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The 10 Subways Near Me (Subway Hours 2022)

From turkey to tuna, we taste-tested the full menu to find the best Subway you can order online. However, it is possible to go into a Subway and walk out with a sub-par sandwich. Here the 10 best Subways near me (Subway Hours 2022) based on ranking.

The 10 Subway Near Me (Subway Hours 2022)

The fast food sector underwent a significant transformation when Subway initially opened its doors. Before this, the only options available from the fast food sector were burgers and fried chicken, but Subway started to give a little something extra.

Of course, Subway is not the first firm to provide sandwiches in a fast food setting, nor did they invent the sandwich. But they took this concept and made it available to the whole public.

They were the first company that offered fully personalized sandwiches, and more than 50 years later, they are still expanding.

10 Best Subway Near Me (Order Online)

Although Subway gives you the option to build your own sandwich from scratch, they also provide some traditional combos that are popular with many customers.

The essential elements for these sandwiches are already pre-designed for you, but you may still customize the bread, salad, and sauces. Which traditional Subway combination is therefore the best?
We will rate them in this article based on our analysis and evaluation.

1. Spicy Italian

The finest cold cut sandwich at Subway is the Spicy Italian meal, which you can assemble by adding onion, pickles, and cucumbers. On the other side, when you order this sandwich, you are forgoing health in favor of taste. Along with the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, it belongs on the “once in a while” list. When you need a boost in the middle of the week, we advise it.

2. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

The forget-healthy-just-delicious alternatives are now available. At least, it is still preferable than a Double Down. The best hot sandwich selection at Subway is the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt. It combines all the best aspects of food—cheesy bacon, roasted chicken, and gooey cheese—and can be consumed on the go. This is one of the Subways Near Me.

3. Turkey Breast

Although the Turkey Breast Sandwich might seem like an odd choice for number one, bear with us. Although we are aware that it isn’t as flashy, spicy, or melty as some of Subway’s other options, it strikes the ideal mix between all the things you desire in a Subway sandwich.

It’s quite healthful, portable, and consistently tasty wherever you get it. A traditional protein for lunch is turkey. The Turkey Club, with its chips and beverage, is the definition of “love the one you’re with.”

4. Meatball Marinara

The Meatball Marinara is a traditional sandwich to purchase at Subway if you’re looking for quick comfort food. First off, it’s more cheap than other fast-food options for comfort food. It tastes wonderful, fills you up, and is near enough to home cooking to allow you to call it self-care without feeling too silly. This, however, is not a lunch on-the-go choice. It’s an open-faced, knife-and-fork sandwich.


5. Sweet Onion Teriyaki

The Sweet Onion Teriyaki hot chicken sandwich from Subway is superior to the other three, although they are all as satisfying. Yes, they’re both fine. Buffalo Chicken and Barbecue Chicken use the same fundamental recipe but different sauces. Sweet Onion Teriyaki is also among Subways Near Me.

Subways Near Me

The Sweet Onion Teriyaki, though! It is zesty, sweet, and generally nutritious. Next time you’re rushing through lunch and want a hot sandwich with a lot of taste but won’t make you hate yourself, order one of these.

6. Steak and Cheese

They make an effort not to refer to this as a Philly Cheesesteak. In essence, it is one, although not quite as well. But it’s a little healthier! Overall, a good choice for a preferred subway sandwich. When you place an order, they let you choose your cheese, which is High Stakes if you’re not a Philly connoisseur.

Some people claim that whiz is the only acceptable cheese (not an option at Subway), but if you choose American or provolone, you’ll be honoring the city of Brotherly Love.

7. Veggie Delight

Unless you don’t eat meat, the Veggie Delight isn’t one of Subway’s top ten sandwiches. If you’re a vegan, it moves up the list even higher as you only have room for one sandwich (this one). Only Impossible Burger is available as fast food for vegans. Even some of Subway’s sauces, like Sweet Onion and Buffalo, are vegan. So make that sandwich saucer. Veggie delight is another reliable subway Near Me.

8. Tuna

Some cling to the nostalgia of the tuna sandwich from Subway. Although it is typically considered impolite to bring fish to work, you can satisfy your hunger for a tuna sandwich in the new world of remote working. If you can stomach 12-inches of tuna salad (no judgment), it’s one of the more satisfying options on the menu because Subway isn’t afraid to pile on the tuna either. You can shop for Tuna as one good option for Subways Near Me.

9. Cold Cut Combo

The Cold Cut Combo delivers the essentials when you need them. It consists of salami, ham, and turkey-based bologna, which is similar to combining all three of the cold sandwiches from Subway into one. Again, it’s a clean slate for experimenting with the variety of Subway’s sauces and spices, and it’s rich enough that even the six-inch will satisfy you.

10. Black Forest Ham

Ham is on the sandwich. There are lots of vegetables and sauces that may be added to your meal to go with the ham if you’re looking for the best Subway sandwich. It’s wonderful when you have a craving for a ham sandwich. It’s the perfect template for letting your weird and wild food combinations go crazy.

Simply don’t order it if you don’t want to spend time at the counter.

Shop online for Black Forest Ham and join the list of those in need of Subways Near Me.

After reading the article, are you prepared to place a Subway order for one of these sandwiches? I sincerely hope that this list helped you choose which one to buy!
But bear in mind that you can alter any of these sandwiches to your precise specifications.

The 10 Subways Near Me (Subway Hours 2022)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Subway still do $5 footlongs?

In 2012, the $5 footlongs were discontinued, and footlong subs were once more offered at a $6 price point, due to the financial burden they were causing to Subway franchisees.

But in 2017, Subway brought back the $5 footlong bargain after experiencing a net decline in Subway outlets for the first time in its history of franchising.

2. What Subway sandwiches are $5?

The sandwich restaurant revealed on Monday that the larger size of five of its iconic sandwiches will cost $4.99. The decision was contentious and comes at a crucial time for Subway.

It affects the Veggie Delite, Spicy Italian, Black Forest Ham, Meatball Marinara, and Cold Cut Combo sandwiches.

3. Is Subway better than McDonald’s?

They consumed 955 calories per lunch at Subway. The McDonald’s lunch had 45 grams of fat and the Subway meal had 42 grams of fat. The Subway meal also had a staggering 2,149 mg of sodium (a full day’s worth of food should contain 2,300 mg). There was 1,829 mg of salt in the McDonald’s meal.

4. What is the most popular Subway order?

The most popular Subway sandwiches in the United States are turkey and tuna. In fact, there are more than 37 million sandwich combinations that may be made across more than 100 different countries thanks to distinctive and market-specific ingredients.

5. What’s the Best Bread at Subway?

1- Italian Herb and Cheese. The Italian Herb and Cheese is definitely my top pick when it comes to Subway’s best bread.

2- 9-Grain Honey Oat.

3- Jalapeño Cheese.

4- Flatbread.

5- Italian White Bread.

6- Parmesan Oregano.

7- Roasted Garlic.

8- 9-Grain Hearty Wheat Bread

Do you have a favorite sandwich from Subway? Please share what you typically order in the comments section below because I would love to know!

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