13 Best Toy Stores Near me 2022 in Denver You Should Visit

Toys abound in large box stores and on the internet, but exceptional customer service, product enthusiasm, quality, and a child-centered setting are frequently difficult to come by.

13 Best Toy Stores Near Me 2022 in Denver You Should Visit

In big-box shopping, you just can’t find such classic toys. But at the smaller independent toy stores, where the shelves are carefully and carefully stocked, you often discover similar traditional toys.

If you’re the parent you’re searching for while buying this year for the holidays, check out these toy retailers. You will find amazing things while giving local, independent companies the gift of support.

Here are some of Denver’s favorite toy shops that help local businesses while providing lasting presents. And if you pick with care, it can entirely be handed on to the next generation.


Denver’s Top 13 Toy Stores near me 2022 to Visit Now

Below are some of the best toy stores near me 2022 in Denver:

Denver’s Top 13 Toy Stores

1. The Wizard’s Chest

The Wizard’s Chest is at the top of the list. The toy business, which provides costumes, games, and other items, is at 451 Broadway in Baker and has the highest Yelp rating in Denver, with 4.5 stars out of 159 reviews.

The fantasy-themed toy store has departments for men, women, children, and pets, as well as books (which include art and activity books).

Also puzzles and brain teasers, magic tricks and pranks, plush animals and puppets, and board games.

2. Wonderland Toys

This is one of the best toy stores near me in 2022 in Denver. Wonderland Toys cares about the neighborhood and provides activities and a play space for children while their parent’s shop.

Every Friday from 5 to 6 p.m. in November and December, the shop will hold gaming evenings.

Customers receive gift wrapping, which is one of the staff’s favorite aspects of the job. On Neighborhood Toy Store Day, November 11, the store will include new Christmas toys, as well as activities, raffles, and snacks.

Stop by for a vast assortment of fidget spinners and Jellycat plush animals.

3. Talulah Jones

Robin Lohre is a Talulah Jones owner who selects toys manufactured using environmentally friendly techniques and materials carefully.

Plan Toys, a renowned firm for sustainable fabrication and materials that include ovens instead of chemically dried wood, offers a vast variety of products.

Besides apparel and literature, they sell a large range of Maileg toys–a little mouse in matchboxes.

Lohre adds that the business prefers to focus on excellent items at reasonable costs instead of special events, promotions, and promociones.

4. Fifty-Two 80s

This is one of the best toy stores near me in 2022 in Denver. Platt Park’s Fifty-Two 80s, at 1874 S. Broadway, is up next.

The toy store and used, vintage, and consignment shop gets five stars out of 44 Yelp reviews, proving to be a neighborhood favorite.

The store is set in the 1980s and is filled with nostalgic vintage items such as action figures, collectible figurines, posters, old arcade games, and more. The shop gets genuine products online and resells them in-store.

5. Timbuk Toys

Lowry Town Center, 200 Quebec Street, Denver, and University Hills, 2526 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver–This award-winning Denver toy business provides excellent service and toys that are not only entertaining but also stimulate learning through play.

Is there a more effective method to learn? Timbuk provides everything from traditional toys to contemporary, innovative variations.

At the University Hills site, they also offer programs for children, such as the Songs for the Seeds music program and Little Smartest art workshops.

6. Once Upon a Child

This is one of the best toy stores near me in 2022 in Denver. It is at K1, 8996 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton.

Once Upon a Child is a Littleton-based retailer of children’s clothes, accessories, toys, and equipment. It sells gently worn products at up to 70% off retail.

Not only can you discover some amazing deals, but you can also sell your own children’s clothing as they outgrow it, making it a terrific method to avoid waste while also generating a little additional money.

7. Little Feet

This is one of the best toy stores near me in Denver. It is at Denver, 201 University Blvd, #103.

Because Little Feet focuses on the in-store experience and customer service, there is no online store.

From Converse, Crocs, New Balance, Adidas, Birkenstock, Chaco, and more, the family-owned Denver children’s shoe store provides high-quality shoes in every style (sizes newborn to youth 7) from companies such as Converse, Crocs, New Balance, Adidas, Birkenstock, Chaco, and more.

They take a one-on-one approach, measuring your child’s feet to assist them to discover the correct size and getting to know their clients by their first names. It’s actually rather energizing!

8. Jake’s Toy Box

This year, children may visit Santa at Jake’s Toy Box on Small Business Saturday, November 25. Jake was Colorado’s first shop to have an NAO—a programmable interactive robot.

