A Ranking of the Top Fast Food Chicken Tenders

It makes perfect sense why chicken tenders are one of the most popular dishes in the US. These tender, juicy, and delectable chicken strips are wonderful for sharing or as a standalone meal, so if you are asking, what are the best chicken tenders near me, you don’t need to worry, we’ll be showing the best of them innthis article.

chicken tenders near me

Best Fast Food Chicken Tenders

They are simpler to consume than chicken wings, and you may make them whatever you desire. You can make your chicken tenders spicier, just like you can with wings. 

Themselves serve Buffalo-style chicken tenders, whether with a delicious side of blue cheese or as part of a chicken finger sub, which is one of my personal faves.

Although you can find chicken tenders almost anyplace, your favorite fast food establishment has some of the tastiest chicken strips around. These best fast-food chicken tenders take taste, style, and preparation to the next level. 

1. Chick-fil-A

It’s understandable why Chick-fil-A enjoys a cult following for their mouthwatering chicken tenders and sandwiches.

They lightly fry their boneless tenders in peanut oil, giving them the same tasty crunch and juicy chicken that made their chicken sandwiches famous.

That their tenders aren’t excessively salty is one thing I particularly appreciate about them. They have the ideal seasoning combination.Their chicken tenders are a good size, so they will fill you up.

2. Carl’s Jr.

One of the most well-known chains in the US is Carl’s Jr., and one of their signature dishes is chicken tenders. The breading on these tenders is one of their greatest features. It has the perfect balance of crunch and mild seasoning.

The chicken at Carl’s Jr. is also of the highest caliber. It is entirely organic and free of antibiotics.

They taste like something you would get at a more expensive restaurant and are a fantastic value. Therefore, put the burgers on hold and go for the tenders.

3. KFC

Visit KFC, the original fast-food juggernaut, if you want excellent chicken.Adding a crispy edge to its tenders is one thing KFC does really well.

They don’t skimp on the serving size, and each tender is big and filled with top-notch chicken. Every mouthful is also covered in the distinctive blend of herbs and spices used by KFC.

They have a decent amount of black pepper to balance out the chicken and are a tad on the spicy side.

4. Popeyes

chicken tenders near me

As a fantastic location to go for high-quality chicken at affordable pricing, Popeyes competes with KFC. This chain appeals to me since it sells both regular and spicy tenders. The chicken is consistently tasty, juicy, and good in both preparations.

The mild tenders are still delicious but have less heat. Pick up a biscuit or a side, and Popeye’s will provide you with a delicious meal.

Even their chicken sandwiches can’t compete with the popularity of their tenders as a menu item. The possibility that you might fall in love with the flavor is not exaggerated.

5. Jack in the Box

If you want tiny, crunchy chicken tenders packed with mouthwatering flesh, Jack in the Box is a fantastic choice.

Their breading is spot on. It’s not overbearing, but it’s still crunchy enough to balance the chicken and add some excellent textural contrast to the tenders.

Because they are so expertly prepared, I prefer to eat these tenders plain, but you can also have one of their renowned sauces to go with them.

6. Dairy Queen

The ice cream behemoth also offers some decent dining cuisine.One excellent illustration of how adaptable Dairy Queen is are their chicken strips. The quantities are perfect; there is a good amount of succulent chicken and a delicious, crunchy crust.

The flavor provides the ideal backdrop for their sauces because it isn’t overbearing. The ranch is my personal fave.

Crispy fries are a delicious way to finish your dinner. To satisfy your craving for both savory and sweet sensations, you can also order an ice cream sundae or one of Dairy Queen’s famous blizzards.

7. Arby’s

Even though roast beef sandwiches are the main reason customers visit Arby’s, their chicken tenders are also superb. They compose these tenders of premium beef and are comparatively large.

Although there is a lot of bread, the chicken is not at all overwhelmed by it. Instead, each bite will feature the ideal balance of meat and breading.

Arby’s seasoning is accurate. Every bite has a strong black pepper and garlic flavor. Their tenders will be perfect for you if you enjoyed their popcorn chicken.

8. Sonic

Chicken tenders from Sonic are an excellent illustration of how fast food we can improve while still being reasonably priced. You can order three or five strips with a variety of sides from Sonic, and they are made with premium white meat.

Sonic’s chicken tenders strike the proper notes between breading and chicken, just like several of the top choices on our list.

Texas toast, onion rings, and tater tots are also included. The chicken tenders and tater tots taste great with their house-made sauce, and the entire meal is enough to keep you satisfied for several hours.

