Does OnlyFans Send Creators Mail?

Many people are concerned if OnlyFans mails them a letter, someone at their house might get a chance to read it. But, does OnlyFans send creators mail? We’ll go into more detail about this and provide you with the accurate information you need.

Does OnlyFans Send Creators Mail?

OnlyFans, a social media network with a subscription-based model that was introduced in 2016, allows users to sell and/or buy unique content.

Users will upload NSFW movies and photographs to their accounts, which are paywalled when used as an adult website.

An individual must pay a monthly subscription price that ranges from $4.99 to $49.99 to access the content.

The website experienced a sharp surge in users during the pandemic when clubs and events closed and its staff required a new source of income.

Does OnlyFans Send Creators Mail?

OnlyFans actually mail creators. A 1099 IRS tax form will only be sent to the authors of Fans.

This tax form is essentially used when you get money from a person or firm that isn’t usually your employment. Payments you received from OnlyFans throughout the tax year must be reported.

The address you supplied on the W9 tax form, which you first submitted when you signed up with OnlyFans, will receive the 1099 form.

OnlyFans receives all the information required to pay you and tax information from the W9 tax form.

However, OnlyFans doesn’t send you the W9 form via postal mail. When you initially signed up, as we just mentioned, you would have completed the W9 form online.


Can you Stop OnlyFans From Sending You Mail?

No, since you must pay taxes, you cannot prohibit OnlyFans from sending you mail. Therefore, OnlyFans must deliver your tax documents to the address you provided on the W9 form.

You could, however, make a PO Box address. You can send mail to an address known as a PO box.

Each PO box has a unique number on it to identify the mail for the receiving box and person, thus you will need to register with the owner before having mail sent there.

According to our investigation, it appears that using a PO box address on a W9 form is OK.

In order for OnlyFans to know that you want tax forms mailed to that address, you must ensure that the PO box address appears on your W9 form.

Also, be sure to do it well in advance so they are aware that your address has changed.

A PO box will unfortunately cost you money. However, it’s definitely the easiest approach to prevent receiving mail related to OnlyFans at your address if you absolutely don’t want to.

Finally, when you have earned and withdrawn $600 US dollars, OnlyFans will mail it to the address you indicated on your W9 form.

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