Does iCloud Backup Deleted Messages?

Does iCloud Backup deleted text messages? Absolutely! Read through this article to discover how your text messages are stored, even the deleted ones too.

Does iCloud Backup Deleted Messages?

Even though we have the ability to make calls, texting is still the most preferred way to communicate.

These texts typically include several kinds of information, from relevant details about our clients to images. So, it is highly problematic if some of  the messages are deleted

If this occurred a few years ago, there was nothing that could be done about it. iPhone users now have iCloud, though, so now it’s possible that iCloud backs up all text messages if enabled, even deleted text messages too. 

So the answer to your question is Yes! Read through this post to know how icloud backs IP messages and how you can read your messages on iCloud directly.

How iCloud Backup Deleted Messages

Sms Messages can be backed up with iCloud, this is only possible when you have enabled the backup.

if you did enable it, you would have access to all messages even those that were deleted. But remember that this depends, if you delete anything in between the backups, the files will not be available anymore.

But if you did take the proper steps of backing up, then it is absolutely possible to retrieve them back.

Your Apple ID is required to access your iCloud account. You may access all of your iCloud backup files there.

Choose the backup file containing the erased texts carefully, then restore it. But keep in mind that all of your files will be overwritten after the recovery. Thus, before restoring the files, we advise creating a backup.

How to Read Deleted Texts from iCloud Backup Directly

We now know that it is possible to restore lost text messages from iCloud if you have already backed them up.

The iCloud backup, on the other hand, simply packages all of the data; we are unable to choose just the ones we wish to see.

The major drawback is most likely that. So, is it possible to look through deleted text messages from iCloud backup directly? Well, absolutely

This is where Tenorshare UltData-iPhone Data Recovery comes in, it is a professional third-party recovery tool that is capable of providing data previews.

A few of the great features of this tool include data scanning from iCloud backup, selective data recovery, and taking a look at which kind of lost data you wish to recover.

It is user-friendly, especially for beginners and you can also restore from an iOS device and iTunes backup 

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