200 Catchy School Slogans to Welcome the New Year

Schools slogans are employed to set themselves apart from the competition and to give prospective students a compelling argument for choosing their school.

school slogans

School Slogans

How do you create a memorable tagline for return to school? It’s not as simple as it seems. It might be challenging to come up with a slogan that is both memorable and compelling.

When creating a tagline or slogan for back to school, there are numerous factors to take into account.

1. A Great Place to Be

2. A Tradition of Excellence

3. Much, not many (quality not quantity)

4. A Tradition of Pride

5. The Way to Stop Thinking for Yourself!

6. A world of learners where children gain a passport to the world

7. Be happy, be energetic, be You, Think school

8. Academy Attitude, Positive Attitude

9. An honest heart is a kingdom in itself

10. Achieving Excellence Together

11. We teach, you learn, the world benefits!

12. I strive for the best

13. Be a reader, be a writer, be a problem solver

14. Education Is the Fruit of All Knowledge

15. Through thorns into the sky

16. Making lives better

17. School is Cool

18. Aim for A Victory!

19. Charge Up for a Victory!

20. Knowledge – Learn to Love it

21. A Quality School

22. Hard Work = A Life Time Career

23. Learn well today, live well tomorrow!

24. Get your gold now before all is gone!

25. Sparkle with gold!

26. We put the Public in school

27. The best of the best

28. At school, we build futures

29. Turn your armature mind into something

30. A community with high expectation and high academic achievement

Elementary School Slogans

31. Greatest Kids in America

32. Be young, have fun, learn at school

33. Want more, I want school

34. A Great Place to Learn

35. Children First

36. We care, we share, For the future we prepare

37. I’m ready, I go to school

38. Building A Better World One Student at A Time

39. Learning rules, get it at school

40. Building community by honoring all traditions

41. Centers for Excellence

42. Want to be a star, shine at school

43. Committed to Excellence in Education

44. Reaching for the Stars

45. Committed to Lifelong Learning in A Caring Environment

46. Find a buddy to help you study

47. Creating a community of learners

48. Let’s be all that we can be with a great education for you and me

49. Creating Our Children’s Future

school slogans

Primary School Slogans

47. Excellence through learning

48. Dedicated to Excellence

49. School, just do it

50. Developing caring learners who are actively growing and achieving

51. School is my sport

52. Educating for human greatness

53. Life’s cool in school

54. Educating Students for Success in A Changing World

55. School: Living cool

56. Next stop!  School

57. Education Is Our Business

58. School: The smart choice

59. Enabling Our Students to Learn

60. School Means Brain Exercises

61. Every student matters, every moment counts

62. Can’t hide our pride

63. High School Slogans

64. Everyone Is an Achiever

65. Awesome is our name! Learning is our game!

66. Everyone Successful Every day

67. Expect Success

68. Enter to learn —- Leave to serve

69. Expect the Best

70. Fear Our Power!

71. Gather to learn

72. Learn globally, graze locally

73. Hand in Hand We Learn

74. Take it to the Limit!

75. Home of Quality Schools

76. We are the next generation! What we learn, Is our creation!

77. Hooked on Learning

78. The world is in front of you, all you have to do is reach it

79. We are the Best!

80. You Can Do It!!

81. Don’t Mess with The Best!

82. Hooked on learning. Oh, and also crack

83. We teach your kids so you don’t have to

84. Knowledge expands your horizons

85. A Building with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside

86. A high achieving multicultural community for learning

87. Don’t worry about word count. Worry about making your words count.

Business School Slogans

88. The business school for the world

89. Leading through innovation

90. Lift your career beyond expectations

91. Turn Your Brainpower Into $$$

92. A better place to think about business

93. Get plugged into the world

94. We have the degree that works… For business!

95. The more you know, the more you dare

96. Business in a whole new light

97. In the world, for the world

98. A great place to learn

99. Art School Slogans

100. Art is choice

101. Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature

