How to View iCloud Messages on Android

You might have been wondering how to view iCloud messages on Android, especially if you just switched from iPhone to an Andriod. Well, you don’t have to worry as this post has got you covered.

How to View iCloud Messages on Android

iCloud is an excellent way to ensure that your stuff is secure. Your messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, and photos are synced across all of your apple devices.

But, there’s a catch, what if you switched from iphone to an Android phone? You might begin to wonder if you can still view your iCloud messages on your new device.

Note that, Apple doesn’t always play nice with other ecosystems, but you can still view your iCloud messages with the right kind of apps.

Although you might feel a bit reluctant because you are used to accessing your iCloud messages on your iPhone, don’t worry you can still do the same with your Andriod.

Your Andriod allows quite a bit of iCloud through your web browser like chrome. So simply go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

 How to View iCloud Emails on Android

Every Android device comes with a Gmail app preinstalled in it. 

This enables you to configure it to gain access to your iCloud email account. (other email apps will also grant you access to iCloud mail on Andriod). Here’s how to do this :

Start by generating an app password for iCloud email:

  • Go to the Apple ID page and sign in
  • On the Sign-in and Security page, tap App-specific passwords.
  • Then, tap Generate an app-specific password on the pop-up.
  • You’ll be notified to enter a description for the password, then click Create
  • Make a note of the password, as you’ll need it in a moment.

On your Android phone:

  • Open Gmail and click your email profile icon (usually a profile picture or company logo).
  • Scroll to Add another account.
  • Select Other, then enter your iCloud email address and click Next.
  • Add the password, then tap Next

How to View iCloud Messages on Android Directly

The best way to access your iCloud on your Android phone is by syncing iCloud to Android.

This enables you to directly access and see the iCloud files you need on your Android device. You might think this is hard, but it is not.

With the iCloud for Android (Windows/Mac) software.

You can easily restore iCloud backup files to Android and then iCloud photos, iCloud messages, iCloud calendars, iCloud call logs, and iCloud contacts on your Android device can be viewed directly on your cellphone.

The exciting news is that it is compatible with any Android device (Android 8.0 is supported), including but not limited to Samsung, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, Motorola, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu, and more.

For Samsung devices, it is compatible with Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung devices. So even if you just got an Androidd device, you can still access your messages by following this guide with no issues.

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