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My 301+ Catchy and Quirky Seafood Restaurant Names Ideas

Are you also preparing to open a seafood restaurant? You will require a memorable name for your restaurant as you launch your seafood business. Explore the various types of seafood restaurant names suggestions below.

seafood restaurant names

Seafood Restaurant Names

A large variety of marine invertebrates are found in seafood. Not just one sort of seafood is being examined; the entire spectrum of marine animals that are edible is as well. Here, I’ve compiled a list of creative seafood restaurant names suitable for any style of seafood eatery.

1. The Harbor Bistro.

2. Ministry Of Seafood.

3. The Seaside Market.

4. Seafood Master Chef.

5. The Golden Seafood Gourmet.

6. The Clam Palace.

7. Flamin’ Seafood.

8. Seafood Grill House.

9. Seafood Headquarters.

10. Lobster’s Grill.

11. The Seafood Bar.

12. Cafe By The Bay.

13. Fresh Catch Drive-In.

14. Fish And Chips Shack.

15. The Seafood Syndrome.

16. The Seafood Wharf Cafe.

17. By The Fish Market.

18. Best View Seafood House.

19. Kingfish Grill + Bar.

20. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

21. Seafood And Hotpot Bar.

22. The Fresh Marine.

23. The Seafood Salad.

24. Yummy Seafood Corner.

25. Seafood N’ More.

26. The Crab Club.

27. Seafood House Of BBQ.

28. Newport Food Hall.

29. The Seafood Bucket House.

30. The Golden Shrimp Cafe.

31. Shrimp In A Bucket.

32. Shrimp Grill House.

33. Hotpot And Shrimps.

34. Shrimp Grill And Seafood.

35. Shrimp & Co.

36. The Sea Shrimp.

37. Shrimp By The Port.

38. Fresh Catch Shrimp.

39. Shrimp In A Pan.

40. The Fortune Shrimp.

41. The Shrimp Island.

42. Messy Shrimp.

43. The Shrimp Syndrome.

44. The Fisherman’s Shrimp.

45. Authentic Shrimp House.

46. Honey And Shrimp Cafe.

47. The Shrimp Headquarters.

48. Shrimp On Fire.

49. Shrimpin’.

50. Shrimp A La Diablo.

51. The Gambas Place.

52. The Shrimp Diner.

53. Weeknight Shrimp.

54. The Shrimp Chefs.

55. House Of Shrimps.

Name Ideas for Fish and Chips Restaurants

seafood restaurant names

Popular hot food known as “fish and chips” is cooked with a crispy batter and eaten with potato wedges or French fries.

These two ingredients were introduced to England, the country of origin of the meal, from various immigrant cultures.

The person who created the culinary mix that led to the famous British dish is unknown.

56. The Fish & Chips Shack.

57. Fish And Chips Headquarters.

58. Hot Fish And Chips Bar.

59. Beer + Fish And Chips.

60. The Seaside Fish And Chips.

61. Fish And Chips Cafe.

62. Fish And Chips Empire.

63. Tiger Fish & Chips.

64. Supreme Fish And Chips.

65. More Than Fish And Chips.

66. Fish And Chips Express.

67. House Of Fish And Chips.

68. Savor Fish And Chips.

69. Master Fish And Chips.

70. Beggar’s Fish & Chips.

71. Fish And Chips Bar + Resto.

72. Ferry Fish And Chips.

73. Fish And Chips Syndrome.

74. The Fisherman’s Fish And Chips.

75. Fish And Chips Express.

76. The Drunken Fish And Chips.

77. Fish And Chips On Repeat.

78. The Famous Fish & Chips.

79. Queen Of Fish And Chips.

80. Team Fish & Chips.

81. Fish And Chips Eatery.

82. The Salmon Belly Corner.

83. Salmon Headquarters.

84. The Baked Salmon.

85. Tropical Salmon Bistro.

86. Salmon Burger House.

87. Salmon Paradise.

88. Asian Salmon Drive-In.

89. Dip and Salmon.

90. The Salmon Kings.

91. Salmon on Repeat.

92. The Salmon Recipe.

93. Salmon By The Bay.

94. Salmon Syndrome.

95. Ferry Salmon Cafe.

96. Salmon House.

97. Roasting Salmon.

98. Indoor Salmon Grillhouse.

99. The Pink Salmon Cafe.

100. The Salmon Gals.

101. Salmon & Co.

102. Salmon A La Diabla.

103. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

104. The Salmon Eatery.

105. The Harbor Salmon.

106. Salmon Food Palace.

107. Zen Salmon.

108. Salmon Bites.

109. Western Salmon Bistro.

110. Best View Salmon House.

111. Savory Salmon.

112. Team Salmon.

Clam Seafood Restaurant Names

Clams are a family of tiny, palatable bivalves. While there are varieties elsewhere, North America is where they are most widely used.

