons for free for birthdays.

Is It Possible to Get Balloons For Free For Birthdays?

The majority of birthday balloons are manufactured of natural latex extracted from rubber trees and can be filled with air, helium, water, or any other acceptable liquid or gas.

When rubber or plastic balloons are filled with helium to make them float, they usually keep their shape and size for days. Foil balloons, on the other hand, keep their size and shape for considerably longer.

However, finding an amazing place where you can get free balloons for birthdays might be slightly difficult and very stressful.

This is because for every service rendered, money is seen as a source of motivation for the producers of such products and they always want to remain in business.

Not to worry, there are some amazing places you can get your balloons filled with helium for free for your birthday.

What are Non-Helium Balloons?

These balloons are composed of vinyl and are filled with air rather than helium that can be used for birthdays.

They gained popularity as a result of the current helium scarcity, but they are also a fantastic choice because they are long-lasting and come in a variety of styles.

Helium-free balloons are durable and can be left outside and exposed to the weather for an extended period of time.

If you want to throw a wonderful indoor birthday party, non-helium birthday balloons are the way to go. Balloons without helium make long-lasting displays since they do not deflate.

These reusable balloons can keep your interiors looking great for a long time.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

How to Keep Non-Helium Balloons in the Air

There are varieties of fiberglass rods for keeping your balloons in place at your birthday party. If you don’t have any landscaping, you can use a sand/water base to hold your balloons upright.

Plastic balloons can be put in bouquet-style configurations that resemble helium balloon arrangements, despite the fact that they are on a somewhat strong pole.

Unlike helium-filled balloons, non-helium balloons are wonderful balloons that can be used during birthday parties.  

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Helium-Free Balloons vs Helium Balloons For Birthdays  

Let’s compare non-helium balloons to helium balloons now that you’ve learned a little more about them.

1. Non-Helium Balloons

The benefits of helium-free balloons are numerous. These balloons:

  • Can endure for up to 6 months or more outside, and years inside
  • Do not change form in adverse weather
  • Stay fixed in position
  • Make complicated patterns a breeze
  • Save you money on helium
  • Are shiny 24/7 – Can be preserved for a year

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

2. Helium Balloons

These balloons are widely used, however, they have restrictions. Helium balloons have the following characteristics:

  • They last about 10 hours
  • Changes shape in extreme conditions
  • Easy to lose Design choices are limited.
  • Charges add to the price

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

These two balloons are useful in a variety of scenarios. A few helium balloons might suffice if you’re organizing a casual birthday celebration.

Non-Helium balloons, on the other hand, are the way to go if you require longer-lasting eye-catching balloon displays for a big birthday celebration.

Decorating your Birthday with Non-Helium                                                           

They offer a lot of versatility because they don’t fly away, making them simple to deal with.

1. Add Designs to Your Balloons

Adding printed or hand-drawn graphics to your reusable plastic balloons is a terrific way to personalize them. Custom printing can also be done to your balloons.

For that added touch, add your name and your picture to your balloons.

Try sketching jack-o’-lantern faces on orange balloons during Halloween. You can visit a station where consumers or clients make their own hand-drawn balloon patterns.

Drawing cartoon faces on your balloon surfaces can also be entertaining. Birthday guests can easily notice when you add a personal touch to your decor.

Add Designs to Your Balloons

2. Hanging Non-Helium Birthday Balloons

More so, helium-free balloons do not float on their own, they require some assistance. Hanging balloons from the ceiling is a terrific alternative for a birthday party.

A hanging ceiling kit includes everything you’ll need to make a striking cluster or column. For a more conventional party balloon look, add accessories like strands of curly ribbon.

It’s also possible to make balloon clouds on the ceiling!

Non-helium balloons are simple to deal with, and because they’re suspended overhead and out of reach of attendees, you won’t have to worry about bored children or eager salespeople popping a couple.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Other Ways of Using Birthday Balloons without Helium

You don’t have to limit yourself to using balloons during the holidays. Balloons are usually a good idea! Make a surprise, cheer yourself up, or simply add a festive mood to a dreary day.

 Let’s look at what else you may do with balloons except decorate birthday party settings.

1. Baloon Avalanche

Planning on surprising someone, this is the solution for you. Fill a large number of balloons with air. Because you don’t have enough strength to inflate that many balloons, you’ll need to acquire a pump.

There should be so many balloons that they fall on the person who opens the door to the room. Of course, this is a time-consuming but magnificent surprise!