9. Church’s Chicken

chicken tenders near me

I’m not sure why you haven’t tasted Church’s Chicken if you haven’t. This chain is renowned for delivering its flagship item, and its chicken tenders are no different.

The texture of these tenders is their finest feature. They are just wonderful in every way—perfectly juicy, plump, and seasoned. I give Church’s Chicken ten out of ten stars because I’m a chicken tender snob.

Church’s Chicken Tender’s secret may lie in the cooking process. Before being fried, these delicious chicken strips are buttermilk marinated.

10. Long John Silver’s

Although Long John Silver’s is perhaps most known for its fish, its chicken is also rather tasty. Think outside the seafood box the next time you visit and get their $5 Reel Deal Box with crispy chicken tenders.

You won’t be dissatisfied. Their chicken tenders are perfectly cooked and battered with Long John Silver’s own seasoning blend, just like their fish.

You really can’t go wrong for just $5 per box. You will receive three plump, delectable tenders, a sizable portion of fries, hush puppies, a cookie, and a beverage.

11. McDonald’s

chicken tenders near me

As a pioneer in the fast-food sector, McDonald’s is well-known and adored all over the world. While their burgers are unquestionably top-notch, their chicken tenders rival the Big Mac in quality.

These tenders have a crunchy breading and are incredibly juicy, satisfying even the greatest appetites.

The breading clearly displays the flavors of buttermilk and black pepper. The chicken is kept moist and delicious by the buttermilk, and the black pepper provides the perfect amount of heat.

12. Burger King

Burger King is stepping up its game, much like McDonald’s, with chicken tenders that boast delicious home-style flavor and juicy all-white meat chicken breast.

You’ve got a real winner on your hands when you combine the tenders with their enormous variety of dipping sauces.

Go to Burger King if you have a strong desire for crunch. Each bite from this chain is bursting with taste and texture since it doesn’t skimp on the breading.

13. Wendy’s

I’m happy that Wendy’s is following Burger King and McDonald’s in boarding the chicken tender bandwagon.

Every bite of Wendy’s chicken tenders is packed with flesh and a crunchy coating because of how generously they distribute their chicken to breading.

Wendy’s chicken tenders are excellent for consumers who prefer a chicken dish with a light amount of crunch, even if they lack the crunch factor of KFC or Burger King.The chicken itself has a good consistency and a rich flavor.

14. Tully’s

One of the better family-friendly fast food establishments is Tully’s, which is outstanding.Thanks to its extensive menu and lively ambiance, this restaurant is often a favorite among children.

 You should go to Tully’s for their chicken tenders even if you don’t have any children.Order their tenders on a plate with some crispy fries.

 Because it is a substantial lunch, you can always share it with a few individuals if you are not hungry.

15. Culver’s

chicken tenders near me

Because everything at Culver’s is made to order, it stands head and shoulders above the competition. This guarantees that your chicken tenders will always be sizzling hot and properly crispy.

I promise you’ll be able to taste the difference. They also do a fantastic job of providing you with ample amounts of chicken and breading. Each bite is of the same caliber and consistency.

Their tenders are excellent on their own, but you can also serve them with ranch, honey mustard, or BBQ sauce.

16. Del Taco

Don’t be fooled by the moniker; Del Taco makes some really good chicken tenders.The price is quite reasonable at $4 for their combo of tenders and fries.

They have a little less breading than some of the other items on our list, but they still satisfy your craving for a meaty snack.

They provide three tenders and plenty of french fries in their fried chicken package. I like to use their chipotle sauce to dunk my tenders and fries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chicken tenders refer to chicken prepared from the more tender part of a chicken fingers refer to strips of chicken meat derived from the chicken breast or the inner breast muscle.

Due to “labor shortage and illegal price fixing,” the cost of chicken tenders is rapidly rising, according to WGN9.

Two Tenders

Includes a 4-count or 6-count of Chick-fil-A® Nuggets.

To make room for the new menu items.

The strips are actually marinaded in a different marinade than the nuggets and fillets.

White Lily flour

A Pinch OF Seasoning

With so many excellent options available, it doesn’t seem like the popularity of chicken fingers will decline anytime soon. So check out one of these amazing fast-food chicken tender options if you want to satisfy your craving for the perfect finger food.

You can always choose a tried-and-true favorite, like as KFC, with its special spice blend. Alternatives include skipping the standard burger and discovering a new favorite at Burger King, Wendy’s, or McDonald’s.

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