How can I Get All my Text Messages on Android?

Did you recently change your smartphone and you are wondering how to get all your text messages on android? Read through this article to know how to restore your messages.

How can I Get All my Text Messages on Android?

Most times, when we get a new device, we tend to need our old messages from our Android phone or any other smartphone.

Other times, you may accidentally lose your text or you simply want to be able to access them on your computer.

Although it can be challenging to get all your text messages, do not panic they can be recovered if you follow the instruction in this article 

How to Get your Text Messages on Andriod?

One of the ways by which you can recover all of your text messages on Andriod is through the Fone Paw Andriod Data Recovery.

This is one of the apps that help you recover all your messages whether deleted or not and this includes both SMS and MMS. Here are the steps that you should take to recover your messages:

1. Download and run the program. Then, connect your phone to the computer and enable USB debugging 

2. When your phone is detected successfully, select “Messages” and click “Next” to scan.

To proceed with scanning and the recovery, you need to adhere to the on-screen instructions to install FonePaw App on your Android and authorize it to access your deleted messages.

3. When you’ve finished scanning, you will be able to see the deleted text messages in detail. Preview them and mark down the important messages that you need, then select  “Recover” to retrieve them back to your PC.

Where are Text Messages Stored on Andriod

Knowing where the text message is stored is really important. In fact, before you think of recovering or even saving your Andriod text messages you should know where your Andriod messages are kept.

Android SMS are stored in a database in the data folder located in the internal memory of the Android phone.

 However, the location of the database might differ from phone to phone.

Interestingly enough, not many people know that they can recover or retrieve their text messages if they either switched from their old Android phone to a new one or accidentally wiped off their old messages due to an update.

With the guide above, you now know that you can recover all your text messages without having to worry about the loss of a confidential information


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