Where to Get Authentic Vietnamese Food in Philadelphia

Where do I get the best Vietnamese food near me? Has this been your concern? You are in the right place to get answers. On a list of American cities with the highest concentrations of Vietnamese-Americans, Philadelphia is among the top 10. 

best vietnamese food near me

But how will you ever be able to navigate? So that you don’t have to guess, we’ve put up a list of some of my favorite Vietnamese eateries in the area.

About Philadelphia

Vietnamese people make up one of the major foreign-born groups in the South Philly region, and Philadelphia has one of the largest Vietnamese populations on the East Coast of the United States.

Hoa Binh Plaza, the first Vietnamese strip mall, was built on 16th Street and Washington Avenue in 1990. 

Wing Phat Plaza, at 11th Street and Washington Avenue, and New World Plaza and 1st Oriental Supermarket, on either side of 6th Street and Washington Avenue, then followed.

One of the sites that has been sold and rezoned for residential use is Hoa Binh Plaza, a pioneering Vietnamese shopping center.

In this case, it has hundreds of apartment units with features like underground parking, a green roof, and a roof deck.

Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Philadelphia

1. Le Viet

In Le Viet, this restaurant has been a favorite among residents since it opened in 2010. This is the ideal location to enjoy food and drinks because it has a complete bar.

Le Viet may make it difficult for you to decide what to order with their extensive menu of delectable foods

The wonton noodle soup, bun dau hu cha gio chay, fried rice, or xuon ram are all dishes we suggest. While you’re there, make sure to sample a Vietnamese coffee martini.

2. Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai Restaurant

It is evident from the more than 500 reviews that Pho Xe Lau Viet Thai Restaurant is a fantastic choice for Vietnamese food. 

This neighborhood restaurant focuses on serving up healthy, real food at reasonable costs, so you won’t go broke.

Vietnamese and Thai cuisine is served at Pho Xe Lau Viet Thai Restaurant. 

Try the Phad Thai, well-done beef rice noodle soup, and stir-fried vermicelli with shrimp. Take a smoothie, of course.

3. Pho Ga Thanh Thanh

Trying to find a convenient place to grab some Vietnamese food? Give Pho Ga Tanh Tanh a try. This neighborhood eatery serves rice bowls and pho. 

You should surely put this restaurant at the top of your list because it consistently receives positive ratings for its meals.

The menu at Pho Ga Tanh Tanh is small, but the food is still wonderful. 

We suggest chicken pho because many people consider it to be the best they’ve ever had. Any day of the week between the hours of 10 and 5, be sure to drop by!

4. Cafe Mi Quang

Cafe Mi Quang is a wonderful alternative for Vietnamese in the area. 

It’s not surprising that customers adore this eatery given its 4.4-star rating on Google. Reviewers adore this restaurant’s great meals and welcoming service. 

Additionally, they only accept cash, so bring cash with you. There are many mouthwatering foods to select from at Cafe Mi Quang. 

Try the bahn mi, pho tai, bun rieu, and bun bo hue. Don’t forget to finish off your meal with some Vietnamese coffee.

5. Main Street Pho

Main Street Pho is a more recent addition to the Philadelphia restaurant industry; it was founded in 2018. 

This locally owned and run restaurant is well-liked by both residents and visitors. Customers laud the restaurant’s rates, food, and customer service.

Everyone will be able to find something they like thanks to the rather large menu. 

The beef fried rice, main street special platter, dumpling noodle soup, and fried tofu banh mi are all worth trying. Ensure you also sip on some black milk tea.

6. Vietnam Cafe

Want to sample some Vietnamese food and beverages? Vietnam Cafe is a great choice. This family-run eatery has been in business for almost 40 years. 

You’ll want to keep coming back here because they have amazing food and cocktails.

The menu at Vietnam Cafe features a wide variety of traditional Vietnamese foods. Try the tofu curry, crispy egg noodles with chicken or pork, or the shrimp vermicelli. 

Don’t forget to sample a Polynesian cocktail like the bachelor’s downfall or the burning volcano.

7. Pho Ha

If noodle dishes are your preference, visit Pho Ha. This neighborhood eatery serves pho and other noodle soups in a relaxed setting. 

You must bring cash to pay for your lunch because this establishment only accepts cash.

Numerous noodles and a few additional alternatives are available on the menu at Pho Ha. 

We suggest the banh mi thit nuong, hu tieu ga tuoi, pho tai nam, or pho tom. Make sure to also consume che ba mau or coffee sua da!

8. Thang Long Noodle Restaurant (Kensington)

In search of a Vietnamese restaurant with something for everyone? Don’t forget to visit Thang Long Noodle Restaurant. 

This family-run restaurant offers mouthwatering cocktails and real Vietnamese food.

Everyone will be able to find something they like at this restaurant, which serves a variety of delectable cuisine, including vegan alternatives. 

Make sure to sample the vegan chicken pho, Hanoi pork belly, spring roll vermicelli, lemongrass beef with rice, and pulled chicken banh mi ga. Drink some bubble tea, please.

9. Pho 75

Pho 75, which touts its pho as the ideal hangover treatment, is a must-visit location. 

You won’t want to dismiss this restaurant just yet, despite the fact that it is situated in a strip mall. 

Additionally, Pho 75 accepts only cash, so be sure to have plenty on hand.

Pho 75 is an excellent option for every meal of the day because it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Try the well-done beef pho, chicken pho, pho tai nam, eye-round steak, and fat brisket pho. On your way out, be sure to pick up a Vietnamese coffee!

10. Nam Phuong Restaurant

Visit Nam Phuong Restaurant if you’re searching for a dining establishment with more selections.

With almost 900 ratings, it’s obvious that locals love this place. This location has a pleasant and modern decor that is perfect for any event.

Nam Phuong offers a large selection of soups, noodles, rice dishes, and even numerous vegetarian dishes. 

We suggest broken rice with pork chops, vegetarian noodle soup, needle noodle stir-fry with shrimp, and rice noodle soup in the nam vang style.


Though Philadelphia has many fantastic places to choose from, it is obvious that this city is the best for Vietnamese food in particular. 

Now that you know where to go, you can easily find a quick stop or a sit-down restaurant.

Which restaurant are you going to try first? Let us know. Did we forget any dining establishments from this list? Don’t forget to leave a comment, and we’ll read through it.

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