Can you Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

You might have accidentally deleted a text message and want to learn how to retrieve it. It is even possible that you are bothered by some important messages. So, how can you retrieve deleted text messages?

Can you Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

Using data recovery software is the quickest and most reliable approach to retrieving deleted text messages on an Android device. 

You shouldn’t keep looking through your phone in hopes that the mistakenly deleted texts would magically appear.

Instead, use an Android data recovery program like Tenorshare UltData, Dr. FonePaw, or FonePaw to source every corner of your phone for deleted text messages.

Each of these programs is simple to use. The process is rather straightforward once the data recovery software has been installed on your computer. 

All you’ll need to do is use a USB cord to connect your phone to your PC and enable USB debugging on your phone.

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

Many network providers frequently store your text messages and other important data before erasing it from their system, which is nothing new. 

This implies that even if the data recovery program didn’t work for you, you might still be able to recover your erased texts.

It’s not usually a solution, though, as the majority of network providers won’t divulge such information without a valid justification. 

Accidentally deleting the text isn’t a valid argument to persuade your network provider in this scenario, either.

However, in some very grave circumstances, getting in touch with them might be beneficial. For instance, if they want the deleted SMS as proof in a court of law, they can assist you in getting it back.

In most situations, your chances of recovering deleted messages on Android by contacting your carrier are limited to none. But it doesn’t hurt to inquire, you can always give it a try. 

How can you Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

It is a difficult task to recover lost texts on mobile phones, whether you use data recovery software or get in touch with your carrier provider. However, it is usually impossible.

You have the option to use the Google Drive storage associated with your Google account for Android Backup.

Google Drive lets you retrieve important data, like SMS, call logs, app data, and more, in addition to storing and sharing files. 

Here are some steps to follow:

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Access Google by slightly scrolling down and tapping it.
  • Select Backup.
  • Make “Backup to Google Drive” active.
  • Press Backup to launch it for the first time

The issue with using Google Drive to back up your text and other data is that you can’t get it back without first wiping your device. 

You can try retrieving your text messages using third-party tools like Autosync, Buggy Backup Pro, G Cloud Backup, Migrate, etc. 

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