If you want to surprise your girlfriend in a homey, cozy setting but want to surprise her with something, a balloon storm is a way to go.

Install a large net beneath the ceiling and fill the hammock with air balloons. At the proper moment, you take off the net, and balloons fall on you.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

2. Balloons with Surprises

This suggestion could be useful for amusing guests. Blow up a large balloon and fill it with little light toys, color wheels, candy, and confetti.

A big balloon bursts at the perfect moment, scattering the surprises with Pyrotechnics

An alternative approach to make a difference at a birthday event with balloons that aren’t filled with helium is to provide a personalized gift for each participant.

Fill balloons with confetti and candies. Fill each balloon with air, wrap the tails with ribbons, and hang it from the ceiling. At the conclusion of the party, each child selects and bursts his or her own balloon.

Balloons with surprises

3. Fruit-balloons Garlands

They make great décor for country house events. Inflate a variety of colored balloons. Make bunches of raspberries, grapes, pineapples, and other fruits.

Cut off the fruit’s paper leaves and glue them to the tops. Add photos to the balloons if necessary.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

4. Luminous Décor

Get some glow bracelets, glow sticks or tiny flashlights. Fill the balloons with bright goods, then inflate, bind, and hang the balloons from the ceiling with double-sided tape or hooks.

In the twilight, such “fireflies” under the ceiling create the perfect ambiance.

You don’t need helium to decorate with balloons, as you can see. Consider one of these fantastic helium-free balloon decorating ideas for your next party or event! Balloons Online has the best balloons for every event at affordable costs.

Luminous Décor

Why Get your Birthday Balloons Filled With Helium?

Birthday balloons are one characteristic of every spectacular party. There’s no denying that helium-filled balloons endure longer than air-filled balloons.

This is due to the fact that helium is lighter than air.

The average weight of helium per liter is 0.1785 grams. Nitrogen, on the other hand, weighs 1.2506 grams per liter. When you breathe into a balloon, nitrogen comes out of your lungs.

Balloons loaded with air from your lungs will not rise as high as helium-filled balloons because the air from your lungs is heavier. If you want the nicest balloons, you know you have to fill them with helium.

You may, however, be unsure of where to look.

Amazing Places to Get Balloons Filled With Helium for Free 

1. Party City

If your town has a store, you can expect helium services there as well. It is an amazing place to get helium for your balloons because they supply just about anything you could need for your party.

They offer helium services in a number of different ways. One of the most common methods is to simply purchase helium-filled balloons. They also inflate a few balloons using helium every day.

These balloons are ready to use and only require the purchase of a few supplies. Continue on your journey after selecting which balloons best fit your theme.

Uninflected balloons are another option for getting your balloons filled with them.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Other Services Offered at Party City

A free helium fill-up service is included with certain of their balloons. However, not all of them do, so double-check the balloon in question.

When you’re ready to have your balloons filled, you buy them and have them blown up by the cashier.

This amazing place strives to make purchasing and inflating birthday balloons as simple as possible. As a result, they also offer delivery services.

Finally, you can get your balloons filled at Party City by purchasing them somewhere and bringing them in.

The balloons will still be filled by their attendant, but you will be charged a modest price for the service.

Cost of Helium Services at Part City

The cost of filling balloons here is determined by several factors. The helium service is free if you purchase a foil balloon from this amazing store.

On the balloon, there will be a notation showing whether or not the helium service is free.

You’ll have to pay a little price for helium if you buy a latex balloon. The cost varies between 99 cents and $1.29. The amount you must pay is determined by the number of balloons and their size.

Furthermore, if you purchase balloons elsewhere, you will pay somewhat higher helium service rates.

To ensure that you receive your helium service for eligible balloons, you must either bring your receipt or provide proof of purchase.

2. Dollar Tree

This is another good place where you may get helium balloons filled. Dollar Tree, like Party City, offers a variety of methods to use its services. The first option is to purchase filled balloons from them directly.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

This store has its own party department, albeit it doesn’t have as much variety as Party City. Several balloons are included in the celebration area.

They occasionally fill some of these balloons. You don’t need to bother about hiring a helium service if you buy them as-is.

Other Ways to Make Use of Their Services

Another way is to purchase a balloon and have them fill it for you. This service is only available for foil balloons.

Meanwhile, helium will not be filled into latex balloons at their stores. They will also refuse to fill balloons purchased from a separate store.

