UPS Notary Services

To make life easier, UPS Store locations provide notary services. Once your documents have been notarized, the center will assist you in making any necessary copies and shipping them to their destination.

UPS Notary Services

Is the UPS Notary Service a Good Idea?

Notarization is frequently required to make a legal document valid.

This means that a notary must verify the signing parties’ identities and determine whether they are of sound mind and willingly signing a document.

A notary public will witness the signing and add his or her stamp and signature.

Obtaining notary service from a United Parcel Service (UPS) notary is one method of notarizing a document.

When you needed a document notarized, you usually had to wait in line at a bank, a FedEx or UPS location, or the Post Office down the street. 

This can be a huge hassle for people who cannot take time off work or leave their homes to find a notary public.

Even if you do manage to find the time, the next question is always,

“Where Can I Get Something Notarized?” Where Can I Find a Notary Public?

Or, more specifically, where can I get something notarized for free?

Usually, the only place that can provide cheap notary services is your local UPS.


Why is it Necessary to Notarize Documents?

You must notarize certain documents to be legally binding.

Given the inherent formality and significance of legal documents that you must notarize,

State governments have deemed it necessary to enlist the assistance of a trained individual to assist with their execution.

A “notary public,” after being officially appointed, acts as a quasi-public officer to attest to the proper execution of these important documents.

Documents that may necessitate notarization:

Prior to Your UPS Notary Service Appointment

Remember not to sign your legal document that needs to be notarized on your own before meeting with the notary.

If there are additional signing parties, you should all attend your notary service appointment.

When it comes to witnesses other than the notary, state laws may differ.

You should determine whether another witness is required and, if so, whether another UPS employee can assist.

When you visit your local UPS Store for notary services, bring a valid, government-issued photo ID with you.

State laws differ, and some documents may require witnesses in addition to notarization. 

In some cases, they may not legally permit a notary public to act as a signature witness at the same time.

As a result, not all locations have staff available to provide additional signature witnessing services.

Check with your local store to see if signature witnesses are available and if your state’s laws mandate such a requirement.

UPS Notary Services

Making an Appointment with a UPS Notary

To make an appointment to notarize a document at UPS, follow these steps:

  • Go to the UPS website.
  • Hover your mouse over Store Services in the upper right corner.
  • Select Notary Services.
  • Scroll down and select Appointment Scheduler.
  • Enter your address.
  • If you want to search for something specific, change the filter to:
  • Number of the store
  • Saturday is open.
  • Sunday is open.
  • Click the Submit button.

You can also use the map to find the UPS store nearest you and view contact information.

When you find your favorite store, you’ll see the address, phone number, email address, store hours, and a link to the local page.

You have the option of contacting the store and scheduling your notary service appointment.

What Does UPS Charge for Notary Services?

The UPS website does not disclose the cost of its notary service.

Notary fees range from $0.25 to $25 and vary greatly from state to state and even county to county.

The set price is sometimes per signature and other times per document.

Some states may limit the maximum fee that notaries can charge.

Notarize Your Documents Online!

When someone asks where to get something notarized, tell them to go online with these easy steps:

Register online or download the app.

Upload any document, but DO NOT SIGN IT PRIOR TO DOING SO. You must sign in front of a notary public.

Use Notarize’s digital tools to complete the document.

Verify your identity.

When you’re ready, press to speak with a notary public. 

They will connect you to a licensed notary public in less than three minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sign with your iPhone or computer while the notary public monitors live video.

Wait for the notary public to online notarize your document (typically less than one minute)

You’re finished! Download your notarized PDF.

You can print it or share it online.

The entire process takes less than 5 minutes on average.

Where Else can I Get a Document Notarized?

Notary services are not only available at UPS

You can also inquire with your local bank, as they may provide them for free.

Other places where you can get a document notarized include:

  • Public libraries
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance brokers
  • Courthouses
  • Office supply stores
  • AAA shops
  • Hotels
  • Money transfer services
  • Auto dealers
  • Legal offices
  • Police departments.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can Notarize a Document in Ireland?

In Ireland, the Chief Justice of the Irish Supreme Court appoints notaries.

A notary is required to vouch for and keep records of the identity of all individuals who appear before him to sign documents.

2. Who can Notarize a Document?

A Notary Public is the person who notarizes documents.

A Notary Public is thus a public official, usually a lawyer.

They are authorized to perform acts in legal affairs, such as witnessing signatures on documents, document verification and authentication, and so on.

3. Who can be a Notary Public in Canada?

Senators, MLAs, MPs, judges, and even law students in Canada can serve as notaries.

If certified, there are numerous private notary services available: they have undergone rigorous legal screening to ensure their impartiality.

A notary public can certify documents for use outside of Canada.

4. Who can be a Notary Public in the UK?

Solicitors and barristers who graduated within the last five years Holders of a recent law degree from an English university.

Those who have completed a CPE or LPC course within the last five years.

5. How Much Does Notary Cost in the UK?

The Notary Public’s hourly rate is £225.00.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office charges £30 to stamp a document with an Apostille.

More FAQs

6. How Much Does a Notary Make in the UK?

A notary public with 1-3 years of experience earns an average salary of £19,759.

A senior level notary public (8+ years of experience), on the other hand, earns an average salary of £29,494.

7. What Qualifications Does a Notary need?

Notary applicants must be at least 18 years old, a legal resident of the state, and have no criminal record.

Some states require notary candidates to be able to read and write English.

Residents of neighboring states in some states may also appoint notaries.

8. How Much does it Cost to Get Something Notarized?

The national average cost of hiring a notary public is $40, with prices ranging from $35 to $50.

However, the total cost will vary depending on where you live, how many documents you need notarized, and the type of documents.

9. How do I Become a Notary in the UK?

To be admitted as a Notary Public, a person must be at least 21 years old.

They have taken the oath of allegiance under the Public Notaries Act 1843, and have a law degree or be a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales or a barrister at law.

10. How do I Become a Notary Without a Degree?

Although no formal education is required to become a notary, a certificate or associate’s degree in criminal justice, political science, or paralegal studies may be beneficial for professional advancement.

According to UPS, all stores provide notary services.

If you need to notarize a will or an I-9 employment eligibility verification form, you should check with your local UPS store first because most UPS notaries cannot notarize these documents.

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