Best Voted Seafood Restaurants Near Me to Try This Month

The best seafood is no longer confined to the ocean, as major inland cities continue to sprout their own raw bars, crudos, and ceviches. Still, there’s something magical about sitting in a maritime city with a rising tower of oysters to munch on. Read through to get more information on seafood restaurants near me.

seafood restaurants near me

Best Seafood Restaurants in America

Below are some of the best seafood restaurants in the USA:

1. Fiola Mare, Washington, D.C.

Its sophisticated, yet light and airy, subtly nautical aesthetic reflect both its picturesque Potomac River location and the vibrant cast of its menu, which bursts with all the crudo, caviar.

Also delicacies like Spanish crawfish and razor clams you could hope for before branching out in the most thoughtful yet sensual of directions.

Giant tiger prawns grace bucatini seasoned with smoked sea urchin and Calabrian chilies, while elusive Norwegian skrei gets a boost from chickpea cream, squid ink, and bottarga sprinkling.

2. Le Bernardin, New York City, NY

In the past ten years, New York’s dining habits have undergone a seismic paradigm shift that has brought down Old World restaurant titans and elevated chefs who support easily available food served in relaxed settings to the status of conquering heroes.

 Le Bernardin, though, which was the city’s first shrine to find French seafood, was unharmed by the upheaval.

 For those who can’t afford the $140 four-course prix fixe or the $205 tasting menu, the lounge area offers exquisite bar snacks like raw kanpachi topped with wasabi tobiko ($20) and lovely scallop ceviche ($22) sitting in a pool of green olive oil.

3. Providence, Los Angeles, CA

Despite having taken over Patina’s original residence, Chef Michael Cimarusti rapidly developed his own culinary style and built one of L.A.’s most exclusive restaurants.

The seafood-centric restaurant has a sophisticated dining area with wave-like glass panels and first-rate white-tablecloth service for an a la carte or tasting menu experience.

A burst-in-your-mouth, spherified Greyhound, an edible cocktail, and house-made breads like bacon brioche and nori focaccia are served before the main course.

4. Russ & Daughters, New York City, NY

best seafood near me

Jewish Deli Russ & Daughters has been a Lower East Side institution since 1914, masterfully slicing lox, herring, and other speciality dishes for takeout.

But it took a century for the legendary slinger of seafood to open a sit-down establishment, so devotees of the altar of cured, smoked fish had to wait.

When Russ & Daughters Café opened just down the street from the takeout location in 2014, that desire became a reality. Lovers of lox and caviar may now indulge in fine cuisine on a huge dish.

The Super Heebster, a loaded bagel that attained cult status at the Russ & Daughters store, and the Hattie, a groaning plate of smoked whitefish, kippered salmon, Gaspe Nova smoked salmon, and sable, are two of the cafe’s treasured menu items.

5. Neptune Oyster, Boston, MA

You’re aware of the adage “good things come in tiny packages.” Neptune Oyster, which debuted discreetly in 2004 in a location as confined and pearly as its namesake, immediately distinguished itself as a true pioneer on the Boston dining scene.

 This is virtually reinventing the old Italian neighborhood where it is located and redefining New England seafood.

Indeed, it still does. There’s always some astonishingly unexpected gem to try for every brilliant shellfish platter or a delicious bowl of chowder.


6. Roe, Portland, OR

Roe has developed through intricate organic processes to produce a gift within a reward. Previously the back room lounge of chef-owner Trent Pierce’s ramen business, it is now the opulent prix-fixe rendezvous behind his casually cool B&T Oyster Bar.

 If that sounds perplexing, don’t worry; once you arrive for your beverage-paired, seven-course chef’s tasting, everything will become clear (because all the way is the only way to go here, from the supplemental caviar service onward).

 The menu, which is updated almost daily, masterfully combines Western twists with Asian elements that also permeate the softly lit dining space.

7. Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco, CA

Since it first opened more than a century ago as a fish market/lunch counter, Swan’s has served up simple, fresh seafood that is filleted, cracked, and shucked right in front of your eyes.

