Bank of America Check Cashing Limits, Fees, and Duration 2021

You are looking for the policy or requirements for cashing a check at the Bank of America, you will find this article to be highly invaluable. I will also examine the fees and limits of the checks cashed here.

What You Need to Know About Bank of America Check Cashing.

To cash a Bank of America check, visit a bank where you have an account and ask the teller to cash it. If you don’t have a bank account, other methods include cashing the check at a Bank of America branch or a retailer that offers check-cashing services.

Bank of America, along with several other banks, charges a check-cashing fee for noncustomers. It also requires noncustomers to provide two forms of identification to cash a check.

Convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, and major retailers, such as Walmart, may also cash checks. Fees vary based on the store, and it may be a flat fee or a percentage of the check.

Does Bank of America Cash Checks?

The Bank of America yes does check to cash. However, then there are some of the types of checks that are not allowed. For instance, if you do not have their account, you will most probably not be able to cash your check.

I have said, most probably, meaning that in some branches you may be allowed to cash your check, regardless of whether you have an account or not.

However, to prevent such cases, individuals are advised to inquire first about the Bank’s branch that is near them to be able to avoid having their checks rejected.

Bank of America Check Cashing Requirements, Policy & Limits

Just like any other financial institution, Bank of America has its requirements, policies and limits. These are specifically meant to streamline the operations and ensure that people receive quality banking services.

The following sections show the requirements and limits at Bank of America.

– Requirements for cashing a check at Bank of America

When you have an account at the Bank of America, you stand a good chance of cashing your checks at any of their branches. However, additional requirements besides the account include:

– Check cashing limits at Bank of America

The limits are usually meant for cash and security management purposes to allow the banks to carry enough cash to service day-to-day services.

The maximum amount of money you can cash at the Bank of America varies, depending on the type of check. For instance, a personal check should not exceed $25 a day, while a payroll check should never exceed $57 a day.

Individuals should visit the nearest branches to know the limits of their checks. This information will be important and shall assist the clients to avoid wasting time moving from one bank branch to another in search of the bank that can cash all their checks.

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Check Cashing Fee at Bank of America

Check Cashing Fee at Bank of America

Individuals with an account at the Bank of America, usually pay an $8 fee for the checks. However, the fee is only applicable if the checks are $50 or more and matches an $8 fee that is already applicable to non-nonclients.

Individuals are therefore advised to evade this fee by registering and opening an account with the Bank of America.

You should not ignore the advice if you are a non-customer, open an account with the Bank of America, it is free and you will never pay the fee!

Cashing a Large Check at Bank of America

If you’re a Bank of America deposit account holder, cashing a check — no matter the amount — is free. If you don’t have a deposit account with Bank of America, you can still cash a check issued by Bank of America.

Also, if the check amount is less than $50, there is no fee; if the check amount is more than $50, there is an $8 per check fee.

For non-members cashing large checks issued by Bank of America, including cashier’s checks, there is no set limit on the amount that can be cashed.

However, the check must be “presented for negotiation in person,” a corporate customer service representative explained — meaning that an individual branch may set a limit at the discretion of the manager, after looking at the check, or based on the availability of cash at that branch.

Large checks acceptable at the Bank of America include

How to Deposit a Check at Bank of America – ATM & OTC

How to Deposit a Check at Bank of America – ATM & OTC

The process of cashing checks at the Bank of America is quite simple:

  • Just make sure you have your valid ID or passport and the printed check
  • Visit any nearest Bank of America ATM or OTC to receive cashing services.
  • At the ATM, you will be required to enter a secret code of your check and password to be able to cash your check. Sometimes, the banks allow for fingerprints, just to make sure that those cashing the checks are the real owner of the check.
  • At the OTC, you will produce your legal documents listed above and present them to the cashier. The cashier will then guide you until you have received your cash.

Check Cashing Policy for Non-account Holders

For the non-account holders, they shall pay an $8 fee for their checks (totaling a maximum of 50 dollars).

However, it is good to know that in some branches, these charges may not be applicable, and therefore, one should just confirm with the bank’s customer care service.

In summary, there are check-cashing limits. Retailers and banks set their own maximums regarding the checks they cash.

If you have a bank account, your bank may only cash a certain amount of a check. The rest of the money becomes available once the check clears.

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