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Disney VIP Tour Costs, Various Types and Some Amazing FAQs

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One of the most wonderful and costly ways to explore Walt Disney World is on a Disney VIP Tour. Have you ever wished there was a way to skip the wait at Disney World entirely?

disney vip tours

You have, of course! It’s every Disney fan’s dream come true! It gives me great pleasure to inform you that there’s a way! A Disney VIP Tour is what it’s called. But be forewarned: it will cost you. But it’s well worth the money.

What is a Disney VIP Tour?

A private Disney VIP tour is like having your own Mouseketeer and set of keys to the kingdom. While I’m sure they could give you a more typical Disney World tour if you requested one, it’s not truly a tour.

When you join a Disney VIP tour, you’ll have your own personal Disney guide who can help you organize your day, act as your own limitless human Fast Pass, and transport you to and from your Disney resort and between parks using cool and efficient backstage parking.

Most individuals who purchase a Disney VIP tour do so in order to bypass the long lines and see as many of the parks as possible in a short time.

Different Disney VIP Tours

There are private firms, such as the one I just used, as well as official Disneyland and Disney World excursions.

This is because there are more parks, group VIP excursions, and unauthorized tour firms at Disney World, there are more alternatives.

When comparing apples to apples, non-Disney VIP tour providers cost much more than Disneyland and Disney World Private Premium VIP Tours.

If you want to go on a non-Disney tour, choose one that has been in business for a while and read Trip Advisor ratings.

Please Note:

Be cautious of any tour business that appears to be offering an unbeatable price or makes claims like “Any ride you want,” which implies breaking Disney’s regulations or, worse, abusing Disney’s handicap passes, the lowest of the low.

Private Disney VIP excursions begin at $425 per hour (prices subject to change and seasonality) and need a seven-hour minimum commitment. With a single guide, each trip may accommodate up to ten participants.

Larger groups cause the use of additional guides. This cost does not include park admission, which must be paid separately.

They may tailor private Disney VIP trips to focus on the rides and Disney parks you want to visit. For example, if you enjoy Princesses, the trip will include Princess meet-and-greets, Princess rides, and so on.

If you have thrill seekers in your group, your guide will plan a schedule that includes plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Disney VIP Tour Costs, Minimum Time, and Maximum Party Sizes

All Disney VIP tours are limited to groups of only ten persons. For parties bigger than ten, both Disney and non-Disney firms will require a second guide. Unfortunately, infants are included in that figure.

Official Disney World Private Premium VIP Tours range in price from $425 to $850 per hour, with a seven-hour minimum. Before gratuities, the total cost of the experience ranges from $2,800 to $4,200.

Cost of a Disneyland VIP Tour

Here’s what to expect at Disneyland, similar to a Disney World VIP tour. VIP excursions range in price from $425 to $850 per hour, with a 7-hour minimum. They permit you to bring up to ten individuals, including newborns.

Non-Disney firms charge $150 to $250 per hour, with a six-hour minimum, for $900 to $1,200. The cost per hour for all firms fluctuates according to the season’s demand.

They should pay all guides at least $150 each day in tips. The Christmas and New Year’s holiday week is the busiest time of the year. VIP services are extremely beneficial and in high demand, so make your reservations as soon as possible.

Disney Ultimate VIP Tours

The Ultimate VIP Tour comes in a few different flavors, each with its own fixed schedule centered on a theme. The gear one at young families (Ultimate Day for Young Families VIP Tour).

Another focuses on adrenaline-pumping activities (Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour). These excursions are group tours with a limit of 40 persons, guided by four tour operators on a predetermined timetable, and cost between $249 and $299 per person.

Only Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays are presently served.

The purpose of the Ultimate Disney classic VIP tour is to optimize rides that are tailored to a certain age group. It does not include transportation to the parks and Park Hopper tickets in the lunch’s price.


For the tour, which includes various parks, everyone follows the same plan. Families can choose to skip a ride and wait instead, but this is not a flexible trip.

During the trip, they do not permit families to substitute rides for others. They can, however, book normal Fast Passes before the tour.

During the Christmas holiday season, they do not offer Ultimate Day Tours. From December 23rd to January 2nd, the peak season is rough.

The Best for a Group Disney Tours 

Who should make the reservations for these tours? I believe this is the greatest option for groups of two or three persons visiting the parks for a single day.

If I were planning an all-out weekend for a family of three, I would stay on-site, preferably in the Epcot resort area, so that I could easily enter Epcot for dinner with pre-booked Fast Passes for Soarin’ as it is the only park not included in either tour.

Families of four or more should employ a private business, although Ultimate Day trips are less expensive per person. A personalized guide may personalize the experience to make it feel more opulent.

Why Book a Disney VIP Tour?

So, let’s have a look at some reasons you should visit Disney as a VIP. They base these benefits on Disney’s official VIP Tour.

1. Limited Time

If you only have a limited amount of time to spend at the parks, a VIP tour is the best way to make the most of it, especially if you aren’t a Disney planning master. Your guide will ask you about your “must-sees” and figure out which rides and sights you prefer.

