How to Send a Letter or Messages Internationally to Someone

How to send a letter, you should first visit your neighborhood post office and select a postal service before sending a letter abroad. To calculate the cost of your postal and complete any necessary customs documents, you must first weigh your letter. Read on to see the easy steps to send a letter.

how to send a letter

On the envelope, center the mailing address, then write the sending and returning addresses in English capital letters.

How do You Send a Letter Step by Step?

You can buy insurance to protect your letter if you need to. Keep copies of all shipping receipts for your records, please pay close attention to the steps to send your letter.

Visit the Post Office in Your Neighborhood

The employees at your neighborhood post office will assist you in making sure that you have the appropriate postage for the nation to which you are mailing your letter.

The officers can also provide you with information on any customs requirements for the nation you are sending your letter. And how to comply with these requirements to minimize delays.

Decide on a Mailing Service

How quickly you want your letter to reach its recipient will determine which shipping service you use. Choose the least expensive option, which will run you about $2.00 in the United States (prices may vary).

You must pay extra if you want your letter to be delivered sooner, such as in 6 to 10 business days, 3 to 5 business days, or 1 to 3 business days.

If there is a Tracking Number, Check it out

Check to check if the service you select includes mailing insurance, a return receipt, certifications of mailing, or registered mail. If not, you can be required to pay more for these services.

 If a tracking number, a return receipt, and/or a certificate of postage are offered, you might want to spend extra money on these if your letter contains sensitive data.

Verify the Constraints on Height and Weight

 For the nation you are sending your letter to, take this action. Find out what they are for your particular destination by asking the post office employees.

 Then, before submitting your letter, confirm that it complies with these limitations.

The standard size and weight specifications for international letters are 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) in height, 6.125 inches (15.558 cm) in length,.007 inch (.0018 cm) in thickness, and 3.5 oz in weight.

The height requirement is 3.5 inches (8.9 cm), the length requirement is 5 inches (12.7 cm), the thickness requirement is.25 inches (.635 cm), and the weight restriction is 3.5 oz.

It’s Expedient to Get a Customs Form

Its Expedient to Get a Customs Form.

 Customs forms can be filled out in person or online at the post office. If you’re using First-Class International Mail to deliver your letter, you don’t need to fill out a customs form.

They must complete the GXG International Air Waybill form and the PS Form 6182 for certain destinations. That is if you are using the Global Express Guaranteed service in the United States.

Click here to learn more about the standards for each nation. If you are sending something overseas via Priority Mail Express in the United States, fill out PS Form.

All other international mailing services, such as mail addressed to an army, fleet, or diplomatic post office, need the use of PS Form.

Invest in Insurance

If you are sending a letter using First-Class International Mail, you can add registered mail insurance for around $15.00 in the United States (prices may vary). Keep in mind that you can always get more insurance if you need it.

If you use the Global Express Guaranteed service, for instance, you can add up to $2,499 in insurance.

Examine your Letter

Examine your letter.

Round your letter’s weight up to the nearest pound or ounce. For instance, round up to 3 lbs if your letter is 2 lbs. 5 oz. The post office will weigh your letter for you if you don’t have a scale.

Purchase stamps. International stamps start at $1.40. Purchase international stamps from your local post office.

International Mail service is available. Make sure to purchase the correct amount of postage to avoid delays.

The number of stamps you will need will depend on the destination of the letter (and its weight if you are using First-Class International Mail).

Use the USPS price calculator and click here to determine the cost of your postage. Worldwide everlastingly stamps can be used to send one-ounce letters to nations where First-Class global Mail is available.


Give Your Mail a Name

Give your Mail a Name

The shipping and return addresses should be written on a permanent marker or a pen. Additionally, be sure to use English and capital characters to properly write the addresses.

Use only five lines, no periods, and no commas. The recipient’s name, street address, or Post Office box number should appear in the middle of the envelope.

Along with the city (or town), state (or, alternatively, province or county), postal code, and country. It should seem as follows:[10]






Retain the Shipment Receipts

Do not forget to preserve any shipment documentation, including return receipts and certificates of mailing.

Both the return receipt and the certificate of mailing serve as evidence that you despatched the letter when you claimed to have done so.

Can You Send a Letter Without Stamp?

How to quickly respond to the query “Do you need a stamp to send a letter?” is that yes, stamps are necessary for mailing a letter.

It makes no difference if you want to send mail overseas or domestically. Always remember to include the required postage when sending correspondence.

The three factors affect how many postage stamps you need to send a letter. As follows:

  • Dimensions of the mail
  • the mail’s size
  • the mail’s final destination

In a more concrete sense, it is the fact that you paid the postage rather than the actual stamp that counts. Consider the situation of pre-paid envelopes.

Do you need a stamp to mail a letter if the envelopes are pre-paid? Yes, but. There is already postage in this situation, so no more postage stamps are required to be applied.

Postage stamps are comparable to the dragon scroll in the Kung Fu Panda movie. Its worth can only be felt.

 You don’t need to think about “Do I need a stamp to send a letter?” as long as the letter you intend to send includes the required postage.

You paid for the postage of that letter, as evidenced by the postage stamp. To help them scan and sort the letter for delivery, the post office, however, needs this verification.


The answer to the question, “Do you need a stamp to send a letter?” is, in all likelihood, yes. USPS may deliver the unstamped mail to the receiver, but they are still responsible for the postage.

That, however, is not a realistic strategy, particularly when it comes to corporate communication. As a result,

Companies must spend money on direct mail automation tools like PostGrid to guarantee precise postage.

PostGrid completely automates the entire postal mail procedure, supplies the correct postage, and even customizes your messages.

As a result, PostGrid handles the issue of whether you need a stamp to ship a letter, so you never have to.

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