Tracking AliExpress 2022 Shipment Delivery From Your Home

 – Tracking AliExpress 2022 –

Aliexpress is one of the biggest online market and shipping platforms. When you buy a product on Aliexpress in 2022, tracking the item is very necessary to see when you will receive your package. 

AliExpress tracking

If you do not know how to track Aliexpress items, read on to find out.  


What Exactly is AliExpress?

The service was first launched in 2010. AliExpress was an internet-based shopping marketplace or service owned by Alibaba Group. Alibaba Group is headquartered in China.

Marketplaces allow customers from across the globe to purchase products of small and medium-sized enterprises predominantly from China with no need to visit physical locations.

AliExpress began as a B2B selling and buying platform, specifically designed for use by websites that utilize dropship as a business model.

AliExpress differs from other marketplaces like Amazon as it functions solely as an e-commerce site and doesn’t sell items directly.

It has also increased its offerings to include additional services, such as consumer-to-consumer, businesses to consumers, payments, in addition to cloud computing.

Thus sellers on AliExpress could be companies or individuals, which allows an increase in the number of people who can use the marketplace to sell their products.

AliExpress offers AliExpress in a variety of languages which include French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian, and countries that are not part of the listed languages generally making use of the English version.

Is AliExpress Popular?

The AliExpress marketplace is extremely well-liked by both merchants and customers due to it being a cost-effective method for companies to get their products into the global market.

The savings are then passed onto the customer and result in lower-cost products. 

In conjunction with the possibility to have all items you want to buy displayed on your doorstep, this has proven to be a successful formula bound to continue to expand in the ever-changing world of technology.

AliExpress collaborates with a variety of partners, which include both international and local couriers and postal services, for the purpose of delivering items to consumers.

A few of the major couriers who work in partnership with AliExpress include Singapore Post, Correos, DHL, Posti Finland, and many more.

Consumers and retailers alike can now avail a variety of shipping tracking options when purchasing goods on the website.

Where is AliExpress in the United States?

Aliexpre shipping

AliExpress is located at the Alibaba headquarters, located in Hangzhou located in China at the address below:

  • No 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou,

Buyers and sellers should be aware buyers and sellers should be aware AliExpress does not deliver via this address, as it’s a purely online retailer.

Thus, tracking won’t start from this address. Rather, the entire 2022 AliExpress delivery tracking begins at the first post office or the courier the sender selects.

Is AliExpress Scam?

What can make AliExpress secure is the fact that the customer is totally secured when the purchase is done directly through an AliExpress marketplace. In order to keep track of your AliExpress order, a variety of requirements must be fulfilled.

In particular sellers have the obligation of sharing shipping information, which includes the tracking code for the parcel along with the delivery date AliExpress provides (which will vary based on the offered shipping choices).

The seller needs to provide this information once the purchase is completed, which is crucial to ensure a good merchant-customer relationship. It also allows the latter to monitor the status of their AliExpress package.

After you have received your tracking number after which they will be able to access all the details they require about the status and where their package is through entering their tracking number into an online platform such as

Tracking Package for Aliexpress in 2022

Aliexpress merchandise can be divided into traceable items and, consequently untraceable items.

Items with a low cost typically are sent as a second option due to the fact that shipping cost is often large portions of the price of the product, and sellers are seeking an opportunity to save more.

Shipping that is not monitored is usually made inside China through local logistics companies and is then transported via the China Post, which takes the parcels by plane to the destinations countries.

The parcel is easily tracked in China however, once it is exported it stops being monitored. 

However, the tracked items are recorded at every step and their movement is able to be monitored from the post office up to your post office, until the moment they arrive at your office.

How Do I Track Order with Aliexpress?

Aliexpre shipping

To monitor the status of an Aliexpress shipment To track an Aliexpress shipment, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Aliexpress’s official website.
  2. Navigate to My orders>, select the order you want to place, and click on the order to see more.
  3. You will be able to see the order information. Choose and copy the number of tracking (track codes or the postal identification) to paste into the box above. Confirm the tracking package.
  4. Now, the service can monitor the exact location of the parcel as well as provide information about the parcel’s status and location.

How Long Will it Take to Receive Your Aliexpress Delivery?

Sometimes, waiting for a delivery is stressful and the question is: how long to be patient and what is the time frame for the delivery to be delivered by Aliexpress?