You’ll need to bring your receipt to confirm that you purchased the balloon from their online store. You will not be charged extra for this service.

Cost of Helium Services for Dollar Tree

At this store, you can fill your balloon with helium for a very low price. It usually doesn’t cost you anything because the balloon’s price covers the service.

However, you may be required to pay a fee in some cases. The good news is that it will only cost you $1. Their service can save you a lot of money whether you have a huge balloon or multiple balloons to fill.

Large balloons for birthdays can be more expensive in other places, such as Party City. Filling your balloons with helium costs only one dollar.

3. Target

This store does not offer helium filling services, but it does offer the ability to fill your balloons. This location has a decent party section.

For diverse party themes, you’ll discover foil and latex balloons in a variety of shapes and colors.

Each major holiday season, the business switches out its balloons. You’ll need helium to fill these balloons because they come flat.

Fortunately, helium tanks are sold, so you’re covered. This store, unlike other party stores, sells big helium tanks. This guarantees that the tank has a sufficient amount of helium and may be used for a long time.

Their helium tank is heavy-duty and costs roughly $50.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Cost of Helium Services at Target

There is no helium party service at this store that will fill your balloons for you. You may either buy the tank from here and fill it yourself, or you can take your balloons to a different store for filling.

4. Dollar General

If you can’t find this store in your region, you might be able to find a Dollar General. You may expect identical services from Dollar Tree and Dollar General because they are owned by the same corporation.

Helium-filled balloons are also available here. It is very possible to purchase directly from the store.

Their services also include helium filling, but exclusively to customers who purchase their balloons from Dollar General.

It is not possible to fill a balloon purchased from a separate store. For roughly $35, they also sell an 8.9-cubic-foot helium tank. You can buy this tank and fill your balloons at home if you choose.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Other Services Rendered

Because Dollar General only fills foil balloons and not latex balloons, you might need the tank if you want to buy latex balloons.

You may also purchase balloons from their online store and have them filled at the store for free. To receive the free service, you must have your receipt with you.

If you do find yourself in need of helium, it will cost you $1, just like at Dollar Tree. Depending on the various options accessible to you, this might save you a lot of money.

5. Walmart

It is very difficult to access helium at all Walmart stores. Those that do are usually the store’s larger Supercenter variants. If you live near a Walmart Supercenter, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to get helium services.

They also carry a variety of balloons.

We can find several balloons with various themes in their party section. A few balloons for birthdays are even pre-inflated in some stores.

This allows you to purchase a fully inflated balloon without having to wait for helium delivery.

Any balloon, whether foil or latex, can be filled at this store. They will not, however, fill a balloon purchased from a different store.

To receive a helium fill-up, bring your receipt to the customer service desk to confirm that you purchased it from their store.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Other Vital Things to Note about Walmart Services

Other stores may offer helium services in a different locations. Walmart also sells helium tanks in a variety of sizes. This enables you to fill the balloons at home, perhaps saving money over time.

Their helium service is relatively inexpensive.

The average cost of a single balloon is 25 cents. However, the price rises in proportion to the number of balloons and their size. Depending on the type of balloon, they may also charge you more.

Filling latex balloons, for example, maybe more expensive than filling foil balloons.

The only thing you’ll need is the receipt to show where you bought it. You can also purchase balloons from Walmart’s online store and have them filled in the store.

6. CVS

They include a party department in addition to first aid, a few groceries, and is a perfect store for prescriptions. We can find a small assortment of balloons for birthdays in the party area.

They also offer helium services because they sell balloons.

This amazing store has expanded its product line to include party supplies in an effort to expand beyond being just a drugstore. They’re aiming to become a one-stop-shop for a variety of requirements.

However, not all CVS locations have made as much success as others.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Smaller CVS stores, for example, may only have a pharmacy and a few other items. These stores are unlikely to have a party section, implying that they do not offer helium services.

Do CVS Filled Balloons Get From Other Stores?

Helium services are usually available in larger stores with several departments, including a party section. This store provides at no additional cost helium.

Because they expect you to fill the balloon at their store, the price is included in the ballooning cost.

Although most of them do not fill balloons purchased from other stores, it’s worth checking with your local CVS. Those who are willing to fill your balloon from another store will almost certainly charge you a small fee.

Because they do not sell helium tanks, you will have to rely on their helium service to fill your balloons. If this store has a party section, you can expect helium to be available there as well.