Are you a thrill-seeker or a thrill avoider, for example? They may also consider the ages and sizes of any youngsters in your group so that they can focus on rides that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you only want to focus on Magic Kingdom or want to make the most of your family trip by visiting all four parks, the personalized guides can help.

Disney VIP advisors can get you in and out of attractions and parks as quickly as possible, allowing you to wait less in lines. We visited three of the four parks in seven hours.

We could fit in the brand-new Soarin’ rollercoaster in Epcot, Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and a gourmet supper, Jungle Book Show, and many rides on Expedition Everest while still having a few hours to spare.

2. Skip the Line

The opportunity to bypass the queue is an important part of optimizing your time and enjoying a VIP experience. A Disney VIP tour, to be clear, grants you entry to the FastPass queue.

You won’t be able to bypass that line, but you will return to it if you enjoy the trip.

Plus, you won’t have to figure out how to use the Fast Pass + system, and you won’t be restricted to only three Fast Passes or have to reload the app to get more after you’ve used your first three. [Note: Private company VIP trips handle FastPasses differently.

3. VIP Treatment

Some stories our guide told about the celebrities and dignitaries she had escorted through Disney were fascinating. The VIP concierge service given by our guide was one of the genuine pleasures.

We were there in June, for example, and the temps were far above 90 degrees. Imagine our delight when we disembarked from the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Animal Kingdom to find our guide standing there with cold water bottles.

When one of our group members misplaced her phone during a trip on Everest, our private guide dug it up from where it had fallen out. Plus, our Tiffins reservations and VIP seating for the concert weren’t half bad.

4. Families Traveling Together

If two families are traveling together, you may split the cost and make it more affordable on a per-person basis. The challenge will get everyone to agree on a course of action.

But the good news is that you can delegate decision-making to the guide and inform the kids that they must adhere to the timetable they devised, which relieves you of the pressure.

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Are Disney Vip Tours Worth It?

There are a few interesting reasons you should avoid taking a Disney VIP tour.

1. Price

The apparent disadvantage of a VIP tour of Walt Disney World is the cost. Many families cannot afford to spend $2800-$4200 (plus tickets) on a VIP tour. But, hey, if you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it could be worth it.

2. Not an Authentic Experience

What you get on a VIP tour is a completely unique experience, which may not be clear at first behind-the-scenes right to the ride you wish to see, rather than experiencing the thrill of going through the gates or seeing the Castle for the first time.

I’d never been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios before, and although I got to hug Chewie and ride Tower of Terror, I had no clue what to expect.

So, if you speak Disney’s language well, have had your Disney “firsts,” and just want to get the most out of a brief stay, schedule a Disney VIP trip.

Similarly, I hadn’t been to Epcot in over 30 years, but our power walk from the side gate to Frozen and then via the back route to Soarin’ gave me little sense of how much had changed or remained same.

However, I would not suggest it as your children’s first Disney experience. It was a bit too invasive. And, although I understand they organized that way to optimize the time of four journalists to visit the latest attractions, you can’t fit it all in without some of those shortcuts.

3. Teaching Privilege

The second thing that irritated me is something that I battle with frequently since we get to travel and see things that many families will never get to see. And it is giving my child a privileged experience that most of her contemporaries will never have.

If that is the only way a youngster encounters the world, it is easy for them to grow entitled and to assume that such changes will always be accessible to them.

I try hard to ensure that when we have a unique experience, my daughter is aware of it and understands that we have either saved for it or that it is a perk of the hard work and extremely long hours I am putting in exchange.

I believe that a typical Disney experience — complete with lines and people — is both instructive and gratifying.

However, if you’ve been there and done that and want to explore what’s new or find a fun way to commemorate a particular occasion, a Disney VIP tour may truly be a wonderful experience. Just make sure the kids don’t expect the same thing every time.

Why You Should Go for Walt Disney World VIP Tour

1. Magic Kingdom

Most people associate Disney parks with Magic Kingdom. It was the first of the four theme parks to open in 1971, and many of the original attractions remain.

While they clearly oriented Magic Kingdom toward younger children, most visitors experience a sense of nostalgia when they rejoin the park as adults, which is one of the many reasons it is still Disney’s most visited theme park.

2. Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is the largest of Disney’s theme parks, spanning 500 acres.

The park, which is home to over 1,700 animals from 250 different species, demonstrates Walt Disney’s commitment to conservation and animal care, education, and research.

In 2017, Animal Kingdom opened Pandora, the World of Avatar, with two rides set among the film’s amazing environment, displaying some of the greatest recent instances of Disney Magic.

3. Hollywood Studios

It’s all about the movies at Hollywood Studios. It is home to Toy Story Land, Disney’s newest park, which opened in the summer of 2018.

Some of the most exciting attractions, such as the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith and the renowned Frozen Sing-A-Long, can be found here.

Disney’s home base for all things Star Wars, including rides, shows, and character meet-and-greets, is Hollywood Studios. It is expanding its Star Wars offerings, with a new zone set to debut in the summer of 2019.

4. Epcot

The giant golf ball-like sphere that serves as the park’s landmark is the first picture that most visitors get when they think of Epcot. They separate Future World into two sections.