Visitors to the shop may view the largest public display of a daily running G-scale railway and a fortune-telling machine in Zoltar.

No matter the age or skill, in this wonderful atmosphere everyone will discover instructive puzzles, games, and toys.

9. Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe

This year Grandrabbit is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Boulder, which is famous locally and in other countries.

One approach is through the Bunny Bucks program, which can donate 5% of the sales to a customer’s local school.

Besides collecting points for money spent, their loyalty program interacts with the Bunny Bucks program.

10. Nest

Denver–2940 E. 6th Ave. Nest is a Denver children’s store that features quirky and fashion-forward apparel from well-known companies as well as emerging designers, many of whom are high-end.

It also features a selected gift collection. Nest is a great place to start if you’re looking for a unique gift for a child or a baby shower.

11. Super Zoom Bang Bang

You won’t be able to miss this if you’re strolling along Grandview with the kids. This play store offers the sense of an old-fashioned toy store, but it also sells modern toys and retro-inspired presents.

Favorite discoveries: Klutz books and kits, as well as smashable geodes

12. Kazoo & Company

Parents who travel regularly may like the location of this business, which is located inside Denver International Airport on the Mezzanine level of Concourse B.

To visit Kazoo & Company before or after a flight, use the airport rail from any concourse. It sells high-quality products that are rarely available in mass-market retailers, and around 80% of the stock is priced at $20 or less.

Airport shopping, including bribes to get the parents through a long travel day, shouldn’t break the bank, says Amanda Waters, business owner of Kazoo & Company.

They specialize in classic toys such as Spirograph sets, invisible ink activity books, and Rubik’s cubes, with no technological products.

13. Beyond the Blackboard

This is one of the best toy stores near me, in 2022 in Denver. Beyond the Blackboard began as a teacher-focused educational supply store.

“We center everything we do on children’s education and development,” says Carah Killian, district manager.

They feature an ever-expanding range of do-it-yourself kits, games, and puzzles, as well as an ever-expanding selection for youngsters with special needs.

Throughout the year, both sites offer kids’ classes on a range of themes, such as food, painting, and science.

On Neighborhood Toy Store Day, November 11, gift wrapping is free, and everything is 20% off.

14. Hope Tank

Although it is not a toy store, this “social business gift store” provides a great range of high-quality toys and presents for children.

All the items in the shop are created by or sourced from firms that are ecologically and socially conscious.

The greatest thing is that a percentage of every item sold benefits charity, so you can feel good about purchasing twice as much here.

toy stores

Shop for excellent, unusual items in these indie toy shops.

Educational Benefits of Toys for Children

Toys are quite popular among children. Simply take a youngster into a toy store if you have any concerns. She’ll almost certainly discover several items that she believes she can’t live without.

Babies and Toys  

Babies are eager to learn about their surroundings, and they have a lot to learn. For them, every new shape, color, feel, taste, and sound is a learning experience.

Giving your kid safe and engaging toys can help him develop his senses. Infants enjoy rattles and toys that create sound.

Contrasting-color toys captivate babies and enhance their growing eyesight. Toys can help newborns learn about object permanence and cause-and-effect interactions as they grow.

They also require things such as blocks to assist children in developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Toys for Toddlers  

Children can play more than they were when they were little with a larger range of toys. Some toys you played with as babies may still be nice to you.

They might give fresh and varied educational possibilities as their knowledge increases the same blocks they played one year or two earlier. However, they also require toys intended for children of their own age.

For children, shape sorting is wonderful. They show parents how to match comparable things and teach them the names of shapes.

Lego bricks give the chance to learn more about symmetry and colors while developing their engine abilities.

Preschool and School-Aged Children 

It is important to learn about letters, numbers, and language abilities when children reach preschool age.

Many toys promote this sort of learning, from simple puzzles to high-tech electronics.

You may make a head start by introducing your kid to the topics she is going to study in school. Children in school may add fun and instructive toys to their learning.

Also, it will improve their recall of these things if you give them the opportunity to like the topics they study in school.

In large box stores and online sites, you will find many toys. But it is frequently tougher to find exceptional customer service, a love for goods, quality, and a setting that focuses on children.

If you’re a parent searching for toy stores near me in 2022, while buying toys this year for the holidays, check out the above toy retailers.

You will find amazing things while giving local, independent companies the gift of support.

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