7. Kroger

Even if it doesn’t bear the Kroger name, most areas have a Kroger grocery shop. Kroger is known for supplying high-quality products and other items.

Filling balloons for birthdays with helium is another service offered by Kroger.

In their floral department, you’ll find a variety of helium balloons that are already inflated and ready to purchase. The cost of helium used to inflate these balloons is already factored into the purchase price.

Although there are less expensive ways to inflate your balloon, if you’re in a hurry, you can always take it to Kroger. Latex and foil are the most common.

They also have a variety of balloons.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Benefits of Choosing Kroger

Choosing Kroger to fill your birthday balloons is that they accept balloons from any location. Kroger will fill your balloons even if you purchased them elsewhere, such as Walmart.

This is due to Kroger’s helium charge service.

You’ll have to pay a price to fill up the balloon whether you buy it at Kroger or elsewhere. Birthday balloons come in a variety of sizes and colors at Kroger.

The cost of helium depends on the number, type, and size of the balloons. The cost of using Kroger’s helium services ranges from $3 to $8. A basic latex balloon might cost as little as $1.

Large balloons, those measuring 12 or 15 inches in length, can range in price from $7 to $15. Kroger can also assist you in purchasing pre-filled helium balloons.

8. Meijer

Despite the fact that Meijer is a regional grocery store, it is the preferred shopping destination for many Midwest people.

Meijer also has a sizable party department with everything you could possibly need for a birthday party and they do not leave balloons for birthdays out.

You might be wondering if Meijer provides helium services since they sell balloons. Meijer fills balloons and provides a number of services that aren’t available at other grocery stores.

Meijer allows you to place a large-scale balloon order over the phone.

In that regard, they’re akin to a party store. You can call Meijer and ask them to fill about 20 balloons for you. Meijer will then offer you an estimate for when your order will be ready.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

Does Meijer Offer Other Services?

Meijer staff must also perform other jobs, it will most certainly take longer than at a party store. Meijer makes buying and filling balloons easier and more thorough than other merchants.

For larger purchases, however, you may expect your item to be ready in two to three hours. It will take less time if you only have a modest quantity of balloons.

Meijer also sells helium balloons that have already been pre-filled. Because each shop is different, it’s worth phoning your local Meijer to see whether they’ll fill balloons purchased elsewhere.

9. Publix

Publix is another amazing place, it is a regional supermarket chain centered in the Southeast United States, is another significant retailer that fills balloons for birthdays.

They charge a price for filling balloons, much as other supermarkets.

You’ll have to pay a little price to have the balloon filled even if you buy it from the store. The good news is that there is no limit to how many balloons you may fill there. If you purchase 200 balloons for a special occasion, the attendant will fill them all.

All you have to do now is plan on spending a lot of money. Filling latex balloons costs $1, whereas filling Mylar balloons cost $1.50. The price is also determined by the balloon’s size.

Amazing places to Get Balloons for Free

FAQs About Where to Get Balloons for Free

1. What is a Good Alternative to Helium Balloons?

Balloons, such as the reusable plastic balloons are filled with compressed air rather than helium.

2. How do you Inflate a Helium-Free Balloon?

Inflate helium-free balloons with a needle-type inflation tip, similar to what you’d use for a basketball.

3. How Long do Helium-Free Balloons Last?

While helium-filled balloons only last for a few hours before deflating, reusable helium- free balloons can last for months.

4. Can I Make Helium at Home?

No, you can’t produce your own helium because you need a gas that is lighter than air.

5. How do you Air Fill Balloons?

Fill the balloon with air by blowing into the straw’s end. Take cautious not to inflate the balloon too much. The balloon will eventually pop if you continue to blow.

6. Can foil balloons be filled with air?

Foil balloons are usually only designed to be inflated with air. The foil balloon will not float when filled with air and will require the use of a balloon cup and stick to keep it upright.

7. Is Helium Running Out Permanently?

Helium is plentiful throughout the universe, it is limited on Earth. 

8. Why Was There a Helium Shortage in 2019?

This is because of, closures of production plants, a 2017 ban in Qatar, and the progressive sale-off.

9. Who Else Uses Helium?

It’s used to cool magnets in MRI scanners and can be mixed with air to treat people with breathing problems.

10. Can I Buy Helium Tanks at Party City?

Yes, you certainly can! If you prefer to fill your own balloons on your own.

Having read this article carefully, I hope you found it helpful as regards to where to get balloons for birthdays. Let’s know in the comment section if you did.

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