This leads to a predetermined need to determine the exact timing of delivery and to estimate the days to wait.

How long do you have to wait to receive your Aliexpress shipment (order):

  • China Post and Mdash: This is a business that handles 80percent of all deliveries from China. Because of the huge volume waiting for delivery may take a considerable amount of time. The package is delivered in 30 days in the majority of cases.
  • Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore post (and similar): This method is faster and less laden. If you reside within Moscow or St. Petersburg, the estimated timeframe is 15 days. The likelihood of receiving an item in 30 days is increased to 90% of the time.
  • Posti Finland: The parcel is delivered via Finnish Post only 2-3 weeks typically, but rarely exceeds the timeframe in more than 25 calendar days. The maximum time for delivery of 35 days.
  • ePacket: A fairly quick delivery option, the package will arrive in two weeks, and rarely within 21 days.
  • EMS: Paid Express delivery. By selecting it you will be able to rest assured that in less than 2 weeks, your order will be on your doorstep.
  • Eshun (Zes Express): This is the slowest delivery method as the parcel is delivered via land and takes over one month to reach.


If you purchase something from China you can expect to wait for a month from the moment the seller delivers the order.

The parcel could arrive within two weeks, particularly when you send valuable and expensive items, however, if they are cheaper or with a couple of dollars worth that’s why you should not put them off. For products that are low-cost the maximum time frame is 45 days +/ 15 days.

Aliexpre shipping

The desire to receive your item quicker by making use of the services of postal firms and the duration will be cut in half.

In the event you are concerned about the cost of purchasing or inability to shell out an additional third or even half of the purchase price then you are armed with a bit of patience and select China Air Post.

Remember that the waiting period can last between three and two months. It’s all dependent on your personal preferences.

When Will the Package Arrive Via Aliexpress?

To determine the estimated date of the arrival of an item, first, locate the order’s dispatch number through our service.

We, in turn, make use of statistics based on the delivery of packages to cities to determine the approximate date and time of delivery.

We then calculate the average duration in the Russian customs and how long the parcel stays through customs before it reaches your city, and so typically the outcome is very similar to what you would expect.

Aliexpress Standard Tracking of Shipping Packages 2022

What is the delivery process that is used by Aliexpress Standard Shipping, which is commonly used to ship orders? Prior to a certain date, it was the sole seller who had to send the parcel and this led to a variety of problems and delays.

However, with Aliexpress Standard Shipping, which was introduced Aliexpress Standard Shipping, part of the problems related to the delivery process, Aliexpress was able to take over. 

To avoid having to hand over your parcel directly to the postal office directly the seller takes it to the logistics center of Aliexpress.

The parcel is then sorted before being it is delivered to Aliexpress by the major shipping and postal service providers, like Swedish Post, Omniva-Estonia Post, Hong Kong Post, Finland Post, SPSR, DHL, and many more.

Once you have placed your order after which the service that delivered the order is identified within the tracking information.

Air China Post Air Mail, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, China post ordinary small packet plus Posti Finland economy, Hong Hong Post.

The tracking Aliexpress Standard Shipping can be available via Aliexpress’s Cainiao logistics platform provided by Aliexpress that integrates the tracking solutions of numerous shipping companies that sellers can ship orders to.

The Method of Tracking the Seller’s Shipping

Tracking AliExpress 2022. This method is selected by the seller on the basis of the quantity, weight, cost of the product, as well as the country to which the item will be delivered. 

Aliexpre shipping

Tracking AliExpress 2022. The tracking method is comparable to other methods. However, you only require the tracking number as well as our service.

1. Parcel Tracking Via China Aliexpress

There’s no method to track a parcel from China more efficiently than our service. We conduct an exhaustive check of the services and tracker statuses, correctly translate them into English and determine the time of delivery in parallel.

2. Track a Parcel Through An Order Number of Aliexpress

This isn’t possible with an order’s reference number. The number is intended to be used for internal tracking of orders on Aliexpress. In order to use this function, you must locate a “Tracking” button/link where the tracking number is indicated.

Factors that May Impact Aliexpress Shipping Duration

Tracking AliExpress 2022. Factors that may further impact the shipping duration are:

1. The Method of Shipping

Depending on the courier used and the mode of transport the delivery time will be different.

