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How to Change App Icons on iOS 14

– How to Change App Icons on iOS 14 –

Since the global release of iOS 14, iPhone owners have been experimenting with the new personalization options provided by Apple’s latest update. One such update is how to change the app icon on io4, which we shall discuss helping iOS users easily change.

How to Change App Icons on iOS 14

Did you know that any program you wish to run on your iOS or iPadOS device can have a custom icon?

You may use any image as an app icon thanks to the Shortcuts app, which comes preloaded on iOS and iPadOS devices.

This allows you to effectively modify the icons of apps on your home screen, and if you’re serious about it, you can even use it to theme your device’s screen.

Home screen customization has grown increasingly popular since the release of ios 14  you can now add widgets to your iPhone’s home screen.

To make their devices stand out, some users choose to replace default program icons with unique ones.

There is, however, a catch. We’re not going to change the app’s icon.

Instead, we’ll create a shortcut that launches the installed app and place it on the home screen to make it appear as if it were a separate program with its own icon.

Would you like to personalize your home screen with a unique set of icons?

We’ve got you covered, as we’ll walk you through how to use Shortcuts to modify app icons in iPadOS and iOS 14.

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What to Know About How to Change App Icons on iOS 14

What to Know About How to Change App Icons on iOS 14

Create a custom shortcut with the Shortcuts app.

Follow the directions after tapping the + sign > Add Action.

For every app on your iPhone, use unique images or even photos from your camera roll as icons.

You can modify the icon for apps on your home screen with iOS 14.

This article explains how to use photos from your camera roll and the Shortcuts app to alter the look of your iPhone app icons on iOS 14.

In iOS 14, you may change the graphics on your app icons and do a lot more to modify the look of your home screen.

You can use any image from your Photos library.

Some people like to collect a series of photos that they like and then personalize their phone around them.

Note That

If that’s your desire, start by selecting how many icons you want to modify, then find enough photos to make each symbol unique, and then customize those icons using these steps.

Make sure your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS 14 before you start personalizing your app icons.

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your phone. This software is most likely already installed on later iPhone versions. You may need to download it from the Apple App Store if you have an older iPhone.

2. In the Shortcuts app, tap the + (plus) icon in the upper right corner.

3. Tap Add Action on the New Shortcut page that displays.

4. To find the action that opens an app, put Open app in the search field at the top of the Suggestions page that appears.

5 Tap Open App from the Actions section of the search results.

6. Then touch Choose in the Scripting section of the New Shortcut.

7. Choose the app you wish to build a customized shortcut for from the list of available apps.

When you return to the New Shortcut page, the app’s name has been added to the Scripting area.

8. Near the upper right corner, tap the three-dot menu.

9. Add to Home Screen by tapping the Add to Home Screen button.

10. Tap the X to the right of New Shortcut under Home Screen Name and Icon to delete the text and give your icon a name.

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Note That

If you’re going to name it something other than the app’s name, make it something memorable.

11. Then, for the shortcut, tap the icon.

12. Select a photo.

13. You may also snap a photo to serve as the app icon’s image by tapping Take Photo here.

14. Go to the image you wish to use as your app’s icon and choose it. You may pinch and pull the image on the next screen to zoom in or out until it’s the size you want it to be.

15. Choose when you’re finished. Then press Add.

You’ll get a quick confirmation that your app shortcut has been added to your Home screen, after which you may exit the shortcuts app and check your Home screen for your new icon.

You’ll probably want to delete the current app icon from your Home screen before using the new shortcut with the modified app icon (so there aren’t two icons for the same app).

To do so, simply long-press on the app icon you want to remove and select Remove App, or select Delete Bookmark if you’re eliminating another shortcut.

Repeat this procedure for each app you want to replace on your home screen.

You may even alter the Dock’s app icons (the menu bar at the bottom of the screen).

Conclusively, changing the App icon is possible and very simple as explained in this article, so you can easily customize your app icons to exactly what you desire them to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Major Changes will iOS 14 Bring to the iPhone?

  • First and foremost, iOS 14 introduces a revamped Home Screen with the addition of widget functionality for the first time.

  • The iPhone can employ on-device intelligence to surface the relevant widget based on time, location, and activity with the Smart Stack feature.

2. How do I Remove Recently Hidden Apps on my Phone?

Tap Applications after scrolling to ‘Device.’ Select Application Manager from the menu. To tap the selected app, swipe left or right to the proper screen. To conceal, tap Disable.

3. What are the Best iOS 14 Home Screen Themes?

  • Widgetsmith
  • Color Widgets

4. Which App I Should Use to Hide Apps in iPhone?

Secret photos KYMS.

5. How to Change the Android App Name and icon?

For an app icon, select the Apps option. Then, from the list of installed programs, choose the app icon you wish to change. To update the name, tap the Tap to Edit Label icon (it will also show the app name). Then, select Done after entering the new custom name or label.

More Frequently Asked Questions

6. How can I Remove the Cloud icon on the App Store?

You can sign out of the app store by going to settings > iTunes & App Store > sign out if you don’t want to see the cloud icon. The cloud icon will be hidden, but you will need to log in each time you wish to download an app.

7. Is Using an iOS Widget/App icon Customization App Safe?

Yes, it is.

8. How to Change the icon of a Bookmark on an iPhone?

  • Select the Icon Type

  • Type the URL of the website

  • Type the name

  • Create Your Own Icon or Upload an Image

  • Choose an icon

  • Customize it

  • Preview it

  • Add it to your Home Screen

9. How to Rearrange Apps in the iOS14 App Library?

  • Long tap the app you want to add on the home screen.

  • Select “Remove App” from the drop-down menu.

  • “Move to App Library” should be selected.

10. How do you Create Custom Themes on iOS 14?

Select the app for which you want to make a new icon by tapping Open App Choose. In the upper right-hand corner, tap the ellipsis button. Give your shortcut a name, preferably the same as the app you want to theme, and then click Done. Select Add to Home Screen from the Share menu at the bottom of the screen.

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