How do I Access my Messages on my Samsung Phone?

Have you been asking questions like “How do I access Text messages on My Samsung Phone? then keep reading to find out how this is possible.

How do I Access my Messages on my Samsung Phone?

The Samsung message app makes it easy for you to access your text messages, since the message is pre-installed all your need to do is open your messages and access your text.

The Samsung smartphone comes with both Google message and Samsung Message, but you can choose the one you would love to use for interactions.

Accessing your task shouldn’t be an hassle with your Samsung message app.

The Message app can create and schedule messages for individuals or groups.

The app also makes it easy to personalize your messages with colorful backgrounds and insert multimedia, Search for messages, Star messages, and pin messages for quick access, Block or delete messages and recover them within 30 days and also group your messages into categories

How to Access your Message Quickly on Samsung 

If you need to access your message quickly, the Messages app lets you star it as your favorite, pin it to the top of your messages list, and arrange it into categories.

However,  only one message can be starred at a time in the chat room, not the entire chat. But you can categorize and pin multiple chats simultaneously.

How to star your messages:

Pinning your Messages for Easy Access

Another easy way to be able to access your messages is by pinning the text. This would enable you to see the messages quickly and prevent them from getting swallowed up  in the text message folder.

Here’s how to pin your messages:

  • Pick Starred messages to view your favorite texts.
  • Long-tap on the chat you want to pin to select it. You can select multiple chats.
  • Go to More > Pin to top. Your selected chats move to the top of your messages list

One thing you should note is that accessing your text message is very easy either on your smartphone or any of your android devices.

If you have the messaging app which is already pre-installed then sending and receiving messages should not be a problem for you.

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