AliExpress has agreements with local couriers, both in China as well as other countries, and shipping times will be reduced when the delivery is handled through one of these partners.

Additionally, that, if the buyer opts for registered mail over regular mail, then the time of delivery could increase.

The seller must be aware of the couriers that are in use and must use this information in order to give the buyer a more precise estimate of delivery.

Additionally, if a package is delivered by private couriers such as private couriers like FedEx, DHL, or any other the purchaser might still be required to pay for customs charges and, if payment is not made could delay delivery further.

Also, the seller will be able to advise about fees payable, however, these can change based on the location.

2. The Destination Country

The order will be delivered sooner in countries where the postal service of the state is reliable and where people have already placed orders lots of orders from abroad.

Also, the buyer should be aware of the forecast for the weather in the region or country since delivery may take longer due to weather conditions.

3. The Time of the Year

For instance, if a buyer purchases during the holiday season like around Christmas or around Chinese New Year, partners and couriers who work with AliExpress will be more busy than usual and, consequently the delivery times are typically extended.

When a lot of orders are handled in a particular country’s local postal service, the smaller ones can take longer to get all orders on time. Delays are anticipated.

But, the most up-to-date information about the status of an order as well as the location of the parcel can be obtained through the tracking number or the number of the package at any time.

FAQS About Tracking Aliexpress 2022

1. How Can I Keep Track of an AliExpress Purchase through

Thanks to Ship24 the ability to track the tracking of an AliExpress parcel or parcel couldn’t be simpler in 2022.

Customers will need to input the tracking number into website and they will have access to live information about their order’s status as well as its where it is.

Once the purchase has been completed after which the buyer will be provided with a tracker number by the vendor.  Then, you can use it to monitor their AliExpress order using Ship24.

The buyer needs to type in the tracking number on the search box on the Ship24 website to verify.

If the scenario arises that the seller didn’t give the tracking code the buyer should be in a position to locate their AliExpress tracking details via AliExpress’s website in 2022. 

2. What Does My AliExpress Status of Tracking Mean?

AliExpress 2022 tracking code AliExpress tracking number lets users track their package or parcel in real-time. Sometimes, however, there could be confusion regarding the status of an order.

AliExpress tracking

This is the ultimate guide to understanding what terms used in order and tracking status mean. So that you do not have to be confused as to what’s going on with your parcel.

3. What Does the Following Mean?

  • Order Received

This happens when the order is received by the seller. They should respond to the buyer in a short time to provide additional information regarding shipping and tracking. Tracking AliExpress 2022. 

  • Waiting for Clarification 

If the buyer has not given the seller the link to the product. Or the quantity isn’t available or the color or dimensions haven’t yet been identified. In this case, it will require additional contact in order for the purchase to proceed

  • Orders that are not Fulfilled 

This happens when the item you’ve selected cannot be shipped internationally.

  • The Amount of the Order 

This occurs where the supplier has provided the buyer with the total amount (meaning that the price of the item plus shipping charges are in one amount)

  • Order in Progress 

This happens at the time when the purchaser is trying to purchase the product.

  • Purchased 

This occurs when the item is bought and is awaiting its arrival at the warehouse to be shipped out.

  • Order Packed 

This happens when the product is prepared to ship.

  • Order Consolidated 

This is when the products are combined into one package.

  • Order Invoice 

This occurs when the invoice for the order was uploaded.

  • Shipped 

This means that the package has been delivered.

  • The Order has been Delivered 

This happens when the order is received at its final destination.

Aliexpre shipping

An order that has been canceled – This is when the purchase by the buyer is canceled.

  • Order Refund 

This occurs when the seller has asked for an order refund.

  • Orders that are Abandoned 

Orders that are abandoned when there is no information regarding the order are visible typically because there is a lack of response from the customer.

4. What Does “Arrived in the Destination Country” Mean?

This means that your purchase has shipped to the country you reside in.

It’s currently under customs procedure and various checks to determine items that are prohibited and products in order to access the list of shipping addresses in the country you are in. Tracking AliExpress 2022. 

5. What Does Delivery Driver Arrived at the Delivery Distribution Center Mean? 

This status is a sign that the parcel is in the sorting facility and will be delivered to your postal office. Be aware of the status of the parcel. At the point of delivery or waiting for to be delivered”.

The distribution center isn’t the last stop on your parcel’s journey, therefore it’s not yet ready to be received.