Future World and World Showcase, which showcases the culture, gastronomy, and shopping experiences of several nations, including Mexico, China, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, Morocco, Norway, and Germany.

Epcot is more than twice the size of the Magic Kingdom, with a total area of over 300 acres.

This park is home to the second biggest aquarium in the United States, as well as many concert series showcasing many well-known musicians throughout the year.

Amazing Facts About Universal Studios VIP Tours

The iconic Hogwarts Express Train connects Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

It required a visit to both parks to complete the program. Although Seuss Landing, Woody Woodpecker Coaster, and E.T.

Adventure will delight the small ones, most of our visitors wait until their children are large enough to properly appreciate the thrills in store.

1. Universal Studios

At Universal Studios, thrill-seekers may ride immersive attractions based on popular action films such as Harry Potter, Transformers, ET, and Men in Black.

With Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and Borgin and Burkes, Diagon AlleyTM, the second extension of Harry Potter, debuted here. Our Disney VIP Tours can take you to Universal Studios and show you a good time.

2. The Islands of Adventure

The Islands of Adventure are home to some of Orlando’s most thrilling attractions. The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Reign of Kong, and Jurassic Park River Adventure will appeal to teenagers and tweens.

It connected this park to Universal Studios through the Hogwarts Express, which debuted Hogsmeade, the Wizard hamlet. It’s time for some Butterbeer once you’ve survived the adrenaline coasters!

Amazing Disneyland VIP Services

A journey to Disneyland is a sentimental pilgrimage to the favorite park of many Disney fans.

There are some parallels to the Disney World resort in Orlando, but there are also some significant distinctions. There are two parks, we should visit both of them.

Our vacation planners can take you through Disneyland’s FastPass+ system so you can ride Lightning McQueen across the desert or save the Guardians of the Galaxy on Mission Breakout.

We can organize the highlights of both parks so you miss nothing while traveling at your own speed.

1. Disneyland Park

This is the region of enchantment where all the magic began, and Disney fans claim to sense Walt Disney’s presence when they come. It’s a must-see for every family who enjoys going to the park.

Though many of the rides are like those found at Disney World, tourists may enjoy unique experiences such as the original Snow White journey, the yeti-guarded Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones’ deep plunge into the Temple of the Forbidden Temple.

2. Disney California Adventure Park

California Adventure Park is home to some of Disneyland’s most popular rides, so don’t ignore it.

Radiator Springs Racers lets you race Lightning McQueen, Soarin’ lets you see California from above, and Pixar Pier has several additional attractions.

FAQs About Disney’s Private VIP Tours 

  • What Exactly Do Disney VIP Guides Do?

This is where the official Disney VIP Tours and non-Disney firms differ in terms of experience. During your trip, Disney’s Private Premium VIP Disney Tours solely provides park recommendations.

Non-Disney firms, on the other hand, may provide more services upfront in terms of assisting with the planning of the entire holiday.

  • What Advice is Pertinent During the Disney VIP Tour?

Our advisor recommended various concierge-style activities in addition to a park plan. She parked our strollers at each ride and waited for us with our stroller at the exit. While we were on the trip, she would go buy water, popcorn, or iced tea and have them ready for us.

Our tour guide snapped photographs of us with her phone and retrieved my camera from around my neck a few times, so we now have documentation that I was in Disney World with my family, which is a fantastic bonus for me that will endure long after the trip is over.

She collected our orders, put us on transportation, and then we met her at the Columbia Harbor House, where she was waiting for us with our fish and broccoli plates.

  • What are the Perks of a True Disney World Expert

Of course, there were numerous times when our guide’s park expertise outstripped mine, and I enjoyed it. On the Buzz Lightyear ride, we’re having a lot of fun blasting lasers at Zurg’s different targets.

She sat with me and demonstrated how to use my laser pistol. By the time we finished the first room, she had reached the highest possible score of 999,999. Sit on the left side of the chair. Now I understand. Many of her insider tips made the journeys more enjoyable.

  • Is it Worth Spending on Disney’s Premium Private VIP Excursions for Ultimate Backstage Access?

You are paying for their VIP Fast Pass for any ride that allows Fast Pass reservations when you purchase the Premium Private VIP tours.

Its worth is greatest when individuals desire to ride rides on a regular basis. Another occasion where it is worthwhile is for new rides that are difficult to get, such as the Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom’s Pandora.

Younger children’s energy will place a cap on the special access you’ve paid for, and certain attractions don’t provide Fast Passes, so you’ll still have to wait in line for items, even if you have a VIP escort and the magic Fast Pass they provide.

During the holiday week, when the VIP Fast Pass is worth every penny, I would splurge on the certified Disney tour guides.

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Most individuals who book Disney VIP Tours know that Disney trips are expensive. It is not a suitable alternative for those who want to save money. Hotels may provide the most wriggle space for spreading out your Disney holiday spending.

Some families prefer to stay solely at the Four Seasons or a luxury monorail resort. However, moving to offsite lodgings for even a few days can save hundreds of dollars and help you save up for a trip. 

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