102. The arts is what connects us all

103. Art imitates nature

104. Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere

105. Life without Fine Arts is an erosion–a numbing–of the soul

106. Art is either plagiarism or revolution

107. All art requires courage

108. Art is timeless

109. Nature is the art of God

110. Art is the only truth

111. The house of change

112. Art for art’s sake

113. Art is power

114. The arts, it’s what scientists do in their spare time

115. School Attendance Slogans

116. Don’t be a fool, come to school

117. Those who come to school, are smart and cool

118. Don’t Be A Fool, Stay in School

119. Everyday Counts

120. Don’t let your education slip away, Come to school every day

121. Unless you’re really sick, come to school quick

122. Don’t complain, don’t whine, and always come to school on time

123. Missing school = Missing out

124. It Ain’t Cool, With No School.

125. No need to debate, go to school, don’t be late.

126. You’ll never know what you missed unless you show up!

Respect in School Slogans

127. Sharing is Caring

128. Respect others and they’ll respect you

129. Respect me, and I’ll respect you

130. Treat others the way you want to be treated

131. Respect is the key that opens the door to Kindness

132. You’re only a bully, if you’re a bully toward yourself

133. Respect the disrespected

134. Respect everyone around you, because you don’t know when they will disappear

135. Live and let live

136. Respect is the key that opens the door to Kindness

137. Forgive wrong

138. Treat everyone nice

Funny School Slogans You’ll Love

139. It is not Cheating it’s a teamwork

140. Copy from many is a smart work

141. Teachers call it cheating we call it hard work

142. CLASS – come late and start seeing girls

143. I am always present in school but not my mind

144. I don’t know what is X in math.

145. It’s not cheating, it’s a Hard work

146. 5 out of 4 people don’t understand fractions

147. M.A.T.H.S: Mental attack to healthy students

148. Science causes all kinds of reactions

149. M.A.T.H.S =Mentally affected teachers harassing students

School Advertisement Slogans

150. Every Person, Every Opportunity, Every Chance

151. Aiming for excellence

152. Linking Learning to life

153. Excellence, Respect, Integrity

154. Inspiring Excellence, Building Character


155. Much, not many (quality not quantity)

156. Inspiring children for exciting futures

157. Your dreams are tied with a key, Our School unlocks it

Back to School Slogans

158. It’s that time of year again

159. Back to school and lookin cool

160. How fast summer passes, we’re back to our classes

161. New class, Fresh faces, a New Year embraces

162. Knowledge is tasty!

163. Let’s give a big cheer for a new school year!

164. Eat your words!

165. Time to shed a tear, back to school is here.

166. Back to school and looking Cool

167. A Partnership in Discovery.

School Spirit Slogans

168. If you can hear it, it’s the class of ______ Spirit.

169. Can’t hide our pride

170. Succeed Forever

171. A bright future begins here.

172. Ambition of the young

173. ccelerating into the future

174. A Partnership in Discovery

175. Believe and succeed

176. Be nice, Work hard

177. Best foot forward

Slogans for School Students

178. Succeed in school, succeed in life

179. Go to school or you’ll end up like me

180. Explode Your Spirit!

181. School is cool, don’t change the rules

182. A Partnership in Discovery.

183. Be nice, Work hard

184. Without school, your so uncool.

185. Be safe, Be kind, Be smart

186. Say no to drugs but school is a Must!

187. Bringing Excellence to Students

188. Yes, to school, NO to fools

189. We Want Action on that Field!

190. Today’s students are the future of tomorrow

191. Don’t pause, don’t wait, help your classmate

192. Study hard, make the grade, and don’t let your opportunities fade

193. Studying hard is time well spent, study hard so you don’t repent

194. Work together to accomplish more

195. Open the book to life

196. A Family of Learning.

197. Dedicated to excellence since 2001

198. A Great Place for Education.

199. Your dreams are tied with a key, School unlocks it

200. Let this be your year.

When everyone has returned to work and school as the restrictions have eased. Face-to-face instruction has started up again. These back-to-school sayings wish both students and educators a happy return.

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