In simple words, all parcels sent to your town are delivered to a specific postal center, where they are later delivered to branches dependent on the amount in the index.

6. What is the Best Place to Store Parcels from AliExpress? 

If you are ordering a product the first time, or with other services, you may inquire about the location where the package will arrive. Where did the order originate from Aliexpress?

These questions typically arise when you send your parcel by SF-Express, YunExpress, Winit or China Post Small Packet, because their track codes may not be tracked. Nor will you know the exact date of arrival for your parcel to the location of delivery.

In all other instances (for tracking and Express parcels) you are able to track the exact location of the parcel anytime. Additionally, in the case of Express parcels, the courier will likely reach out directly to you.


7. How can I Claim Refunds for My AliExpress Order?

The seller is responsible for having a policy regarding refunds in place. Also, any policies regarding refunds should be clear and understandable to the buyer.

If the item isn’t delivered by the expiration date of the time period for delivery that is 45 days the buyer can request a refund. The request must be made and must be accepted by the seller.

To claim an exchange, the buyer must comply with the following steps: Tracking AliExpress 2022. 

  • It is the first thing to do. reach first with the AliExpress customer service to report any issue with the purchase. An email will be sent out automatically to the seller who has the option to make the correction.
  • The seller will then respond in a variety of ways, including offering to send a different product or even a partial refund, but the buyer is not required to take the deal if they don’t desire to.
  • If a refund has not been provided, then the buyer may file an action that can be resolved
  • Also, if the seller fails to resolve this dispute, funds are given back to the purchaser through AliExpress. Usually, buyers get back the money within two weeks.

8. How Long will AliExpress Require to Ship an Order?

Like all shipping methods, the delivery time can vary according to a variety of circumstances, such as unexpected delays, holidays in the local area processing issues, extreme weather conditions, and more.

Of the two options that AliExpress proposes, it provides an estimated timeframe for delivery: times for each of the services:

  • If you are using AliExpress Standard Shipping, delivery generally takes between 15 and 45 days after the parcel or package is shipped.
  • To avail, AliExpress Premium shipping Delivery typically takes seven to fifteen days from the time the parcel or package is shipped.

When purchasing a product and the buyer is urged to be aware that sellers are under obligations to provide an estimated time frame for delivery.

AliExpress tracking

The timeframes above are just estimates. The seller should be aware of other factors in order to give the most accurate estimate of delivery time.

For China’s domestic delivery exclusively, Alibaba/AliExpress products are delivered within a couple of days, and occasionally later for remote areas of mainland China. Certain Couriers, such as DHL Express are more efficient.

For cross-border eCommerce as well as shipping estimates to international destinations are as the following:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping Transit time between 18 and 28 days FreeShipping
  • E-Mail (China Post) Transit time: 17-36 days
  • DHL Express Transit time: 10-21 days

9. Which is the Code for My AliExpress Tracking Number?

Similar to many marketplaces in China All registered shipments are tracked by a tracking number and AliExpress is not any different. This tracking code, which is also called a Tracking ID, or tracking code will be specific to each parcel.

If you’ve ordered one or 100 packages, every order is given a tracking number to allow each parcel to be recognized.

The format is like other codes, however, the numbers will be different. For example, a tracking number for a parcel with AliExpress could be “TY72726064444700008”.

If you ordered another item, even if it was at the same time and the same shop, unless the order was combined then it will have a separate number, such as TY72726064444700009″.

If the seller gives the same tracking number to several different orders, communication with the seller needs to be initiated. Buyers can also contact AliExpress customer support directly to request further assistance online.

Examples for AliExpress tracker numbers to help parcels be tracked:

  • Registered: RY123**CH
  • International Parcels Economy (non-registered) UN123**CN
  • Domestic shipping: 97.00.123456.2343423 International Courier: The TT123**CH

10. How Long Does AliExpress Free Shipping Delivery Take?

In general, the case of free shipping is the most cost-effective for the seller/sender. 

Aliexpre shipping

That means they are likely to be shipped and delivered using the least expensive and consequently the slowest delivery method.

11. Can I Track My AliExpress Parcel Without a Tracking Number?

Sometimes, orders are shipped without tracking data, which is usually the case when tracking numbers are numbered with UN ***.

The reason this happens is the seller didn’t have the ability to register the package. This could mean that there might be no tracking data available on the parcel.