Clams taste fantastic in spaghetti, stew, or paella and are easy to prepare. Clam cakes, clam bakes, steamed clams, and clam chowders are a few of the well-known clam meals.

113. Fresh Clam Cafe.

114. The Greater Clam.

115. Clam And Grill.

116. Clam Paradise Co.

117. Clam Pizza House.

118. Team Clam Cafe.

119. The Drunken Clams.

120. Time For Clams.

121. Servin’ Clams.

131. Fisherman’s Clam.

132. Clam’s Diner.

133. The Clam Pier.

134. The Harbor Clams.

135. Savory Clam.

136. Clam Grillhouse.

137. The Clam Gals.

138. The Clam Syndrome.

139. The Clam Corner.

140. Clams By The Seaside.

141. Clam Chowder Co.

142. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

143. Clams Express.

144. The Clam Bistro.

145. Clam Fort.

146. The Clam Pros.

147. Northern Clams Bistro.

148. The Clam Cooks.

149. All The Good Clams.

150. The Clam Eatery.

151. The Clam Ministry Cafe.

152. Best View Clam House.

153. Clam & Wine Bar.

154. Pepper and Clams.

155. Clam Headquarters.

Ideas for Tuna Restaurant Names

The fish family that includes tunas is a sizable and varied one. Their sizes also differ greatly. Some tuna, like the bullet tuna, can reach lengths of about one foot.

The Atlantic Bluefin, on the other hand, has been known to reach lengths of over 15 feet and can grow to over 6 feet long.

156. Queen Tuna Bistro.

157. Tuna & Co.

158. The Tuna Boat.

159. Fresh Tuna Catch.

160. The Tuna Harbor.

161. Tuna Paradise.

162. Savory Tuna.

163. The Tuna Pros.

164. Tuna Club Cafe.

165. Flamin’ Tuna.

166. Tuna Pizzeria.

167. Grill And Tuna.

168. The Tuna Masters.

169. The Tuna Factory.

170. Best View Tuna Cafe.

171. All The Good Tuna.

172. The Heavenly Tuna.

173. The Tuna Pier.

174. Fresh Tuna Cafe.

175. Tuna Gals.

176. Tuna Food Street.

177. Chef’s Choice Tuna.

178. The Tuna Headquarters.

179. Tuna And Grill.

180. Big Tuna Restobar.

181. The Tuna Syndrome.

182. Creamy Tuna Co.

183. The Tuna Ministry.

184. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

185. Tuna And Salad Garden.

Halibut Restaurant Name Ideas

Because of its mild and delicious flavor for such a large fish, Pacific halibut has become increasingly popular in supermarkets worldwide.

This firm and succulent fish is low in fat and well-suited for various cooking methods, and when raised right and caught in the wild, halibut fish can provide a significant amount of potential nutrients.

186. The Halibut Supreme.

187. The Mediterranean Style.

188. The Atlantic Seafood.

189. Dynamite Halibut Bistro.

190. Heavenly Halibut.

191. Halibut Steak House.

192. Pacific Halibut Grillhouse.

193. Herbs And Halibut Cafe.

194. Halibut And BBQ House.

195. Halibut & Grill.

196. All The Good Halibut.

197. The Halibut Harbor.

198. Taste Of Halibut.

199. Chef’s Halibut.

200. The Halibut Delight.

201. Basil & Halibut Cafe.

202. Halibut Fillet House.

203. Halibut By The Bay.

204. Best View Halibut Cafe.

205. The Coastal Cafe.

206. Halibut Wharf Bistro.

207. Halibut & Co.

208. The Halibut Syndrome.

209. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

Crab Restaurant Name Ideas

Crabs are crustaceans that can live on land, in freshwater, or in the ocean. They feature a single pair of pincers and a robust exoskeleton.

