17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear 2022 with Dogs of all Kind

– Things to Do in Big Bear 2022-

If you are looking for activities to do with animals in California’s Big Bear Lake, then hear this. You are at the right location! We did all the digging and did activities with your animals at Big Bear Lake, CA, a pet-friendly town.

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly environment, Big Bear Lake is the place to go. On the paths, around the lake, and in the resorts, dogs are welcome.

17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear with Dogs of all Kind

The Big Bear Frontier welcomes pets. Every year, many dog owners bring their dogs to the resort to mark the anniversary of their dog’s adoption or to celebrate their birthdays.

What could be more enjoyable for a canine friend than a long walk in the woods? Dogs are welcome to accompany their owners on any trails in Big Bear Valley.

Keep a tight grip on the leash, since most dogs are known to pursue grey squirrels and chipmunks around the paths. Three dog-walking favorites include the Town Trail, Woodland Interpretive Trail, and Alpine Pedal Path.

Fun Things to Do in Big Bear 2022 with Dogs

1. Alpine Pedal Path

17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear with Dogs of all Kind

Alpine Pedal Path is a 3.5-mile asphalt track ideal for morning jogging, mountain biking, relaxing walking, or simply walking. Also, it offers fresh air and lovely sights along the route.

There are access points to the lake and several beaches. And dogs are permitted at full ownership.

2. Dog Parks

17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear with Dogs of all Kind

Besides a variety of dog-friendly walks, there are several parks in the Big Bear region where your pet needs to extend his legs and meet new friends.

Some of the better ones are Lake Arrowhead’s Cedar Glen Dog Park, Redlands Dog Park, and Moreno Valley’s Hound Town Dog Park.

3. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Big Bear Lake Brewing

big bear

You will certainly wag your dog in Big Bear Lake Brewing, CA, whether you have a dog that likes the lake or one that prefers land. Dogs are allowed, and they invite anyone.

So set your feet and enjoy your pooch with a handmade brew! We advise you call the brewery before going out to ensure that dogs are welcome inside, outdoors and both, as animal rules can alter at all times.

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4. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Boathouse Dog Beach

Leashed dogs can be welcome to enjoy delicious cuisine, volleyball, horseshoes, and a boat tie-up for Boathouse Lakeside Tavern patrons at this dog-friendly beach bar.

5. Snow Play and Hot Cocktails

things to do in big bear

Amber hosts the pet-friendly Airbnb Experience ‘Big Bear Snow Play and Hot Cocktails.’ A stroll around Big Bear Lake with drinks is the only thing better.

Your host’s Baileys and coffee will keep you toasty during your short winter trek and snow play. Bring your own sleds for a fun ride along the route.

This is an excellent opportunity to photograph Fido for your next Christmas card. The 1.5-hour event may accommodate up to 10 people of various ages. Prices begin at $35 per person.

6. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Holloway’s Marina

Take your dog to Halloway’s Marina, where you may hire a fishing boat or pontoon to explore the lake. Make sure your four-legged companion has a life vest.

7. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Nottingham’s Restaurant

things to do

Your and your well-behaved pet can relax and enjoy a sumptuous meal in the outdoor seating area at this pet-friendly restaurant. We recommend you contact the restaurant in advance to ensure there is ample seating for you and your pet.

8. Pineknot Trail 

things to do in big

Off Mill Creek Road, near the Aspen Glen Picnic Area.

The Pine Knot Trail, which begins at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area and runs mostly southerly until it reaches Grand View Point, is lined with oaks, pines, wildflowers, and excellent views of Big Bear Lake. 

9. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Bark Park Lake

17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear with Dogs of all Kind

Big Bear Lake’s Bark Park is pet-friendly. Several agility objects, as well as a seat for people to sit on while their dogs play together, can be found in this popular entertainment area.

Also, dogs can go through a tunnel, investigate a metal dog silhouette, and play fetch on the grass. They urge dog owners to pick up any mess left behind by their pets while enjoying the park.

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10. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Castle Rock Trail

The trailhead of Castle Rock is located 1 km east of the Big Bear Dam on State Highway 18 or 3 km west of Big Bear Lake Village.

On the north side of the roadway, there is restricted parking 50 yards east of the path. The Adventure Pass is unnecessary for participation. Also, the Castle Rock Trailway is signposted on the motorway.

11. Boards Ride Shop at Veteran’s Park

17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear with Dogs of all Kind

Get kayak and standup paddleboards from Boards Ride Shop for dog owners to explore Big Bear Lake. Bring your own float device with you!

The business is open from 9 am till 7 pm from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

12. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Kujo’s BLT Restaurant

big bear

Bring your pet to this livestock-friendly restaurant and enjoy the outside dining. You should contact the restaurant beforehand in order to guarantee that you and your pet have enough seats.

13. Big Bear Art Garden

Discount Big Bear Art Garden is kind to the animals. This shop, home of the Big Bear Family Club Card, has a broad choice of customized glass articles, souvenirs, and an intriguing range of donations.

Leashed pets may join their owners on the aisles. Art Garden is open from 10am to 9pm Sunday to Friday and from 10am to 10pm Saturday.

14. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: The Bath Workshop

things to do in bear

The Bath Workshop welcomes pets. This famous shop sells oils, soaps, cremes, bath bombs, lotions, and other beauty products. Dogs are invited to accompany you inside to smell out a suitable aroma.

The Bath Workshop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursdays through Mondays.

15. Big Bear Lake Village

Shop with your dog in Big Bear Lake Village! Downtown is a sanctuary for dog lovers, and store owners are well-known for inviting pets into their establishments.

Many of them even keep water bowls out for dogs and provide goodies in their stores.

16. Things to do in Big Bear 2022: Whitewater Preserve

17 Fun Things to Do in Big Bear with Dogs of all Kind

There are several hiking paths for hikers of all skill levels. Wear appropriate footwear. Most of the trails are gravel. There will be no call service!

But it was definitely worth it. And this is because it is a desert, carries lots of water. A nice park place for a picnic.

17. Los Rios Ranchos, Apple Farm

Los Rios Ranchos welcomes pets! Also, Los Rios is the largest apple farm in Southern California, having been in operation since 1906.

Dogs are not permitted in the orchards or berry fields, but they are permitted to explore the hilly nature paths as long as they are clean and leashed.

The hours of operation at Los Rios Ranchos change depending on the season, so visitors should check the website or contact ahead before making plans.

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This is good news, pet-lovers: when you come to Big Bear, you don’t have to say your 4-legged companion!

Unlike many other holidaymakers in the region, we provide a wide range of animal cabins in Big Bear where you and your farthest family are comfortable throughout your time in the mountains.

The Big Bear Lake Outdoor Playing Playground from the busy beaches of Southern California is within easy reach, so bring the whole family and have your dog shotgun on the next visit!

You and your dog will enjoy an extraordinary journey exploring the Big Bear together with this dog-friendly big bear activity and offering hundreds of miles of friendly hiking paths, quiet shores, and refreshing Alpine delights.

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