If you don’t get the AliExpress tracking code, please contact the seller to inquire about the reason, or to get assistance you can contact our online AliExpress helpline.

12. Why Did My 2022 AliExpress Tracking Number Change?

When the parcel is handled by various couriers in different countries the tracking numbers of AliExpress packages or parcels may be changed as they travel.

AliExpress tracking

This makes it hard to trace the parcels and can be a hassle for the purchaser as they’ll need to log on to numerous couriers’ websites to get details on their package.

The best option is to use the original tracking number that was on the Ship24 system, which has more than 10,000 different shops and couriers.

It will be able to determine not just the status and whereabouts of the package, but the latest or modified tracking numbers that relate to the parcel.

13. How Can I Track a Parcel from Aliexpress?

Tracking AliExpress 2022: You must enter the tracking numbers for the order in the form for tracking above, and then click the “Track Parcel” button to learn the most recent information regarding the transport of your parcel via Aliexpress.

If you’re in need of saving multiple tracking numbers and verifying frequently, install the Parcels application onto your phone and track the status of several orders simultaneously while receiving current information about every parcel.

Be aware you should note Aliexpress tracker number, as well as the order number, do have not the same numbers.

These Aliexpress number of orders is identical to the following numbers: 502370139095420 70050660905420, 86087307282773. the tracking numbers are similar to the following: YT72760621444007800 and RY505557973CN.

Don’t forget that you cannot track parcels with an Aliexpress order number. You have to locate the tracking number of your order on the page for orders of Aliexpress.


14. How Do I Track Order from Aliexpress?

  1. Open AliExpress website.
  2. Click on the My Orders section, choose the order you require and then click the Details link.
  3. The details of the purchase will appear on the open page. Locate and copy the Tracking Number, and insert it in the box below. Click the button “Track Parcel”.
  4. After a few days, the Parcels service will follow your shipment. And provide you with information about the status and the current whereabouts of your package.

Helpful Dropshipping Advice While Tracking Aliexpress in 2022

Well, dropshipping with AliExpress shipping time have over time brought about complaints as regards the delivery time and delays.

AliExpress tracking

Aliexpress has improved over the years and currently still working on it. This is by working with major local and international postal service companies.

But not to worry, even with the below outline you can still work something out.

1. Dropshipping Cheap Products

A not too expensive product is worth the wait. This is because cheap products on Aliexpress come with free shipping and most customers are willing to wait for it.

You can source cheap products on Aliexpress and be careful not to dropship inferior products.

2. Dropshipping Hot Items

Your customer won’t mind the delivery time once your product is unique. This is why it’s very important to take time while choosing your products. 

Be sure the products you are dropshipping cannot be easily sourced for from the bricks and mortar traditional stores.

3. No Emergence Products

The whole idea of dropshipping business is to generate impulse purchases driven by emotions and not dropshipping life-critical products.

If you want to sell prime necessity products like medicines which your customers have an urgent need for. Then you should provide your own means of reaching your customer’s need and not through a supplier.

Once your customer knows they are not buying out of urgency, then they can afford the wait.

4. Disclaimer Notice

This is very important when it comes to dropshipping with Aliexpress. Because most customers get restless when they notice their products are getting longer to deliver.

This will be different when you write the shipping information very visible in your store for your customer convenience.

You can write on the product description that. The average shipping time is 60 days and the customer will know what to expect from their purchase.

5. Customer Support

Using your customer support to your own advantage can go a long way in your dropshipping business.

It’s impossible not to have upset clients that will call and message when they think their item is missing.

But not to worry, you can patiently handle it in the following ways:

  •  Include the shipping time once again when you send the confirmation email to your customers. Remind them of the expected delivery period because they may not read this in the product description. You can either do this manually or for your convenience, do it automatically with Alidropship Plugin. It will automatically notify your customers
  • Again, immediately you receive the tracking code from your supplier, send the code to the buyer. Then explain how to use the information to know about the current location of the package. You can also install the Alidropship plugin to do this automatically.
  •  Finally, make the refund policy very clear. This will increase your customer trust when the return policy is clearly stated on the product page. If it’s 30 – 45 days or 60 days, ask for 100% refunds if the product is not delivered.

Buyers will only get their refund if the product did not reach its location on the 46th or 61st day! We hope that this was helpful to you.

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