Start with a bowl of clam chowder and a piece of hot, fresh San Francisco sourdough by settling in at the marble counter.

A platter of freshly cracked Dungeness crab, thinly sliced smoked salmon, six Miyagi oysters, or mixed seafood salad followed by a splash of cocktail sauce or homemade horseradish is next.

If you drink a pint of local Anchor Steam beer to go with everything, you can cross-eating real seafood from San Francisco off your bucket list. Money alone.

8. Coni’Seafood, Inglewood, CA

Coni’ Seafood has transformed Inglewood into an oceanic dining hotspot although the huge space east of LAX doesn’t exactly scream destination for seafood.

Grey walls, aquarium-like room dividers stocked with sea life memorabilia, and a huge, tapered-roof back terrace for seaside eating are all features of the modern, glass-facade home.

The slim menu features more elaborate house specialties like Pescado Zarandeado, a butterflied snook fish that is marinated in soy sauce and roasted to exquisite perfection over charcoal.

9. Eventide Oyster Co., Portland, ME

You seldom ever get locally grown oysters outside of the state (have you tried the Norumbegas or Nautilus Islands?). creations with a global influence, such as fried hake brandade, barley-black trumpet mushroom stew with squid, or escabeche of smoked clams with harissa and tabbouleh.

Brown-butter lobster rolls on buns cooked daily in-house are instantly legendary. It has a killer cocktail menu to go along with the wines it keeps in its famous sibling Hugo’s cellar.

 They are destined eventide to become a household name, and the charming, turquoise-hued, 50-seat venue’s distinctly neighborhood atmosphere only serves to confirm this.

10. Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston, MA

Many of the places on this list serve the Island Creek oysters that Skip Bennett grows near Duxbury, Massachusetts.

They are also present at the establishment bearing his name in Kenmore Square, which he co-owns with a who’s who of Boston’s business elites.

There, they are only on the raw bar alongside other bivalves whose growers they know by name but also embedded in the cages that line one wall, serving as a virtual mirror of the seaside photo mural that lines the opposite.

 You can find Maine lobster that was caught by a relative of chef-partner Jeremy Sewall.


11. White Pillars

Savory seafood is nothing new to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and White Pillars in Biloxi serves it alongside steak and homemade pasta. Chef Austin Sumrall and his wife Tresse, who serves as the office manager and event planner, are the owners.

They bring their Mississippi roots and gracious farm-to-table dining to their establishment.

In the Great American Seafood Cook-off last year, Chef Sumrall competed against outstanding chefs from throughout the nation and won the title of King of American Seafood.

12. Da Poke Shack

What else makes Da Poke Shack in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii famous than its poke bowls? For those who are not familiar, the word for cut, diced, or sliced in Hawaiian is poke (pronounced poh-keh).

The star of these flavorful bowls, which are seasoned with Hawaiian salt and adorned with additional ingredients like limu kohu (seaweed), sesame oil and seeds, and aiolis, is fresh, raw yellowfin tuna, or ahi as they know it there.

A tiny, unassuming Hawaiian shack in a condominium complex called Da Poke Shack serves always-fresh, never-frozen poke in bowls like Pele’s Kiss, which is topped with a fiery Hawaiian chili pepper aioli.


13. G & M Restaurant


13. G & M Restaurant

G & M Restaurant is located in lovely Anne Arundel County in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, which is just north of BWI-Marshall Airport.

This casual restaurant offers different seafood besides steak and pasta and is well-known for their lump crab cakes.

But if you want to eat the best crab cakes in Maryland, you don’t need to go to Baltimore. All 50 states receive overnight shipping from G & M, allowing you to sate your crab appetite whenever you choose. When we have another layover at BWI, we will know what to do!

14. Scoma’s Restaurant

We would disagree with the Rice-A-Roni people and say that the specialty of San Francisco is seafood. They served some of the best food in the Bay at Scoma’s Restaurant.