Around the world, there are many different cuisines that incorporate crab. Chili crab, crab cakes, crab sticks, Indian crab masala, and crab cocktail are some of the most well-liked crab dishes. seafood restaurant names

210. The Savory Crab.

211. Crab By The Bay.

212. Grandma’s Crabs.

213. The Crab Cuisine.

214. Crabs And Dips.

215. The Spicy Crab.

216. The Crab Cafe.

217. House Of Crab.

218. King Of Seafood.

219. King Crab Bistro.

220. The Crab Syndrome.

221. Crab & Co.

222. Ministry Of Crab.

224. The Flaming Crab.

225. Crab And Pasta Bar + Resto.

226. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

227. The Chef Crab.

228. The Crab Delight.

229. Best View Crab House.

230. Seaside Crab Cafe.

231. The Crab Casserole.

232. The Crab Buffet.

233. The Hot Crab.

234. The Heavenly Crab.

235. Crab Sea Grill Station.

236. Crab N’ Shrimp.

237. The Classic Crab Restaurant.

Lobster Restaurant Name Ideas

Lobsters are a type of large marine crustacean. Although lobsters were considered a poor man’s food until the twentieth century, they have gained popularity as one of the affluent’s favorite dishes.

This crustacean is usually steamed or boiled with butter, garlic, parsley, and other similar foods and spices like dill, tarragon, and chives.

237. The Lobster Bar.

238. The Crustacean King.

239. The Pincers Cafe.

240. The Flamin’ Lobster.

241. Best View Lobster House.

242. The Red Crustacean.

243. Lobster & Co.

244. The Lobster Chef.

245. Classic Lobster Resto.

246. Lobsters N’ More.

247. The Spicy Lobster.

245. The Savory Lobster.

246. Lobster Buffet House.

247. King Lobster.

248. Lobster By The Bay.

249. The Fresh Seafood Buffet.

250. The Lobster Market Bistro.

251. Lobster Shell Cafe.

252. American Lobster.

253. The Finest Lobster.

254. The Lobster Delicacy.

255. Sea Lobster Kitchen.

256. Lobster And Parsley.

257. Lobster & Grill.

258. The Lobster Market.

259. The Lobster Cook.

260. Lobster Paradise.

261. The Lobster Palace.

Seafood Restaurant Pun Names

Punny restaurant names are getting quite popular. Using puns in your restaurant name conveys cleverness to potential customers.

Who doesn’t want to be thought of as clever and witty? If you’re into food and have a little humor in you, we’ve thoughtfully compiled a list of terrific restaurant pun names to consider.

262. I Sea Food Cafe.

263. The Chef With Mussels.

264. The Shellfish Desire.

265. So-Fish-Ticated Cafe.

266. Fish-N-Ships.

267. Drop The Bass.

268. The Fin-Tastic Seafood.

269. Oh My Cod Bistro.

270. The Cod Father.

271. Salmon Like You.

272. Shello? It’s Seafood.

273. The Oppor-Tuna-Ty Resto.

274. Ink-credible Resto.

275. The Battered Fish.

276. I Sea Buffet.

277. Pinch Of Salt.

278. The Santa Claws.

279. Shellabrate Buffet.

280. Be Salmon Better.

281. Get Tempura-mental.

282. Good For The Mussels.

283. Crab-puccino Corner.

284. Take A Shell-fie.

285. Claw-strophobic!

286. Oh, Don’t Be Shellfish!

287. Feeling A Little Eel?

288. I Sea Food Market.

289. A Little Fishy Resto.

290. Holy mackerel!

291. Got Mussels?

292. Sea The Resto?

293. I Sea Good Food.

294. Hooked on Clams

295. Scallions Restaurant

296. Small Fry

297. Jumbo Shrimp Restaurant

298. Lobster Shack and Grill

299. Seafood Lover

300. Captain Johnnies

301. Seafoody Restaurant

302. The Pearlfisher

303. Choppa Fresh Shellfish

304. Sea Sliced Seafoods Eatery

305. The Red Snapper

306. The Tuna Plaice

307. Rough Sea Restaurant

308. Ocean Spray Seafood Restaurant

309. Lemon Sole

310. Grandma’s favourite fish-and-chip shop

The world over, seafood is a widely prized element in cooking. I’m one of the millions of individuals that adore seafood because it’s not only delicious but also healthy.

Recent studies have demonstrated that eating seafood provides a variety of health advantages. With the knowledge shown above, opening a seafood restaurant is not only a wise decision but also a profitable one.

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