Paypal Stocktwits (Stock Price and Discussion)

Stocktwits is an investor-focused social media platform. You can sign up for it to read what finance professionals and novice traders are doing in real-time in response to market conditions. Feeds from the most reputable investment firms and media outlets are available. Read through to get information on Paypal Stocktwits (Stock Price and Discussion).

What is a Stocktwits

StockTwits is a messaging platform for traders to share tips and ideas on specific securities or stock market news. StockTwits competes as an information resource with a wide range of information sources that traders use to guide their decisions,

This ranges from traditional financial news websites and newsletters to more modern trading apps and alternative news sources. While StockTwits are free, it must compete for the valuable time you could spend on other financial news and information sources.

StockTwits Platform

StockTwits is essentially Twitter for traders, and anyone familiar with Twitter will quickly pick up on how to use StockTwits. Members share short information posts about specific stocks, then use ‘cash tags’ to link their posts to these stocks.

Other members can then navigate these messages using a variety of tools to find information that is important to them. Traders who are familiar with online trading forums will notice that StockTwits functions similarly,

However, everything is much more streamlined and focused on providing extremely concise and relevant information that is largely directly actionable for trading.


StockTwits Tools

StockTwits offers several very useful tools for navigating the massive number of messages posted every minute of every day.Users can sort messages by specific securities or sectors, look for hot topics, find bullish and bearish securities, and much more.

They divided message streams into the following categories:

  • Suggested
  • Trending
  • Charts
  • Equities
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Private Companies

They also have a Stocktwits watchlist that tracks all the market’s hottest stocks. The ability to navigate StockTwits quickly and effectively is one of its most popular features, and they widely recognized it in the trading community.

StockTwits and Robinhood Functionality

Stocktwits collaborated with the hugely popular discount broker Robinhood a few years ago to develop cross-platform functionality.

When you enable cross-platform functionality, you can move seamlessly between trading securities on Robinhood and discussing them on StockTwits.

 This allows traders to trade on Robinhood while also accessing the most recent information from StockTwits.

StockTwits as an Information Resource

Paypal Stocktwits (Stock Price and Discussion)

The problem with evaluating StockTwits as a trading information resource is the perceived value of the financial news and ideas shared on the platform.

Very few people have a negative experience navigating StockTwits or locating information about securities or topics of interest.

 Rather, the negative feedback received by StockTwits from its users is about the actual content shared. Because Stocktwits is unregulated and unmoderated, it is up to the individual user to decide which information they will use and which they will ignore.

More Information on StockTwits as an Information Resource

The need to vet the information on stocktwits before using it is the platform’s most common complaint. Many traders prefer to rely on more traditional sources of financial information that they believe to be more reliable.

However, because these more traditional sources cannot provide the breadth and depth of ideas, news, and opinions found on stocktwits, its value is ultimately determined by the user.

The Top 3 Types of Critical Information on StockTwits

To make the most of your experience on Stocktwits, here are the top 3 kinds of low-quality information that you want to avoid.

1. Self-Promotion

Stocktwits is full of biased perspectives that will bend the truth or outright lie to encourage beliefs that will benefit them, whether it is someone promoting a company they work for or another trader pumping security that they own.

These self-promoters are easy to identify because they avoid engaging with contradictory ideas and information, only repeating things that support their existing point of view.

Their goal is to generate so much noise for their side that they effectively drowned any other viewpoint out, and their version of events is all that most readers will see.

2. Lack of Credibility

Traders who use Stocktwits are frequently taken aback by the lack of a way to establish credibility. Traditional sources of financial information typically refer to financial professionals who have a thorough understanding of the subject.

Stocktwits use standard social media methods of establishing popularity, such as post counts and reposts, which are ineffective for establishing credibility in the financial world.

While it is possible to find posters who are established financial professionals, the process is time-consuming.

3. Noise

In an unregulated forum, the signal-to-noise ratio is bound to be extremely low, and Stocktwits is no exception.

Many Stocktwits users complain about the overwhelming volume of opinions and information for each security, making it impossible to form any solid opinion at all.

Instead of a bias toward bullishness or bearishness, users discover they cannot identify the information required to form an opinion because there is simply too much conflicting information to sort through.

PayPal Stock Fundamental Analysis

PayPal has had a consistent track record of earnings and sales growth since at least 2010. It earned only 29 cents per share that year. In 2019, the company reported earnings per share of $2.96.

 Earnings per share for 2020 increased by 31% to $3.88. The company’s EPS increased by 18% to $4.60 in 2021. Analysts predict that the company’s earnings per share will fall 16 percent in 2022 before rising 24 percent in 2023.

Because of the company’s track record, PayPal’s EPS Rating is an 81 out of a possible 99. The EPS Rating assesses a company’s ability to increase profits year after year, based on earnings growth over the previous three to five years.

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PayPal Stock News

PayPal Stock News

In the cryptocurrency space, PayPal is still competing with Block (SQ). The two payment companies are promoting apps that allow customers to get discounts, pay in installments, and purchase cryptocurrencies.

PayPal’s Venmo and the Square Cash App began as personal money-transfer services for family and friends. They’ve now evolved into broad consumer financial services apps, fueling growth for these digital payments pioneers.

PayPal launched a cryptocurrency trading service in late 2020, allowing customers to buy and sell Bitcoin. PayPal customers can use cryptocurrencies to shop at the 28 million merchants on its network, which began in 2021.

More Information on PayPal Stock News

PayPal announced cryptocurrency on Venmo on April 20, 2021. Customers can now view crypto trends and make transactions using these three types of cryptocurrency, as well as Bitcoin Cash, thanks to the new feature.

PayPal announced a $2.7 billion deal to gain Paidy, a Japanese payments platform for buy now, pay later financing plans, on September 8.

On October 25, the company stated that it is not interested in acquiring the Pinterest (PINS). According to Bloomberg, PayPal had discussed gaining the company for around $70 per share.

Is PYPL Stock a Buy Right Now?

PayPal’s stock fell nearly 2% on Tuesday, closing at 72.40. The stock hit a 52-week low of 71.83 on May 12. According to IBD MarketSmith chart analysis, PayPal triggered the 7 percent -8 percent loss rule.

 The stock is not a buy right now. There is no new buy point as the stock is down over 75% from its 52-week high.


You probably now know Paypal Stocktwits (Stock Price and Discussion). The value of StockTwits to an individual trader is determined by the type of trader and person they are.

Traders who are constantly looking for an extra edge in their trading and are comfortable navigating massive amounts of data to find the few nuggets of gold will find StockTwits perfect to meet their needs.

We hope you find this article, Paypal Stocktwits (Stock Price and Discussion) useful. Please share with family and friends.

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