This expansive waterfront restaurant is on Pier 47 in fisher’s Wharf and specializes on pier-to-plate fare that was just caught that morning by the fishing boat.

Exceptional warm sourdough bread, outstanding whole Dungeness crab grilled in garlic, and outstanding cioppino are just a few of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Use the complimentary valet parking if you opt to drive!

15. Walt’s Fish Market Restaurant

One reason Sarasota restaurants, according to TravelAwaits writer Jeanine Consoli, make it the ideal retirement destination The venerable seafood restaurant.

Walt’s Fish Market claims to be the only one in Sarasota and one of the few in Florida to serve fish that was caught the same day they purchased it. A wide variety of whole fish, fillets, shellfish, and crustaceans are available at the fish market.

While you wait for a table, sip on local craft beers or cocktails at the tiki bar outdoors. Walt’s offers its renowned smoked white fish spread, a combination of mullet and tartar sauce, with crackers in place of bread and butter.

16. 167 Raw Oyster Bar

In the center of Charleston’s historic downtown, on King Street, sits the adorable and modern 167 Raw Oyster Bar, an oyster bar in the New England manner.

At this quaint restaurant that specializes on seafood from the east coast, the menu frequently varies, but you can always find oysters, lobster rolls, and fish tacos.

Area, size, and salinity categorizes oysters at the raw bar. Since they don’t accept bookings, wait times during busy periods may be lengthy.

17. The Grand Marlin

They may find the Grand Marlin near Pensacola Beach, a tourist area outside of Pensacola on the barrier island of Santa Rosa off the coast of Florida.

The star of award-winning Chef Gregg McCarthy’s constantly changing menu of delectable meals cooked from scratch every day with the best ingredients is fresh Gulf seafood.

Visitors adore the Sunday brunch with a seafood theme. Here, you could fill up on delicious appetizers like the oysters Rockefeller, the nacho-style house chips with Statesboro blue cheese sauce, and the fried lobster fingers with honey mustard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Seafood is Baltimore Famous For?

Known widely for its crab cakes, blue crabs, Old Bay-seasoned steamed crabs, and crab soup (cream or vegetable), this is where you’d want to start your tasting journey – if crab is what you want.

2. What Seafood is Myrtle Beach known For?

The Myrtle Beach area is literally swimming in seafood, with local waters producing some of the best hauls of fish, shrimp, crab and oysters. 

3. Does Iceland have Good Seafood?

They know Iceland for having some of the most prolific fishing areas in the North Atlantic Ocean, which is why it comes as no surprise that the island has a great variety of seafood restaurants that are not to be missed.

4. Is Venice Famous for Seafood?

You can’t go to Venice without sampling its famed freshly caught seafood. Find the best of the best in the city of romance with our guide to its best restaurants.

5. What Fish is Venice known for?

The fish and seafood of Venice. Perhaps the two most important local fish are sardele (pilchards) and sardon (anchovies), both found in the lagoon itself. Abundant and traditionally cheap, these form the basis of two Venetian classics; sardele in saor, and bigoli in salsa.

More Frequently Asked Questions

6. What is a Typical Breakfast in Venice?

For a Venetian, morning calories are usually consumed in the form of sweet things: a shot of espresso coffee or a cappuccino and maybe (but only maybe) a small croissant (called brioche) or a small doughnut (called krafen or bombolone, depending on which part of Italy you’re in) and fruit.

7. How Much Does a Gondola ride in Venice Cost?
The price for a gondola tour is 80 euros if you book it before sunset or 100 euro if you want it after and during sunset.

8. What Do they Drink in Venice?

Wine from the Veneto region, together with local specialties such as spritz, grappa and Prosecco are the Venetian mainstays.

The United States is endowed with an astounding variety of tasty, fresh seafood that is available down the East Coast and around the Gulf, including Hawaiian poke bowls, Bay Area crab and cioppino, New England oysters, and lobster.
It’s difficult to select just a few of the country’s top seafood eateries. This is why we’ve compiled this list.We hope you find this helpful.

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