Can You Recover Deleted iMessages?

Can you recover deleted iMessages? iMessage is a great instant messaging service for Apple devices that have multimedia compatibility and end-to-end encryption. This might not be the best social media messaging app but it is definitely not bad. 

Can You Recover Deleted iMessages

iMessage app is very powerful and can be considered a cool app. A lot of iPhone and iPad users use iMessage to text and also have great conversations with friends.

With all the great properties it has, one might still want to think, is it possible to recover deleted iMessages? 

Recover Deleted iMessages without Backup

Did you recently delete your iMessage without a backup? You don’t have to worry about it. There is a great chance to retrieve deleted iMessages on your iPad or iPhone. 

It will interest you to know that the iMessage you recently deleted will be stored in the iOS SQLite database before the new text overwrites the database. 

The fastest and easiest way to recover deleted iMessages is to use iMessage recovery software. But how do you go about this? Below are some steps to take. 

  • Open the iMessage recovery software, you must ensure that the messages and message attachments are carefully selected.
  • The next step is to connect your iOS device to a computer and start iMessage scanning from your iTunes backup.
  • Finally, preview and choose the iMessage chat you want to recover when it is done scanning. 

Restore Deleted iMessages from iPhone Backup

As an iPhone user, you should know that Apple doesn’t save your messages unless you have done a backup before the messages were deleted. 

If you recently did a backup process on your device with iCloud, you can always restore data from the backup to the device as with the old and new messages

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Clear all content and settings on your iPhone/iPad to clean all content before restoring from iCloud backup

  • You must first reboot your iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions on the screen to set it up as a new device. 
  • After doing so, your iPhone will be restored from the iCloud backup you have selected. You must ensure that you stay connected to a great WiFi connection and wait patiently for the process to be completed. 
  • Once the process is done, all your backup data with the deleted iMessages will appear on your device just immediately. 

Here you have it. You can always choose from any of the steps that have been provided above. However, we recommend that you try the free iPhone data recovery software. 

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