How Much do Axolotls Cost? (2022 Price Guide)

So how much do axolotls cost? Axolotls are among the more affordable exotic pets available. They’re also extremely cute, with permanent smiles on their faces. These amphibians are also relatively easy to care for, which contributes to their popularity as pets. Read through to get comprehensive information on this topic. 

What are axolotls?

 axolotls are Amphibians. They do, however, spend most of their lives underwater, unlike salamanders. They are close relatives of the Tiger salamander and can grow to be up to a foot long. (for salamanders, quite large)

They are typically mottled brown and black. Albino and Leucistic axolotls have a translucent white color with shiny gold flecks and red or pink feathery gills.

How much do Axolotls Cost?

Axolotls are relatively inexpensive. Axolotls typically have a price range. A basic but healthy axolotl costs between $30 and $75.

It will cost around $100 if you want something more exotic, such as a piebald axolotl variation. Some rare specimens can cost several hundred dollars, but these are usually extremely unique variations that only serious collectors buy.

If you go to a pet store and buy an axolotl, the price you pay is the price you pay. However, axolotls aren’t always available in stores, so you’ll have to rely on an online vendor.

Cost of Setting Up an Axolotl Aquarium

For axolotls, the most expensive part is buying the pet. You must also consider the tank in which you will house your new pet.

Because axolotls require a lot of space, a 20-gallon tank is the smallest you can get away with for an adult. You could start with a 10-gallon aquarium for a juvenile, but you’ll need to upgrade to a larger tank eventually.

 Depending on what you get, a 20-gallon tank can cost between $80-$300 new, or you can search yard sales for one for $20.


Recurring Care Costs

how much do axolotls cost?

The primary recurring cost of owning an axolotl is food. Fortunately, adults only eat a few times per week, primarily on earthworms, bloodworms, and brine shrimp in captivity.

 These feeders are relatively inexpensive, so you can feed an adult axolotl for less than $50 per year. Axolotls do require medical attention occasionally. This can cost hundreds of dollars, but many axolotls will never need it.

You will, however, need to spend an additional $10 per year on a water de-chlorinator to ensure that the water in your axolotl’s tank is suitable for it.

How Much Will It Cost to Get an Axolotl?

If you buy your axolotl from a pet store, it could cost as little as $30. However, if you order it online, you may end up paying $120 after shipping, or even more if you want a specific variety of axolotl.

Add another $100-$300 for a tank and accessories, and you can expect to pay between $130 and $420 for a fully equipped axolotl with habitat and everything.

You’ll also spend about $40-$60 per year on water treatment and feeder insects. Overall, axolotls are extremely inexpensive to keep as pets, with a high cost-to-reward ratio.

How Much Does it Cost to Feed an Axolotl?

Axolotls eat a diet that includes some small fish but is mostly made up of worms, mollusks, insect larvae, and crustaceans in the wild. These helpful little critters keep the Axolotl alive.

An Axolotl’s diet in captivity must differ slightly from that in the wild. It is our responsibility to feed them foods that are like their natural prey.

That way, we know they’re getting the nutrients they require and that they enjoy them.


Frequently Asked Question on how much do Axolotls Cost

1. How Much is an Axolotl Tank?

You can often find a 20-gallon aquarium with lighting and filtration systems together for less than $150. Altogether, setting up your axolotls enclosure should cost between $100-$300 on average.

2. How much is a Black Axolotl?

How Much Are Black Axolotls? Black axolotls, like many cold-blooded pets, are less expensive as juveniles than as adults. However, the prices range from $20 to $70 in total.

3. Do Axolotls Lay Eggs?

Typically, the female lays her eggs 12 to 20 hours after mating. She will rarely wait several days to begin. She sheds her eggs over a one to two-day period. If the female spawns in a container with rocks or plants, the eggs will be scattered on them.

4. Do Axolotls Bite?

Axolotls bite everything that moves in their vicinity, but their teeth are too small to cause much pain. Axolotls aren’t aggressive toward humans; they’re just looking for food or nipping in self-defense.

5. How Big do Axolotls Get?

Axolotl’s have distinct feathery gills. Baby face. An axolotl can reach 18 inches, but nowadays grows to about 9 inches.

Axolotls are incredible creatures, and owning one is an honor. But before anyone buys one, they should understand how much they will cost upfront, in the long run, and what the additional cost of the accessories will be.
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